Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have to start by thanking that one guy who found my blog by google search: "zipper popped open", I guess you didn't find what you were looking for here, but thanks for the visit. This week its time for screencaps again:

From top left: Futurama, Spongebob Squarepants, New Girl, American Horror Story

I'll start with the film news again. Though the past week hasn't been really that good for Kristen Stewart, you know, with all the cheating and stuff, but she still managed to land a movie role romancing Alex Pettyfer on the upcoming action film Cali. Another young Hollywood actress got a movie role too: Emma Stone signed the deal to star in Cameron Crowe's (Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo) new movie. There is no word yet on what the storyline will be and who else is starring. Scott Rudin is set to produce. Some sites played with the idea that Crowe still wants to film Deep Tiki, and idea which he has previously dismissed, that movie was supposed to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, but I'd rather not see Emma Stone nor Witherspeen star in the same movie with Stiller, since he is not good, at all.

Almost everyone has seen Stanley Kubric's The Shining and though Stephen King, author of the original book, never liked the movie, he might still get his way. Now there have been rumours that a prequel to the classic horror film is in the works. The film would explore what happened in the notorious hotel before the family arrives there. Warner Bros. rep has stated that if such film is in the works, it is in very early stages. So it might not happen at all, but if it does, how cool would that be?

Like I told last week, Peter Jackson was thinking of making The Hobbit into a trilogy, and now he has confirmed it. The third is set for summer 2013 release.  /Film even speculated on what the third would be called. I don't mind a third one at all, more films for me.

Another juggernaut-director James Cameron has big plans too. Though Avatar became the highest grossing film, he certainly takes his time with the sequels. Avatar 2 was first planned for 2014, but now it looks like its not coming out until 2015, and who knows when the third one will come out. I just hope they are worth the wait, I reeeeally do, since he is going to have some pissed off fans knocking on his door if the sequels don't come out good.

Then some aspiring news of how a small short film might make it into the big screen. I mentioned this short film waaay back in March, so I don't suppose many of you will remember it. It is called Ruin, and its directed by Wes Ball. Fox is now closing in on the rights for the movie, with Ball directing the full feature too and McG producing. I can't wait to see how this project develops. In case you missed the short film, here it is:

Then some TV news. And I'll start with my usual: American Horror Story. I'm starting to to wonder how many characters this season will have, since now they have attached Jenna Dewan (who most know best as the wife of Chaning Tatum) and Franka Potente (female lead of the first two Bourne-films). Potente will play a patient at the asylum where the season takes place and Dewan plays the lover of Adam Levine's character.

Though the cast of Modern Family was feuding about their salaries, the group has now settled and production is now on its way. But now there is another thing coming as the child actors plan to get some raises too, though their negotiations will probably go easier. And to the bad news at Modern Family set continue as the role of Stella, the french-bulldog, is being recast. Hopefully the new doggie wont go on strike for better salary too.

Last week was big for TV because of the TCA, Television Critics Association. They gather up every year for weeks, and this is the place to share all your scoops about TV, since Comic-Con excludes lot of the drama shows. TCA concludes with TCA Awards where Game Of Thrones, Homeland and Louie were the big winners, see all of them here.

And a treat for all the fans of How I Met Your Mother. TVline sat down with the shows co-creator Craig Thomas and director/producer Pamela Fryman and got not one, but sixteen spoilers.  It's much easier for you to read all them here, since there are so many, but the best one is that Robin Sparkles might be back!

CBS reveled its posters for the new series of their fall season. You'll find them all here, but here are the two  I'm most looking forward to: Elementary, the modern day Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as female Watson. And Partners: the new comedy from the creators of Will & Grace.

And to incorporate my monthly posts in my weekly posts, here are some pictures that would have normally ended up on there. First are the Superhero Alphabets by Rane Mambembe. See what starts with the same letter as yours. Mine were only Ryu and Rhino, so not so fun. Second one is a real treat for all us Disney fans. These cool paintings, by Thomas Kinkade of all the classic films with a lot of great details, you can see them all here, but here are few of my favourites.

And as usual, some trailers at the end. First one is for Ang Lee's Life Of Pi, which I previously mentioned on my post about Summer Reading. The trailer looks so beautiful, but the plot still remains a mystery to me. Well not so much a mystery, but just a confusion.

