Monday, June 25, 2012


One day early this time, woop woop! But I had too much to write about already, so let's get started. First some quotes:

"I would like to be president someday, so, no, I haven't smoked marijuana. I ate a brownie once, at a party in college. It was intense, kinda indescribable actually. I felt like I was floating. Turns out there was no pot in the brownie, it was just an insanely good brownie."
- Leslie
Amy Phoeler on Parks and Recreation

"-Ohh, your hand is monstrous
- Well what did you expect? You've seen my penis."
-Barney and Marshall
Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother

"-Hey can I take you out for a dinner tonight? Maybe we can hit that barbeque place where you puked at.
- You are going to have to be more specific"
Liz and Floyd
Tina Fey and Jason Sudekis on 30 Rock

"-Laverne, what would you give me if I get this jellybean in your cleavage?
- A concussion!"
J.D. and Laverne
Zach Braff and Aloma Wright on Scrubs

   Once again the production team of The Hobbit has delighted us with a video from the set, this time from the Stone Street Studios where director Peter Jackson also filmed the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy and King Kong too. You'll find a bit different kind of Legolas at the end of the video alongside the original one, Orlando Bloom.

I'm having trouble on deciding what story to write about next. Well my go-to movie these days is The Maleficent, so I'll start with that. Last week I posted the first official photo of Angelina Jolie in costume. That picture only showed her head, but now some papparazis have invaded the movie set, and we've now got pictures of the full costume. You can find more photos from the set here!

Another one of my favourite movies, Catching Fire (or officially The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as Lionsgate decided people wouldn't know it by its original name), popped back to my radar this week with some almost-casting-news. There were lot of rumours about who will play Finnick, but now some news about his partner, Joanna Mason, have emerged. There are two very different "actresses" up for the role, I put the word actresses in quotes as the other one of them is really a model. Well know for her role as Alice, in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, Mia Wasikowsa has been linked to the role alongside the model Zoe Aggeliki (who will at least appear in the Percy Jackson sequel if she doesn't get the Hunger Games job). Zoe would be a good match as the character is extremely beautiful and playful, but Mia certainly knows more about acting. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

Talking about Tim Burton, his next film, stop-motion film Frankenweenie, has gotten some brand new character portraits. You can see them all here, as they would take too much space if I put them all up here. But what is most curious about this news, is that neither Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter are nowhere to be seen. Both of whom have been Burton's go-to actors so far.

Then one of the most bizarre news I found this week. When we think about most actors who played the President of USA, we think of nice, decent,  respected actors (mostly), but director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Once Upon a Time In Mexico) is going on a totally different road with his casting. He has chosen Charlie Sheen to play the Potus in his sequel to Machete, an action exploitation movie from few years back (remember Lindsey Lohan as a nun with a gun?). Though I most likely wont watch this movie as I didn't watch the original film, it does seem like a fun twist to cast Sheen. What is more interesting is that the character Machete was originally a character in Spy Kids (directed by Rodriguez), a kids movie, and now he is chopping people in an X-rated bloodbath movie.

Though in her new project she doesn't play a gun-wielding nun, Lindsey Lohan is in trouble again. Well actually she isn't in trouble, the movie she is making is in trouble, as I've told she is starring as Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. After she was found unconscious in her room, LiLo was rushed to hospital for exhaustion, as have two other crew members. After this spree of over-exhaustion among the crew, Crew Union has decided to start monitoring the set of Liz & Dick for violations in working hours and environment. Though everything seems normal on the set according to the producer Larry Thompson and the Union, they will be keeping an eye on the production. Also I found this nice picture from THR alongside with the news:

George Clooney has revealed what his next working project will be, behind the camera this time, which seems to be his trend these days. His newest project is a film adaption of the Tony- and Pulitzer-award winning play August: Osage County. The cast includes Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in leading roles as a mother and daughter in this dark comedy. Weinstein Company is behind the production, and with these kind of names attached to the film, it will no doubt be a success and most likely sweep in the Oscar nominations.

