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I know this might get boring, but I'm still going to say few words about SNL. Though this is something we didn't see on air. On this video cast member Taran Killam (who is btw engaged to Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother) showed off his dancing skills. He copies Robyn's dance moves in his own way, and you can see other SNL actors watching, like Bobby Moinahan and Vanessa Bayer
And here are some quotes again, though the first one is a screencap. Jimmy Fallon has a segment on his show called #LateNightHashtags, where he starts a hashtag on twitter, and then he reads some of the responses on air. Last week the subject was #Springbreakmistake, and this one was just too good to pass. First of all, he's called lord_nugget : 

"-Get me a vodka rocks
-Mom, it's breakfast
 -And a piece of toast"
Michael and Lucille
Jason Bateman and Jessica Walter on Arrested Development
"-What happened to the last piece of pizza? 
-Oh, I thought everyone was done, so I threw it ... down my throat"
Will and Grace
Eric McCormack and Debra Messing on Will&Grace
"Rick Santorum still refuses to pull out of the GOP candidate race,
although it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that a man with 7 kids, 
isn't that good at pulling out"
Conan O'Brien on his talk show opening monologue

As some of my favourite series are finishing their seasons, new shows are coming on to replace them for the spring/summer season.  Happy Endings finale aired already last week, but most have still few episodes to go. If you weren't paying close attention you probably missed Bent, I think I mentioned it last week, so check it out. It only aired 6 episodes and I still haven't found any info about the future of the show, but hopefully it will return.
Few comedies premiering on April too, like Judd Apatow produced Girls. The plot itself doesn't sound very ground-breaking: young group of people moving/living in New York City. But there is some buzz about it, and Judd Apatow usually knows what he is doing.  Another show coming out this April, is Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, it has bit more originality with the plot. The series follows June, who moves in with a con-artist Chloe and after some rough times they become friends. And James Van Der Beek plays himself on the show. So look out for these two.

An old "comedy" returned too, Nurse Jackie. Though I wouldn't really say it is a comedy, but more of a drama or at least a black comedy. On the first episode Jackie struggles with his personal life and drug addiction, so she decides to go into rehab. I kinda forgot the series for a while, but maybe I'll give it another try. 
Glee Project is also coming back for the summer after Fox just renewed Glee for fourth season. I don't really care for it so much that I would read this whole article, but feel free. I just like to see the result of the show, after all Damien McGinty did pretty good job on Glee, and now Samuel Larsen is taking his turn on the show. These two shared the victory last season and both got 7-episode arcs.
Big Bang Theory had a pretty great guest star last week, Stephen Hawking. The episode story revolves around Sheldon (Jim Parsons) trying to share his theories with Hawking. Though the episode itself wasn't anything that special, you just can't hate that show.  The show is really rounding up the big names, as Leonard Nemoy also appeared on it last week.

And some awards news again. Though the Tony Awards aren't that interesting, since I haven't seen any of the shows, but the performances are usually good. Like last year when Lea Michele performed Don't Rain On My Parade. And like last year, Neil Patrick Harris is back to host the show again. This is his third time hosting. Though he is best know for his TV work in How I Met Your Mother and Doogie Howser, M.D., he is also experienced stage actor. The Tony Awards are held June 10th.
On to movies then. The newest Woody Allen film To Rome With Love got its trailer last week. After Paris Allen takes on Rome with his huge cast that includes some big names, like Penelope Cruz and Alec Baldwin, but also young newcomer Greta Gerwig  whose newest film Damsels in Distress is out now.

Rock Of Ages also released new full theatrical trailer. The movie is based on the stage musical of same name, and has an amazing cast. With big names like Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin (again), Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Julianne Hough, the film is bound to do well on box office. And it is great to see Zeta-Jones on musical film again after her award winning role on Chicago. Like the musical, the film music consists of classic rock songs from Journey, Poison, etc. instead of original musical numbers, so that might  draw in some unexpected viewers too.

Then some casting news, pretty major one actually. Nicole Kidman is in talks of portraying Grace Kelly in an upcoming biopic film Grace of Monaco. I'm too excited to type, so read more here!

Seth Grahme-Smith's newest book, after Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, called Unholy Night, seems like something worth finding. It retells the story of Three Wise Men as a kind of action adventure version. You'll find the full article and interview here. I guess I'm going book shopping this weekend.
New stuff coming next weekend, until then: 


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