The second one is for the newest Wachowski-brothers (or siblings since Larry is now Lana) movie, Cloud Atlas. It tells the story of different people on different eras, I think, its pretty confusing too, or I'm just stupid. And this trailer is surprisingly long!

The last one is not a full trailer, but just a TV spot for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. This teaser aired during the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so it got a lot of views, but you'll see it here if you haven't seen it yet:

New post coming next week. That's all folks!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Oh my gosh, so much to write about again! So lets get right to the good stuff then. This week I'll do my usual quotes instead of screencaps, maybe I'll do them every other week.

"Last time we let a straight man work in fashion industry, we ended up with fanny pack"
Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

"-Any mysteries need that need solving, Liz?
-Actually yes!
-What happened? Who attacked you and gave you hat haircut?"
-Jenna, Liz and Tracy
Jane Krakowski, Tina Fey and Tracey Morgan on 30 Rock

"-Can you do this for me?
- Like the doctor told me after my hepatitis test: You've got it honey!"
-Liz and Hazel 
Tina Fey and Kristen Schaal on 30 Rock

"Spare the mumbo-jumbo, I'm a rational thinking woman and I'm here to talk to a ghost!"
Megan Mulally on Will & Grace

I'll start with the biggest news from the past week, the horrible shooting that took place at The Dark Knight Rises screening at Colorado. There is nothing I can for the victims and their families from here, but wish for a brighter future. And thank god that the justice system in America recognizes death penalty. 

And then to some lighter news.  Hunger Games cast is coming together with two of the most coveted roles now cast. Jenna Malone was confirmed to play Johanna and there have been very strong rumours that Sam Claflin would play Finnick. Claflin was last seen in Snow White and The Huntsman so he is familiar with the attention.  Although he has also been cast in a new movie with Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Karl Urban so I just hope that his schedules don't ruin his opportunity to play Finnick.  Amanda Plummer was also cast, to play the role of Wiress, an older tribute who is a little nuts. And yes, she is the daughter of Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer. Thats all the news I got for Hunger Games, except Melissa Leo and Tony Shaloub have also been rumoured to get cast, but there is nothing official on that yet.

Then some quick minor casting news. Though Daniel Radcliffe was just cast to play lead in Horns, like I told last week, he has also been attached to play lead in a romantic comedy with Zoe Kazan (It's Complicated) called The F Word (F stands for Friendships, if you thought something else then you might be a bit two-minded). Abigail Breslin also got a new role, playing the daughter of Julia Roberts, and granddaughter of Meryl Streep (not bad!) in the film adaption of August: Osage County, a movie I briefly mentioned some time ago. Anthony Mackie might be heading for Captain America next to play Falcon. It's actually quite honorable role, since Falcon was the first african-american superhero introduced in the Marvel universe. Thor-star Chris Hemsworth is doing stellar, as now director Steven Spielberg supposedly wants him to star in his next big movie, Robopocalypse (yes, it's about robot apocalypse). Looks like Hemsworth is really becoming one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. Then the last casting bit, or uncasting actually. Jessica Biel exits the Wolverine movie, mysterious "sources" say that she got cold feet, but it might be just scheduling problem, or maybe she is pregnant (I want the credits for starting this rumour). Anyways she is out and filming is starting soon. They've already built some of the sets of which you can find pictures here!

Then some director news. Gary Ross (last directed Hunger Games) might be directing a Peter Pan movie, called Peter and The Starcatchers which is a prequel to the original concept, you can see more about the plot in the link above. I kinda hope this really happens, since this might be one of those big franchises again. Another movie that got its director is the newly announced sequel to Finding Nemo (at the moment called Finding Nemo 2). Andrew Stanton is returning to direct the sequel after he also directed the original. This Pixar-veteran really knows how to tell a story, and this ability will come in handy, since there is no word on the plot of the movie. I doubt they'll go looking for Nemo again this time, if they did I would be be very concerned about his fathers parenting skill, how do you lose your son twice?