Then some very exciting TV news, combining two of my favourite things: Jennifer Hudson and Smash. With those two keywords in mind its not hard to figure out what I'm getting at. The Oscar-winner will join the cast of Smash for multi-episode arc as a "Broadway star who will impact the lives of Karen and Ivy". The show is getting a pretty good make-over for the second season, and Hudson is definitely more appropriate guest star than Uma Thurman  in the first season (I mean, seriously??).

Then some award news again. This I just had to mention, I mean its pretty awesome, because the THR's Emmy Roundtable put the Hollywood's funniest small screen actresses in the same room, comedy ensues.  And they also make fart jokes. You'll find the interview here, and a video too!

Remember that those are just for the Primetime Emmy awards, which to me are way more interesting. But the Daytime exists too. I tried to be positive, but I didn't find a single familiar name from the acting categories. Only when we got to food programmes and Ellen, did I start to find it interesting, but then they go on with the game shows. But here is the full list of the winners, see if you'll find any names from the acting part you'll recognize.

Then for the list with a lot of familiar faces. Before getting an Emmy nomination (talking Primetime now), you'll need to submit your name for consideration. There were very few requirements to get there. I lost that page, but it seemed like a very easy job, which explains the size of the list. The show has to be longer than six episodes, that's all I remember. You can find the PDF of the full list here. There were few surprises there, especially on how the actors chose weather they will submit for the leading or supporting category. The nominees will be announced July 19th by Kerry Washington and Nick Offerman.

I decided to leave these brand new trailers to the end, to keep up the tension. First one is for the (Judge) Dredd movie, starring Karl Urban as Dredd and Lena Headey (know as the ice cold bitch Cersei from Game of Thrones)  will play a drug lord and the antagonist of the film. Looks dark and packed with action, me likey!

The second one is totally different genre. This one kinda sneaked up on me. I knew Pixar was working on prequel for the Monsters Inc., but I didn't know they were so far in on the project. The film is coming out in the summer of 2013 and the name pretty much explains the basic synopsis: Monsters University

The third one is for the last part of the Twilight Saga. The Breaking Dawn part 2 is coming out November 16th, and this might be the first Twilight movie I actually want to see, mostly because of the action sequences and the Volturi. The book had a lot of new characters too and it looks like the movie will show most of them.

The lat one is the one that really surprised me, in a good way. The film adaption for Anna Karenina, starring Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson, looks just amazing. With the stage-like look and beautiful costumes and sets, this movie is something I will definitely go see in the cinemas, I mean look at it!

To end the post in a lighter note, I found this fun post about Emma Stone. We all know she is hilarous, just watch any interview with her. Like this one! They also bring up the trend of GIFs, and Emma certainly has inspired a lot of them. Upprox has gathered them all together, you can see them here. This one was my favourite:

 She is one of my favourite actresses at the moment and will be the reason I want to see the Amazing Spider-Man. And I'm totally hooked on GIF's, and if you are too, follow this Tumblr. I know this isn't my normal area of expertise on this blog, but:

See ya next week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Lets see what I've come up with this week. I passed some news I didn't think were worth mentioning, like the bad reviews for Charlie Sheen's Anger Management sitcom or Aaron Sorkin's comedy Newsroom, since they were really not that surprising. Besides that and some minor movie deals, this week has mostly been about Emmy predictions, especially as the TV Critics Choice awards were held this Monday. Last week I mentioned the nominees, but now I have the winners, with few surprises. But first some quotes:

"-Dwight, I would like your undivided attention.
-You couldn't handle my undivided attention"
-Michael and Dwight
Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson on The Office

"I wish I was one of those people who thriveThe Offices on the danger of leading a double live. You know Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker... Hannah Montana."
Ty Burrel on Modern Family

"I was thinking with my lady parts"
Amy Phoeler on Parks and Recreation

"-I used to get medical experiments done on me.
-Finally, an explanation."
-Joey and Chandler
Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry on Friends

I'll start with the best one I found this week. I've been hyping about the upcoming (March,2014) Maleficent movie starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. Well now, alongside with a press release, Disney has released the first photo for the movie. Read the press release if you want to get a better idea of the plot. Looking good  Mrs. Jolie! Though I'm bit surprised how unchanged the costume is compared to the animated film, but maybe she'll have more costumes than just that iconic one.

