Monday, January 28, 2013

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These past few weeks have mainly been all about Sundance Film Festival and TV broadcasters ordering new TV pilots for 2013-2014 season, I didn't see much point in writing about those, since most of them will never be seen in Europe or even in cinemas/TV. I have lot of videos and pictures this weeks, so let the page download before moving on.

This week's screencaps are all from Adventure Time, the hilarious and very bizarre animated TV show about Finn and Jake, the adventurous duo that are not afraid of looking stupid:

All from Adventure Time


 I was honestly very surprised to read that Ben and Kate has been cancelled. The show hasn't pulled viewers as Fox had planned as a part of their Tuesday comedy-block. ABC has also pulled Don't Trust the Bitch In Apartment 23 from their schedule, though it's not officially cancelled. NBC's  Go On and New Normal aren't doing very well either. So it should be said that Tuesday is NOT a good day for comedies. Mindy Project, Raising Hope and New Girl also air on Tuesdays. I think they have overloaded Tuesdays with comedies, and there is nothing worse, than a good show getting cancelled because the network puts the show in a bad timeslot.

Happy Endings (which also airs Tuesdays, shocker!) recently cast Andy Richter to play Penny's (Casey Wilson) dad. Her mom, played by Megan Mulally, has appeared in few episodes, but she is not scheduled to appear this season. Happy Endings has also lost some of its viewers and has not yet been renewed for fourth season, but I hope they'll work it out since this is one of the best comedies (that doesn't have Michael Lorne involved).

The second season of American Horror Story recently aired its finale but Ryan Murphy has already big plans for the third season. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have all signed to return and first season veteran Taissa Farmiga is also in talks to return. Murphy revealed that the season will set place in modern time in multiple cities. And the main killer will be a woman this time (instead of male murderers like Rubber Man and Bloody Face from previous seasons) 

One of the funniest woman in TV, Ellen DeGeneres turned 55 this week, so here is a small tribute to her via Buzzfeed: The 35 Greatest Moments on The Ellen Show! (including this one):

We all know that 30 Rock is coming to an end next week, but I can't talk about that too much, it's too sad. But thanks to that, Tina Fey has been pretty much all over the place. Like these two Ask Tina videos about Twitter and Deserted Island. Or this video of Tina Fey giving a tour of Liz Lemon's office. I also came across this beautiful Vanity Fair cover with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman. Long live Tina Fey!


Though Jennifer Lawrence has been in the news lately for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, she is still Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games franchise, and now new pictures from the second film, Catching Fire, have emerged. More here!

Few months ago I wrote about a new adaptation of Moby Dick set in space. It seems like its becoming a trend to take classics above the Earth since Warner Bros. is planning an adaptation of Homer's Odyssey. If you want to know what Odyssey is about, first; slap yourself for being ignorant, and second; look it up on Wikipedia. There is no director attached yet so the visual look of the film is still unknown, but the setting sounds spectacular.

I know you are by know wondering how have I not mentioned J.J Abrams yet?! I'm coming there, don't worry. Last week the rumors started to fly around that Abrams would direct the new Star Wars VII though he initially declined. Then Disney confirmed that Abrams would indeed direct the new Star Wars. Some of you might wonder how he will be able to direct the new Star Wars, Star Trek 3 and The Mission Impossible 5, but don't worry, he is still planning to release Star Wars in 2015.

Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are among old X-Men stars that will reprise their roles in the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie. Now Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore have also joined the cast. They played Rogue, Kitty Pride and Iceman respectively in the X-Men: Last Stand (aka -Men 3). Sounds like this movie is going to be quite a spectacle!

Annie Leibowski and Disney continue their work on another set of portraits of famous Disney characters. First of those has pictures has now been released with Taylor Swift as Rapunzel. She looks really great as usual!


First one is for RED 2, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. The trailer is pretty simple, but still so very enjoyable and funny!

Upside Down is a love story of two people who live on different planets next to each others, it's pretty hard to describe so watch the trailer. The forbidden love theme is very Romeo and Juliet-y. The movie stars Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess.

The last one is for The End of Love starring Mark Webber, Shannyn Sossamon, Michael Cera, Aubrey Plaza, Amanda Seyfried. It tells the story of a man whose wife passes away and he struggles balancing his life with his two years old son.

That's all this week folks! Sorry for not writing sooner. I'll write about SAG Awards and PGA next week after I've moved to my new apartment next weekend!

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