The biggest shock today came for me after I read that The Hobbit might be split into three parts instead of "just" two. I don't know how to feel about this, since I love of course that there is new material coming, but then again I hate the wait.  It's not official yet, but Peter Jackson seems to want it, so I'm pretty sure that it will happen. More news on that next week, meanwhile, here is the 8th production video from the set of The Hobbit, might be the best one yet, almost brought a tear to my eye:

I'll share some trailers in the end again, but first some TV news. I'll start with casting bits again.  Glee cast two new guys for the fourth season, Jacob Artist and Dean Geyer, neither whom I know previously. Family Guy also got some more guest stars, Ryan Reynolds is voicing Jesus and Sofia Vergara is guest starring as herself.  Parks and Rec is going political: As Ben moves to Washington D.C. Leslie gets a chance to meet some real political influencers, like John McCain, who tweeted that he "smells an emmy".I doubt that, but it still might be a fun plotline. American Horror Story also found a new castmember, Clea DuVall. I don't know her yet, but with this appearance I most definitely will. Zooey Deschanel's character also got a new love interest in New Girl, played by David Walton (last seen in the too-soon-cancelled Bent). With all this going on, the biggest casting new still was that Mariah Carey signed the deal to become a new judge in American Idol, just two spots left on the panel now.

There is a bit of a storm brewing at the Modern Family set. The first table reading of the season was cancelled after the actors in the show are still in debate about their salaries (the adult actors mind you, not the kids).  They have already sued the company to get their contracts void to try and get a better contracts. More details on the specific salary requests here, and some minor scoops about the season (if they ever manage to shoot it) here!

I'm not going to post all three videos here, but here is the link to see all three promos for Ellen Degeneres' new season with Jennifer Aniston. I'm going through some Ellen phase now, since I found these videos hilarous and I'm laughing so hard reading her book Seriously...I'm Kidding. Try to buy it if you can.

Then some movie trailers! First some drama. The upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Phoenix plays a man returning from the army and struggling with  his new life when Hoffman's character appears and gives him purpose again.

Next movie intends to ride on the success of Bridesmaids, this one called Bachelorette. It stars  Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan who play bridesmaids for their friend (Rebel Wilson). 

The last one is for a comedy too, starring Will Farrel and Zach Galifianakis (I accidentally spelled his name right on the first try!). They play too opponents running for the same spot in the government, the film is called The Campaign and here is the trailer:

I still do have  one teaser trailer, actually two different versions of the same trailer, but I didn't want to overload my post, so here is a link so you can see the new teaser trailers for the upcoming Man Of Steel. There was nothing really major revealed on the trailer, but at least it means we can expect a full trailer any day soon.

New post next week again, that's all folks!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Okay, I'm going to shake things up a bit. As you might notice, I've removed the word "Design" from the header, since I want to keep this blog about TV and films, maybe I'll start a totally new blog for architecture. I'll add some features that I've had in my monthly posts to my weekly posts, like movie posters and entertainment photography.

But since I've already gathered up enough stuff for one last monthly design post I'll finish this with dignity. I'll still keep up the weekly posts of course, don't worry!

I'll start with movie posters. I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't know The Dark Knight Rises, especially after the tragic shooting at Aurora (more on that in my next weekly post). Well the movie and Batman himself are an everlasting inspiration to different artists. My old favourite Olly Moss has created one of his genius posters again, here is the result:

I also found these cool posters from Needle Design. Though this one isn't especially made for The Dark Knight Rises, this Batman poster is pretty fun too. And the second one is for one of my favourite movies: Inception. You can find plenty more from the link above.

Then some entertainment photography again. And by that I usually mean Film/TV stars photographed for magazines. But I have some special photos too. The first one is the cover of the latest W Magazine. This magazine constantly amazes me with their photos and their website has lot of interesting stuff too. This time the cover features Prometheus co-stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, you can see more photos of them here! The second one is from June edition of Vanity Fair with Kristen Stewart. These stunning photos have been taken in Paris, this one in the Versailles Castle. Vanity Fair did a similar photoshoot in Paris with Katy Perry last year.

If these photos aren't enough for you, here is a link to the Vulture's choices of the best Entertainment Photography of the month. Among them is this very same picture of K-Stew and many more!