Disney had some other news to share too. It has been known for long now that they have been developing a new animated film called Frozen, based on the classic Snow Queen fairytale (though with a lot of changes), but now they have made it official and shared some new info. First of all Kristen Bell will be voicing the main protagonist, while Idina Menzel was cast as the Snow Queen herself. The film will be a classic Disney musical with a lot of songs, but it hasn't been mentioned yet wether it will be a traditionally animated or computer animated film. There are still a lot of questions to ask about this movie, and I'll keep you posted when I find out more.

As I mentioned, the Critics Choice Television Awards were held Monday, and here is the full list of winners. Drama series Homeland and Breaking Bad were the big winners of the night, both winning multiple awards, unlike the most nominated show Community which walked away with just one award (though it was for the Best Comedy Series). Modern Family got both supporting actor awards, while Amy Phoeler (Parks&Rec) and Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) tied for the leading actress award (didn't know that could even happen), both deserving the award. I was very glad to see Paul Rudd get the award for Best Guest Star (comedy) for his role on Parks and Recreation as the naive/idiot/spoiled Bobbie Newport. Julianne Moore also deserved the win for her amazing performance as Sarah Palin in TV movie Game Change.

Then some news about Smash! I know! I was surprised to find it too. Jeremy Jordan was added to the crew as a series regular. To replace the three character (Dev, Ellis and Frank) that are leaving, they've come up with three new roles. Jordan was cast as the straight Brooklyn-born and self destructive singer. He is not really known in TV, but he is playing the leading role in Newsies, a Broadway musical that got him a Tony nomination this year. The two remaining roles will probably be filled soon too.

This was all over the Internet last week, though I don't know why it was this late (the episode aired last year and the DVD came out this March). There was a scene in the first season of Game of Thrones, where among other heads on spikes was one that looked a lot like George W. Bush. HBO and the show execs both have apologized for the "mistake". They told that it was just a mistake, as they purchase their props in stacks and there just happened to be one that looked like the former president. So it might not be anything political, but I think it was funny as hell. Here is the picture from the scene:

Conan was in Chicago last week with his show and he had some great guest stars (not Adam Sandler though, never!) like Jack McBrayer. He went to visit Wieners Circle with Triumph the Insult Dog, it sounds just as ridiculous as it is. If, like me, you don't know what the Wieners Circle is, see Wikipedia. And here is the video:

Now lets get nerd-y. Vijay Pandurangan has studied the color use in movie posters, which was pretty good. He gathered over 30,000 posters and with some computer code (don't ask, read here) gathered the color information used in them. This picture doesn't take black and white colours into account, but it's still pretty fascinating. We can see from it how the blue sector has increased, and the purple/magenta phase 1980-1990 is pretty much over. It's worth checking out.

That's all this week, see ya next time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


While blogging is fun, I might have put too strict rules for myself. I've noticed that my schedule might not allow me to write on Tuesdays every week, but I still try to post every week. The past week was a bit slow, there were very few news worth mentioning, mostly just Tonys (so that's what this post is mostly about) and boring network business news (Warner Bros. TV bought Vampire Diaries-producing Alloy Entertainment... wohoo?). Especially as I don't watch Mad Men (finale aired few days ago) and True Blood (current season just premiered) nor do I watch Breaking Bad (season five premiered yesterday). But I did find quotes though, most of them old, since my favs are on break.