And here are the very special photos I promised. 30 great behind-the-scenes photos of famous old movies, like these from Conan The Barbarian, Star Wars, Shining , Jaws and many more, you can find them all here! In case you still don't feel like these are enough, go here, to find some great photos from L.A.'s Western Costume Company archives. They include some great photos from costumes form movies like Hello Dolly!, Sound of Music and Gone With the Wind, enjoy!

 Then some architecture! I'll start with this amazing creation called the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, designed by the famous architect duo Herzog & De Meuron (who have one of the most complicated websites I've ever seen). This contemporary piece of design reminds me of a huge mirror, but there is a lot of space beneath it. This space is supposed to be a place to hold events and gatherings during the London Summer Olympics. More pictures here!

The next one is designed by Michael Leher and is situated in Los Angeles. This house intrigues me because it is very light and open. It's also in harmony with its surroundings and with those big windows, it's like you are living outdoors.

Then my favourite part: Homes for Sale! This time I've found three great estates on the market. I'll start with the most classic one, called Ch√Ęteau El Masr, which is in Switzerland. Though I don't really care for the interior design of the house (since it's pretty much original, I need something modern), this property has an amazing view and I love how house isn't symmetrical, it makes it much more dramatic.

The second one in the market is situated in Spain. Once again I like it because of the view and the huge windows. I know they aren't very practical in the long haul, but they just make every house look amazing. And I like how the pool follows the side of the house as seen in the latter picture.

The last one from California is very modern too. I don't think this would be necessarily the kind of home I would want to live in, but this is the kind of style all offices should go for: modern, open, elegant and welcoming.

That's all this time, and last time. But I'll see what I can come up in the future, maybe I'll start that new blog for architecture. 

Weekly TV and Film post coming on Monday or Tuesday

Thursday, July 19, 2012

-Emmy Nominations-

Quick note about the nominations for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations which were announced this morning (US time). The nominations were supposed to be announced by actors Nick Offerman and Kerry Washington, but due to poor weather on the East Coast, Offerman was unable to fly there in time, so Jimmy Kimmel (who will host the main event in September) stepped in. Kimmel jokingly said that Offerman wasn't able to come because "he had travel issues, which usually means drugs".

and for shorter easier list of the main categories go here.

I tried to find a video of the nomination event, but couldn't find even a clip, so you'll just have to imagine it, Kimmel supposedly wore pyjamas and pretented just to have woken. Or maybe he really did just wake up. Though the news that Kimmel would be present were released yesterday so it was all very planned.
I found a clip after all, enjoy:

Video streaming by Ustream

Then to the actual nominations. They all seem very reasonable, but I as usual, I feel that the comedy categories are too small, I can think of atleast 10 shows that should be nominated. Most notably Parks & Recreation, New Girl and Cougar Town. Amy Phoeler did get nominated for her acting and writing though.

I'm not going to go through all the categories since there are dozens of them if you count the Creative Arts Emmy's too, such as make-up and costume design (Creative Emmys will be given out Spetember 15th, a week before the main event). 

Actually I'm not going to go through any of the categories, the grill is warming up and I'm hungry, so look them up by yourself from the links provided above.

There is a lot of extra info easily accesible at the Official Emmy website. Even a nicer view of all the nominees if you are too bored to go thorugh the PDF.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm kinda starting to hate Comic-Con, it's just too much new information! And the thing I hate the most, is that there is new material debuting all the time at the panels, but most of it is not going online until after the Con, so it will be weeks till we get access to it. But don't worry, this post is going to be pretty damn full anyways. 
As promised, this weeks "quotes" will be in the form screencaps, I'm posting them in the smallest form so they don't slow down the page too much, so CLICK THEM to see them in bigger form.

Top row: Parks & Recreation, Family Guy
Lower row: Arrested Development, Golden Girls

I'm not going to separate Comic-Con news from non-Con news, so they are all mashed up. I'll start with TV this time. Biggest thing happening on TV is the reform of American Idol judge panel. Like I wrote last time, Adam Lambert has been rumoured to be a part of the new panel, especially now that Steven Tyler is officially leaving to focus on Aerosmith. And like I wrote, J-Lo is out, and her pay demands are in fact part of this decision, nailed it! But there might be even more changes to the judges. US Weekly wrote that Randy Jackson might become mentor in the show instead of being a judge. Other stars rumoured to become new judges: Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj. Looks like American Idol will be totally different  the next season.

Glee was part of the Comic-Con too and they shared a lot of new info about the fourth season. And I mean a lot, so I won't write them here when you can so easily see them all at The Hollywood Reporter.

There hasn't been that many news about the development of Arrested Development, but now it looks like things are finally starting to roll. Both Ron Howard (who narrates the show) and Jason Bateman tweeted about the show, and how it is really happening! Super excited about that, filming is supposed to start in 4 weeks, but there is no release date yet.

I have a soft spot for children's animated shows, mostly Adventure Time and Spongebob Squarepants. but I also loved the original Avatar, before Avatar the Movie stole its name. I've also grown fond of the spin-off Legend Of Korra which has now been renewed for second season. To call it the second season is actually pretty confusing. Each season consists of two books, and only one book has aired so far. So it would be more logical to say that it has been renewed for books 3 and 4. If you wanna treat your inner child, I suggest you give this show a chance. It has great characters, it's emotional and it has a lot of cool magic stuff going on.

Game of Thrones made some announcements too. The third season is set to premiere March 31st and they announced some new cast. Most of the new actors are totally unknown to me, but there were few familiar faces, like Macenzie Crook, best known for his role as Ragetti in the Pirates of The Caribbean films. To help us match a face with a name, HBO released a great little video of all the new characters, you can see it here!

Then few little voice casting news about Family Guy. Johnny Depp is reprising his role as Edward Scissorhands  He has already recorded the voice role, and according to EW he managed to get back to the role he originated in the classic Tim Burton film, after he saw some footage of his old work. Elizabeth Banks can also be heard in the new season of the animated series. She voices Lois's ex-boyfriends wife, who  thinks her life and family is pretty much perfect. This plotline is part of the premiere episode of the 10th season.

At this point I realise that I have way too much write about, so instead I will just provide the headlines and links:

- Ice Age spoofs the Dark Knight Rises

- Eli Roth is directing Russel Crowe in a new Dracula/Harker vampire detective movie

- Magic Mike is getting a sequel

- The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is divided to two parts, part 1 coming in November 2014 and part 2 in November 2015

- Josh Trank is directing the new Fantastic Four, it will be a reboot, not a sequel.

- Will Smith is directing too, a Cain & Abel themed vampire movie. So more vampires, great...

- Skrillex is going to score part of the new Disney movie, Wreck-It-Ralph.

- Jessica Biel joins the cast of the upcoming Wolverine movie as the baddie, Viper.

- Daniel Radcliffe is proving that he can act after Potter, cast as lead in Horns.

- Marvel is making another assemble movie, Guardians of The Galaxy.  Set for release in 2014. (Also: Thor 2 is named Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America 2 is now Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

- Hellboy 3 might actually be happening according to Guillermo del Toro and Ron Pearlman

- Pictures of the new Q in James Bond: Skyfall
- The musical Wicked is getting the film treatment, directed maybe by Stephen Daldry.

Then some trailers again!

First one is for the Gangster Squad, starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn. Full of action and violence.

The second one is for an indie comedy Hello I Must Be Going, that premiered in Sundance Festival last year, but is only now coming to cinemas. It stars Melanie Lynskey (Two & Half Men), Christopher Abbott (Girls) as an age defying couple. Seems like a funny film that I might really enjoy.

 The next one I'm super excited about. I wrote last time about Oz: The Great and Powerful, and like I said, it got its trailer at the Comic-Con, and it looks amaaaazing! I also had a behind-the-scenes video with interviews by E!, but that video was removed. But here is the trailer:

I also have few other videos to share. The first one is by Nick Pitera. In the video he combines all the great Disney songs and he does all the voices himself. On top of all that talent, he also works as an animator at Pixar! I also found another video where he does the same with Phantom Of The Opera, it might be even more amazing if that is possible.