"-My husband and I rented Mamma Mia!, which I liked, but I don't know if Meryl Streep was the right choice for the role
-Excuse me. Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice!"
-Lady at the day-care and Cameron
Eric Stonestreet on Modern Family

"-Barney are you wearing sweatpants?
-Maybe, but they are Armani."
-Ted and Barney
Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother

"You remind me of a poem I can't remember and a song that may never have existed and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to"
-Abe Simpson
Dan Castellanetta (voice actor) on The Simpsons

"I guess I can kiss heaven goodbye because its got to be sin to look this good"
Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Then some quick news before the Tonys. Let's start with the hot mess, to quote Chelsea Handler, Lindsey Lohan. It is still unclear what is the fate of Liz&Dick lifetime movie after Lohan's car accident which she claims is due to broken breaks. Let's see, but let's see this first official photo for the movie. Grant Bowler plays Richard Burton

The nominations for the second Critics' Choice Television Awards were released with Community leading with 6 nominations. Though these are only the second annual awards, I do like the fact that they nominate those who most other awards ignore, like Garrett Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton for Raising Hope. It's also quick on its nominations, as Girls and Veep both are represented on the awards. I didn't watch the show last year, I'm not sure it even aired, but I'm looking forward to June 18th when the awards are presented.

Happy news for the fans of Hangover films. The third installation of the movie series will take place in Tijuana, Mexico. After Las Vegas and Bangkok, this seems like a pretty good choice. So expect lots of Tequila, food poisoning and donkeys, that's what I know about Tijuana.

If you've read my blog before, you'll know what Quentin Tarantino's new film is about. If you don't, this brand new trailer for Django Unchained will educate you, enjoy!

Then the 66th Tony Awards, full list of winners here. These were the 66th already and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris for the third time. Though I don't know what most of the plays and musicals are about nor have I seen them for obvious reasons, it was fun to watch this event. There were many faces I didn't recognize but a lot of Hollywood stars with Broadway roots or interests were chosen to present awards, like Jessica Chastain, Jim Parsons and Hugh Jackman.

 As usual, all the nominated musicals performed one song from their show, you can find almost every one from YouTube. Musical Once won in almost all categories it was nominated in, including Best Musical. The musical is based on 2006 film of the same name, which I now have to find somehow. That movie also won the Academy Award for Best Song and that song (Falling Slowly) was included in the musical too. You can read the synopsis here and I posted the video of their performance at the Tonys below.

Though the musical numbers were great, I still think NPH might have outdone all of them with his opening act featuring stars like Amanda Seyfried, Patti LuPone and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. See for yourselves:

And to top it all of, here is (in my opinion) the greatest moment of the evening. When NPH got stuck (not really) on the wires while performing a Spider-Man:Turn-Off-the-Dark-inspired stunt. Though this moment was funny already, what made it great was Angela Lansbury. This amazing actress has won five Tonys and is also well known in TV (Murder She Wrote) and film (Broomsticks and Bedknobs, Beauty and the Beast). Even her voice sounds grand. And this video also educates you a bit on what the American Theater Wing does.

That was my post for this week. I started reading Chelsea Handler's book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and it's hilarious, so I had to buy her first book Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chlesea too. Great summer reading for all us who enjoy the darker humour.

 I'll post sometime next week again, maybe not Tuesday or maybe Tuesday, it's going to be a surprise!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I blame my birthday for forgetting to write this post. First I got some photographs again, and then some architecture and some estates for sale.

Last month I told about Vulture's monthly collection of Best Entertainment Pictures of the month. In case you forgot to seek them out, here is the April one, and here is the May. The latter one includes this amazing photo of Zooey Deschanel in Marie-Claire. The photo got the award title of "Most Cheshire"

Though not included in the list, I think the best photo of the month should be cover of Candy Magazine with Tilda Swinton. She is almost unrecognizable. Years ago, I thought she was kinda weird looking and not my favourite actress, but I've grown into her looks and she is really talented. See the rest of the photos at Vogue Italy.

Mondo released a new retro poster for Toy Story. Mondo has a lot of other great posters too, so I suggest you follow their blog to keep you up to date.