The last video is from the queen of pop, Kylie Minogue. Before she released her latest song, Timebomb, she started a tweeting bet, if she got 25k tweets she would release the song. Now she did the same thing with this amazing new video, which I suggest you start watching straight away in full screen mode: 

Lot of stuff in today's post, hopefully you enjoyed!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Past weeks biggest story must have been the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I still managed to find some actual news. And here are some quotes again. Next week I'm going to post screencaps instead of quotes, since some funny situations are just better when you see the expression on the actors faces, and that gives me a chance to post some gif's too. But this week I'll still do it the usual way:

"-So you just finished the whole bottle?
- I had to. It's vodka. It goes bad once it's opened."
-Michael and Lindsey
Jason Bateman and Portia De Rossi on Arrested Development

"-Every time you say "Luke" it sounds like "look"
- I don't hear the difference
- It's not hard, one is my name
- Juan is not your name"
- Luke and Gloria
Nolan Gould and Sofia Vergara on Modern Family

"I won't do that, because I'm a lady, you assface"
Megan Mulally on Will & Grace

"One time I drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine."
Amy Phoeler on Parks and Recreation

I'll start with TV this time, since there aren't that much going on there now. And as usual, I got some news about Smash. But this will probably be the last one for a while. As I've mentioned, the second season introduces three new series regulars, and now the last part has been cast. Krysta Rodriguez got the role of Karen's (Kathrine McPhee) new roommate, who is described as spunky and fun. This is the first major role for the Broadway star, though she did guest star on Gossip Girl.  

Finally something new about Up All Night too. Lorne Michael's produced comedy is introducing a new character on their second season. Newcomer Luka Jones has bagged the role of Reagan's (Christina Applegate) laid-back younger brother who comes to town with his 5-yo daughter after a rough divorce. This new series regular has so far acted in a guest role on How I Met Your Mother and starred in Best Friends Forever that was canceled after just few episodes (which it really deserved, it was so poorly written comedy). Hopefully this will launch better the young star's career.

My favourite TV chef Nigella Lawson is returning to TV with a totally new show, The Taste. This new cooking competition pairs a professional chef  with few amateurs that will the compete in groups. Nigella is set to host the show with Anthony Bourdain, another well-known TV chef. It hasn't been told yet if the two will also judge, but I guess so, since they have the proficiency. The show hasn't yet started filming and is still looking for contestants. I just hope that it won't get lost among all the other cooking competition shows.

From cooking to singing. New rumours have risen that Adam Lambert might be returning to American Idol, this time as a judge. Though nothing is confirmed yet (none of the previous judges has signed anything yet) this would seem like a perfectly reasonable next move. I find it kinda funny that the news still wonder which judge he will replace, when Jennifer Lopez has unofficially announced that she would not return to the show due to her busy schedule. But nothing is sure yet, I doubt they would go for an all male judge panel, so there might be two new judges or J-Lo might not be the one leaving after all, some sources said that the rumours of her leaving were just a stint to get her a better paycheck.

All smart shows with even a hint of a fan base are heading to San Diego this month for the Comic-Con. So expect a lot of news about superhero movies and sci-fi tv shows next week. Family Guy is also present at the con, and they have released a new poster to tease about the eleventh season that premieres in September. The season premiere focuses on a plot line where Peter gets into competition with Lois's ex to climb the Mt. Everest. I can just imagine the final result.

Another movie that will be highly prominent at the Comic-Con is The Hobbit. This week Peter Jackson share a new poster for the film. On the poster we see Gandalf (Ian McKellen) walking in Hobitton, presumably at the start of the film. But that's not the only new thing released from the film. Instead of releasing a bunch of new pictures of the movie, they have made it in to one big scroll that introduces few of the major scenes of the movie, like when Bilbo (Martin Freeman) finds the ring or when he floats the dwarfs out the Elf King's halls in wine barrels. If this didn't make any sense you, read the book! It's great. Click on the photo to see all the details.

One other movie that I'm really looking forward to seeing is Oz: The Great and Powerful. Sam Raimi is directing and the star-studded cast includes such stars as James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weitz and Michelle Williams. With that cast, it can't be bad. Disney released a new poster and is planning to show a lot more at Comic-Con, so I'll be following up on that when more info is released.

Probably the most anticipated movie of this summer The Dark Knight Rises has released some new material too to promote their movie. This time a 13-minute long behind-the-camera video. Though it doesn't introduce a lot of new aspects, it still covers the plot pretty well and we see some new footage. Enjoy!

Another video that I found, is the new trailer for the animated film Rise Of The Guardians, which I mentioned few months ago. The movie tells the story of classic fairytale creatures, like Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, battle against the evil. Looks entertaining and it continues the more recent trend of animated adventure films instead of basic toddler friendly themes.

This next news is super exciting for me, since I'm a huge fan of the games. I'm talking of course about the Assassins Creed series. Michael Fassbender has signed the contract to star and produce the adaption. If you aren't familiar with the games, the basic plot line revolves around the ancient and ongoing battle between Assassins and Templars. The main lead Desmond Miles (played by Fassbender) is a descendant of the great Assassins and new technology allows the scientists to access his ancestors memories via his DNA. In the first game, he took on the memories of Altair, an Assassin of the Crusader Era. This is all very exciting, though it might sound very technical, but if they manage to keep the story together, I predict great things.

Last but not least (or maybe a bit). The movie rights for the adult book 50 Shades of Gray were purchased some time ago by Universal Pictures and its daughter company Focus Features. Apparently they are really speeding up the process to get the film done, since they have already chosen producers. Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti have recently worked together on Social Network and now again on this one. This erotic juggernaut novel has already sold 20 million copies and have made the author E.L James a very rich woman. She has already earned over $50 Million with her book and as it is a trilogy, I think she'll be doing just fine for few years from now on.

That's all this week and more coming next week, and I'll try to write my monthly design post this weekend. That's all folks!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well I was wishing I'd get this one written fast, but looking at the list of topics, I can wave that wish goodbye. RIP Nora Ephron and the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I got some good news this week too (though I'm not sure the latter one of those previous ones is really sad). 

 But still the biggest shocker for me this week was Newsroom, the new HBO Aaron Sorkin series. I read countless headlines and a 6 page story from Vanity Fair about the show, and only after watching 5 minutes of the first episode do I realise that it is in fact a drama and not a comedy. So due to my own stupidity, I just ruined the whole show for me since I created quite big expectations. Unlike Anger Management with Charlie Sheen, which I didn't expect to be any good and it exceeded my expectations. But even with all the confusion, I found some funny quotes again:

"I'm actually jealous of you. You've got stability, a great marriage, devoted kids. You know what I have? A Sims family that keeps getting murdered."
Tina Fey on 30 Rock

"-And don't forget the new black-man phrase I taught you.
- Pippety poppety, give me the zoppety."
-Darryl and Michael
 Craig Robinson and Steve Carrell on The Office

"- April, you are like an angel without the wings.
- So, like a human?"
-Andy and April
Chriss Pratt and Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation

" -I'm afraid I prematrely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, so now I'm afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.
-There are so many poorly chosen words on that sentance "
-Tobias and Michael
David Cross and Jason Bateman on Arrested Development

 Now lets get to business. First I'd like to correct some news I wrote about last week. Proves that the Hollywood casting news are never to be trusted unless they come straight from the studio. Last week I reported that Mia Wasikowska was up for the role of Joannna in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, but she is not according to her management.  Model Zoe Aggeleki might still in the running but she's got new competition. Jena Malone (Sucker Punch) has also been metioned as the potential candidate for the role, according to EW.I know I shouldn't propably even write this, since it will most likely change again just after I post this one.

Then some kid friendly news. Spinach eating superdude Popeye is coming to cinemas 3D. This movie has been under works for quite some time, but now they've found a director. Genndy Tartakovsky, who is know for directing Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, was chosen to direct, but there is no official plotline yet.

Lego figurines are also invading the big screen. It is called Lego: The Piece of Resistance, and this is the storyline that the writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have shared: "It involves many worlds. Basically, the least qualified Lego characters in the universe having to keep the world from being frozen together." To me, that quote made no sense, especially as now they have cast Chris Pratt as the main charater Emmett and Will Arnett was cast as Lego Batman. So there is Batman and Chaning Tatum is voicing Lego Superman. Well at least it sounds entertaining!