Some weeks ago in my usual post, I mentioned the MET Ball that took place in Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Well here is a gallery of the costumes they were celebrating this year, by Prada and Schiaparelli. Too bad it's in New York.

This next one is a bit closer, and a bit more personal. I've always loved the Disney's classic Little Mermaid, and the original story by H.C. Andersen. I've also admired the statue of Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark, I even have a little miniature version of it. The original statue is owned by the descendants of the sculptor Edvard Eriksen, and is located in their private property, the one in the Copenhagen harbor is a copy, thank god! It has been vandalized multiple times for various reasons. The statue gazes at the sea looking for his prince. Well now he is in her sights. The new statue representing the prince, sculpted by Michael Elmgreen and  Ingar Dragse, is situated in Helsingör, near Copenhagen. The new shiny chrome looking statue is called Han, which means "he" in Danish.

Then some architecture. The first house was renovated by architect Joel Barkely for ex-art collector Robert E. Abrams. It combines the old ranch look, with modern glass, and it has what I most look for in a house: big windows and lots of light. The house is filled with art, and the interiors were created to help the art pop.

The second house is designed by Gil Schafer and situated in New York's beautiful country side. It combines the looks of old stone house and a classic Federal-style with beautiful columns and a veranda. And what a view they have.

Then some dream houses for sale again. The first one is located in Porto Rafael, Italy. This beautiful villa is all about the garden, as it only has 4 bedrooms, fairly few for a villa of this status. There is no price available, but I can imagine what it will be, so many zeroes I'll lost count. This beautiful Mediterranean gem is all a person could ask for. It looks natural and modern at the same time and has a view to kill for. The interiors require some work though, so there is even something  to do around there.

The second one could be my townhouse, in nowhere else but Paris. Though the interiors are lavish and beautiful, they are bit too much for my taste, but that can easily be changed. And besides the floorplan of this apartment is great, anything with levels works for me, especially if the stairs are as beautiful as they are in this one. The view from this penthouse is pretty nice too. The royal looks of this flat guarantee that the price tag will be something to look away from, and it is once again not mentioned, only upon request.

Hope you enjoyed, weekly post coming next week again!


I'll keep this one short, since I totally forgot about my monthly post again, so I'll try to write it today on top of everything else I have to do. Well here are some quotes again:

"We must, we must, 
we must increase our bust, 
the bigger the better, 
the tighter the sweater.
The boys depend on us!"
-Joy's song
Jane Leeves on Hot in Cleveland

"I'm going to rescue all the babies in the town... only the babies"
John DiMaggio (voice actor) on Adventure Time

"-Do you ever think about what you are saying?
-Yeah, I do. I think, wow that's brilliant. I should say that out loud. Then I say it out loud and it's spectacular. It exceeds my expectations"
-Jane and Brad
Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. on Happy Endings

"-But you said he was going to be all right?!
-Yeah. He lost his left hand, so he is going to be "all right"."
-Lucille and Dr. Fishman
Jessica Walters and Ian Roberts on Arrested Development

This time I don't have a lot of TV news, but I think that compensates for my weekend post.  But the first one is pretty big one for all supporting actors in TV movies and mini-series. The Emmy awards have decided to combine leading and supporting actor/actress awards, so that both male and female awards now have six nominees. This doesn't bode well for the supporting cast, since it's hard to think that the Academy would overlook the lead roles. For example, last year Maggie Smith wouldn't have won anything as Kate Winslet would have won for Mildred Pierce, even though both did an amazing job. Guess we will have to wait and see if the new system will be fair to all nominees.

This year New Girl is in competition with all  the other series at Emmy's too, let's hope they have better luck there than at the Golden Globes last year. Maybe their new idea will help in that, Zooey Deschanel hinted that there might be an musical episode if it fits their plotline. She is part of She & Him music duo, and she was even nominated for a Grammy last year for her song in the newest Winnie The Pooh-movie. Let's see what they come up with.

Downton Abbey fever has hit Jimmy Fallon too, about a month or so ago he did his first spoof on the show, called Downton Sixbey (the studio where Fallon films his talkshow is 6B, hence Sixbey). Well anyways, the first one was pretty funny too, but this one is even better and it has great guest stars, and of course Fred Armisen. I can't believe these guys get paid for this, and look at the quality of their short film!

Then on to movies. First some casting news, or rather who did not get cast. One of the most coveted roles out there is the role of Finnick in the upcoming Chasing Fire, sequel to Hunger Games. The character is supposed to be like the most handsome guy around, so obviously lot of actors want the role. Robert Pattinson was the first guy to be rumoured to get the role, thank god he said that wasn't true and he wasn't interested. Then E!Online reported that Armie Hammer, Garret Hedlund and Taylor Kitsch were number one candidates for Lionsgate, but that they might also go for a nobody. Now Kitsch has denied these rumours, so it's kinda hard to know what to believe. I kinda hope they would choose someone totally new, like they did with the tributes in the first film.

I feel like I'm writing about the Maleficent every week, but they just keep releasing new characters. Australian (I have never seen this guy in anything, but he is supposed to be big Down Under) Brenton Thwaites has been cast as the prince opposite to Elle Fanning's Princess Aurora. It was not said if the prince would be named Philip like in the Disney movie. This just keeps getting more interesting.

Guy Ritchie is moving from the mean streets of London to the paradise in his next film. Sherlock Holmes director will next tackle another literature classic as he takes on Treasure Island. He has not yet attached a writer on the movie, nor have any castings been announced. But I do trust him that it will be worthwhile, let's stay tuned.

Blue Sky announced the voice cast of their new animated film Epic. Stars like Beyonce, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Aziz Ansari and Steven Tyler will lend their voice for the film. The general  plotline was described as an "ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and the forces of evil. When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world…and ours." At least the voice talent on the movie is epic if the movie otherwise wont live up to its name.

This next news is something I know at least one of my female readers will appreciate. I know you all remember Devil Wears Prada, the book or the movie starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Well the original book is getting a new sequel, which takes place eight years after the original. Read more about the plotline here! There is no word yet if the book will be adapted as a film, but after the success of the first one, I doubt that the studios will pass this book.

After the bizarre success of Tupac hologram at Coachella, LA, this year, Marilyn Monroe has been rumoured to get the same treatment. "She" will go on tour with live musicians. The company behind this, Digicon Media, will try to premiere the show sometime this year, which happens to be the 50th anniversary of the bombshell's death. Would you pay to see "her"?

Then few pictures. The first one is the new poster for Tim Burton's return to stop-mo animation, Frankeenweenie, based on his own short-story from the 80´s, based on the idea of Frankenstein.
 The second one is the first official picture from the set of Iron Man 3, which will be the first Marvel movie after Avengers (which btw rose to be the 3rd most successful movie ever after Titanic and Avatar). By the looks of it, Tony Stark has expanded his wardrobe. Click the photos to see a larger version.

Then some videos. First the official new trailers for Bourne Legacy (action!) and then Les Miserables (singing!). And the third one is not a trailer, but just so epic, it's all the spells in Harry Potter movies combined as a nice video (spellcasting!). 


I try to finish my monthly post today too, though I'm going to change the title to June, though it's all the news from May, but just makes more sense, don't you think?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

-TV Finales-

As I told, I wanted to write a post about past TV season's finale episodes. Few of them were full of surprises and some were just boooooring. These series are in no specific order, and I've left out some series I follow. Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM season 7 finale was a bit restless with too much going on. Marshall and Lily had their baby Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen (the coolest name ever) after Marshall got back from his drunken escapade in Atlantic City with Barney. Ted reconciles with Robin, who tells him to go back to Victoria, his ex-girlfriend. And eventually the two drive off to the sunset... no really, that happened. Meanwhile Barney proposed to Quinn, but the flash forward at the end of the episode reveals that Barney is going to marry Robin eventually! That part was set in "future" so it might not happen until next season finale. The upcoming season will have a lot of explaining to do, especially as we know that Victoria isn't the "mother".