Due to demand, I must mention this too. There is a moving coming up about Carmen Sandiego, a fictional  super-agent/inspector, and though I didn't previously have the slightest idea who the hell she was, I'm kinda getting interested in this movie now. First of all it is produced by Jennifer Lopez, and there have been some rumours that she might start in it too. Now they have hired a writer on the project too: Darren Lemke. He's a newcomer on the business, and so far his biggest project is the upcoming fantasy film Jack the Giant Killer, but atleast his roots are in fantasy. There is no word on when the film will start shooting, or who will direct it. The last Carmen Sandiego film that was supposed to star Sandra Bullock never got made.

Disney has some news too. Happy news actually. Disney is trying to get back to its roots of traditional  animation with a new short film Paperman, that will premiere before their new (computer)-animated film Wreck-It Ralph. The short film combines both 2D and 3D styles using new techologies. This mini love story looks amazing (see more photos here) and it is almost entirely black and white with the exception of the female leads lips. One more reason to go see Wreck-It Ralph.

Disney is also working on another animated full feature film. After Disney bought Marvel about a year ago, this is the news we've been expecting, what heros will advance to the big screen. But their choice was a bit unexpected. I've never heard of the Big Hero 6, a japanese superhero group, (Avengers of Japan) but I think Disney will make it work. Especially as this is a bit more kid friendly that the Avengers movie.

Big Hero 6 isn't the only new Marvel superhero franchise heading for the big screen. Director Edgar Wright has shot test reel for Ant-Man movie, to present to Disney/Marvel before they can approve the project. I really hope though that they will focus on some other character, because seriously, its Ant-Man. Marvel seems to be on a winning streak, so why spoil it.

From heros to anti-heros. The new Riddick film is under post-production now, and the star Vin Diesel tweeted this new picture from the film. Previous Riddick films are known for their dark tone, and this one seems to continue that theme.

Then some sneak peeks of a movie that is still filming. Months ago I wrote about the upcoming Princess Diana movie starring Naomi Watts. Well now I've found the first pics from the set, and she looks amazing. Let's just hope she can act the part. The film focuses on the last years of Princess Di before her car accident.

Then some well anticipated Academy Award news. Last week the Academy released the changes they've made on the rules and also the list of new members invited to the Academy. The rules didn't see any major changes, propably to compensate last year's big Best Picture change (that there could be anything from 5 to 10 nominees). The biggest change was that there can now be 4 songwriters mentioned for one Best Song nominee (not the change I was expecting for this category) and the Best Makeup is now Best Makeup and Hairstyling (though I kinda assumed that it was already included). About the new members, you can see the full list here. There were a lot of familiar names there.

Then on to TV news, and I'll start once again with Smash. They've cast now one more of the new roles I've mentioned before, with another Broadway star. Andy Mientus, from Spring Awakening, has joined the cast, but not as one of the singers who want to make it big, but a writer. This will make a nice change, as the show has previously revolved heavily around the singers. The Smash behind-the-camera crew is changing also, as Joseph Aulisi has been chosen as the new costume designer.

I've also mentioned the Office spin-off for Dwight, called the Farm, which focuses on Dwigts beet farm. Now the show has released bio for all the main characters, but no roles have been cast yet. You can see them here!

Also I'd like to mention Episodes, the comedy with Matt LeBlanc playing himself. The scond season is now starting in US, but is almost finished in UK. Good thing I follow both medias, so I didn't have to wait this long to see season two. And let me tell you, it is just as funny as the first season. It combines US comedy with the parts of UK comedies I like, which is mainly the accent. Check out the new episodes of Episodes where ever you can find them.

Then some trailers again. The first one is for the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie, which I've mentioned multiple times. But now I've finally got moving pictures! Guaranteed Burton style.

The second one is for one of the most well kept secret of Hollywood, the Super 8 of 2012, the Looper. For a long time the plotline of this new action film was kept in total secrecy, but recently it has been pretty much fully explained, and it really isn't that new. Typical sci-fi time travelling film by the looks of it:

The third is for the new animated film Epic, starring the voices of Josh Hutcherson and Amanda Seyfried. The plotline focuses on the war between good and evil within the magical forest. Looks like it can be a hit, if 20th Century Fox doesn't screw up the marketing.

That's all folks! Cya next week!