2 Broke Girls
 As a newcomer comedy, it was expected that the season wouldn't end in a cliffhanger. The last episode was quite good, combining the strenght of all characters and adding Martha Stewart to the mix. The duo decided that getting Martha's approval on their cupcakes would give a boost to their business so that they would get the money to open their own shop. And of course they choose to stalk her at the MET ball and it can be quite hard to get in. The show has been renewed for second season, so lets hope the girls won't be quite so broke then.

Mike & Molly
Like many of this TV season's show, Mike & Molly ended in a marriage too. Though the episode before the finale, suggested that it would all go down the pooper, the two did eventually get married. Even though Mike's dad made a surprise appearance in town and Vince revealed to Joyce he was still married, all that was sorted out and the wedding  happened. The show was renewed for third season, and maybe now that the two are married they can get a place of their own.

Two and a Half Man
This was maybe one of the most surprising finales, as Jake and Eldridge took jobs in the army. As the boys figured out they had no special skills they decided to become army recruits, to the dismay of their parents. There was some reminiscing of how Jake has grown up on the episode too, so it wasn't all original script. Though the show has been renewed for 10th season, even this one seemed bit too different for me after Charlie Sheen left, he was  such a crucial part of the show. It's still a funny show, but it's not the Two and a Half Man I know, let's see if the upcoming season takes a turn for the better, but I wouldn't be surprised if that become the show's last.

One of my favourite new shows Smash struggled with low ratings and poor reviews, but still managed to stay on. As expected, the show's finale was about the premiere of Bombshell, the Marilyn Monroe musical that has been the main plot of the show. Karen did eventually get the big part after Rebbecca left, and got a pretty good reaction from the audience. I mentioned on my last post that Dev and Ellis are gone for the next season, thank god. There was too much going on anyways, now we can focus on Ivy's pill popping habit and Karen's newfound fame. I just hope the second season will be a bit longer than 13 episodes.
I kinda lost interest on the Glee finale as the Nationals episode felt like a perfect ending. But no, they had to stretch out the story to really go over what every character will be doing next season. So far Rachel is the only one that seems to be going to New York, but I doubt she'll make it on her own, so Finn and possibly Kurt will go after her. It's bit hard to say yet what will happen next season since  Ryan Murphy sure knows how to surprise us. There has been a lot of speculation on the next season, but if it's anything like this past season, I might be changing to Team Smash permanently.
New Girl
Another great newcomer and another not-so-surprising ending. The episode was funny as hell, but not really surprising. Nick was going to move in with his girlfriend, who dumped him at the start of the show. After panicking and driving to the desert and then throwing the keys away, the group had to discuss all their problems while they were stuck in the wilderness. Winston's fear of the dark was maybe the funniest part. Obviously the show was renewed for second season.

Raising Hope
I had to cheat a bit and look up what happened on this show's finale, as it was aired almost two months ago, since the show started a bit early. Chance family was shocked as they found out that Lucy, Hope's mom, was still alive and wanted the custody of Hope. As the court gave custody for Lucy, Jimmy was forced to go with her if she wanted still to see Hope, much to Sabrina's dismay. Eventually Lucy came to her senses and Jimmy got Hope back, but before that she went a little crazy trying to kill Sabrina, clearly what a loving mother would do, way to go justice system. The show was renewed for third season, maybe Jimmy and Sabrina will become a bit more serious and get hitched or something.
Cougar Town
Another show, another marriage. Grayson and Jules got married in the finale after a slow start, who picks Groundhog-Day movie as the bachelorette party theme, really? Well what ever makes you happy. The guys struggled to find the fun in Penny-Can again, but a happy ending was guaranteed as the group gathered on the beach to witness the marriage. David Arquette even got a guest spot on the episode. Like the opening title of the episode "Hopefully this will only be the season finale", the future of the show was on the edge for a while, but as I reported the show transferred to TBS and will air a 15-episode season, hopefully that won't be the last

Modern Family
Third season finale of one of my favourite comedies was full of action, especially as the plotline was submerged with a telenovela theme for a while when Cameron and Mitch were at the hospital welcoming their new baby boy, which the mother ended up keeping and left the two sad and empty handed but made them realise they still had Lily. While they didn't get a baby, Gloria was revealed to be pregnant, can't wait to see that! Another "shocker" was that Hailey will be moving in with Dylan which made Claire especially happy... But the real showstopper of the episode was Alex's prom date. The show was of course renewed for fourth season.
Happy Endings
I'm starting to think I'm following too many shows at this point. Too many good comedies! Happy Endings featured another marriage, but not one of any the main cast. Penny's gay BFF Derrick got married with Eric, and the whole gang attended. Max was struggling with his past, he was unsure of how his old band mates in Mandonna, a Madonna tribute band, would see him after all those years. Brad tries to find a way to let Jane know that he has lost his job, and Penny is saddened by the fact that he has no date in the wedding. Introduce Skype and ta-daa she's got a man. In the last moments we see Alex and Dave holding hands, hinting that the couple would be back together again, maybe we will get another wedding in the third season.
Parks and Recreation
The fourth season finale meant the end of Leslie's campaign to run for City Council, the event that the whole season has been aiming for. Amy Phoeler told in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, that they shot both situations, Leslie winning and Leslie losing the campaign. Leslie did end up winning, so the season ended happily. Ben was offered a job in D.C. that would require for him to move there part-time. Leslie struggles with this but eventually tells Ben to take the job. Ann got back together with Tom, as he had dreamed. And Andy might join the police force, the streets of Pawnee have never been more safe... Parks and Rec was renewed for fifth season.
Big Bang Theory
Ahh.. Another wedding. Howard was faced with option to postpone the marriage with Bernadette because of his trip to space, but decided to hold them before the launch. After facing a big line at city hall, his friends offer to get themselves ordained as ministers so they could marry them at their rooftop. Overall the episode had a very positive vibe, it was a bit surprising that there was a season finale with a wedding and nothing went wrong. Good thing the show was renewed for 6th season, so that we will find out if Howard made it back alive. Would be bit harsh to kill of that little guy with the tightest pants ever and the most ridiculous haircut, hopefully Bernadette will change that now that they are married.
Up All Night
Well at least this show didn't have a wedding, though it did have a proposal. After Reagan lost her engagement ring, she has to come up with a similar ring that Chris's mother luckily has. All this prompts the to recreate their original proposal that was a bit messy, never a good idea to do that drunken in bar. Meanwhile Kevin tries to win Ava back with success. The show was also renewed for second season, though a shortened one sadly.
30 Rock
Guess what happened in the episode? Nope, not a wedding, but a renewal of vows. After Avery's return, she and Jack have struggled with their relationship, as they both know that they have cheated on each another.  Chris tries to show Liz that he can be a responsible and reliable partner, and Kenneth and Hazel hook-up. Meanwhile Tracy tries to find an African American inspiration, as he has so far been embarrassing them, and ends up with Tyler Perry. The show was renewed for a shortened final season, I don't want this show to end, but it has had a good run.

Saturday Night Live
Though SNL doesn't really have a linear plotline, the last episode of 37th was very important when looking forward to the next season. Two of my favourite cast members confirmed that they will leave the show, Kristen Wiig got a send-off from the crew at the last episode, but just few weeks after wrapping up the season Andy Samberg confirmed also that he would be leaving too. Both have been cast members since 2005. Kate McKinnon, a new castmember, joined the show few months ago and I would like to see a new male actor to replace Samberg too.

Maybe that's all now. If there are shows on the list that you haven't seen, I suggest you seek them out. And if I have forgotten some show you like, let me know and maybe I'll get hooked on that too, I'm very easily addicted.