Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Maybe this time I won't say I'll write on Sunday, since that obviously is not going to happen. I found some good news online again though. In the past week I watched some older episodes of Family Guy and classic Will&Grace and found these, and then some more:

"-Hey, I just got your message, and you need to see my ass and pee?
-I need yo see you A.S.A.P."
-Jack and Will
Sean Hayes and Eric McCormac on Will&Grace

"-Oh my god Brian, there is message on my Alpha-Bits, it says "Ooooo"
-Peter, those are Cheerios"
-Peter and Brian
on Family Guy

"Convenience forever, freshness never!"
-Apu (about Kwik-E-Mart)
on The Simpsons

"Who's Alice Cooper? Was she pretty?"
Courteney Cox on Cougar Town

Now where should I start... Well I didn't have time yet to watch HBO's new comedy Girls, but maybe now I can make it a whole hour of HBO comedy, and watch it together with another new comedy of theirs, Veep. It premiered this weekend and got good reviews from THR at least. The show stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale and not so well-known Anna Chlumsky, who I still remember as Liz Lemler from her one episode stint in 30 Rock. Veep focuses on a fictional office of the vice president (Louis-Dreyfus) and her work and staff there. 

Veep will also cross-over to my next piece, about Arrested Development, where Tony Hale had main role and Louis-Dreyfus had a good arc too. I've talked about the new season of the show before, and the movie following the fourth season. Well now Netflix, who is the distributor of the new season, announced that the whole season will premiere in just one day. So that means 10 episodes in one night, and not one episode per week, like it's normally done. This is a very interesting move, and it raised some valid questions Vulture answered on their post. Maybe this is AD's way to move on to the movie, since if you watch all 10 episodes in row, it will kinda turn into a very weird movie.

Matthew Perry also got some good news. Friends star has struggled to find his place in TV after his fame, but now his new TV pilot got ordered and will air on NBC. Go On enters the life of a sportscaster (Perry) who finds solace on mandatory group-therapy sessions. The show is supposed to air during the fall season.

I found some SPOILERS on Glee too. According to TVline, the Nationals episode will smash two episodes together and take over FOX on May 15th for two hours. New Girl which used to air after Glee will have its season finale on the previous week.  The 2-hour-long episode will ofc focus on the nationals of the show choir, with Lindsey Lohan judging. Now also Perez Hilton has signed on to judge on the show. During the first half of the show Tina (Jenna Uskowitz) suffers mild head injury on rehearsals and starts seeing different people in different bodies, ex. Kurt in Finn's body, and Puck in Blaine's. Few pictures about that here!

And us Jimmy Fallon fans will be excited to know, that President Obama will appear on his show April 24th, so tonight actually. Fallon has been tweeting his excitement all week and I'm sure it will be great, maybe they will even play one of his famous games. And as usual, Fallon is on NBC, so don't expect to find any good quality videos very soon.

Then via award shows, to movie news. Cannes released its full lineup for this summer's festival, you can find it here. There are lot of very expected movies on the list, but notably not a single woman director on the competition. While we have to wait to May 16th for Cannes, well known Tribeca Film Festival is currently going on in NYC. HuffingtonPost put together a list of most anticipated films of this year's festival. And the first one mentioned is The Five-Year Engagement, starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, that I'm really looking forward to see. I think the trailer will very well explain why its worth seeing:

I promise not to write about Hunger Games next week, but this is worth mentioning. The sequel Catching Fire finally got it's director. It will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously directed Water for Elephants and I Am Legend, but is best know for directing music videos. His work includes such videos as Bad Romance for Lady Gaga and Girls for Beyonce. Celebuzz put this great compilation of his work, you'll find it here!

Though I mentioned LiLo already, she's got more going on than Glee. Lohan has been confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's poorly named TV movie Liz & Dick. The film focuses on Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship and it starts production on June. It is still unknown (for me at least) who will play Burton.

I had few other things to write about too, but I  just decided they would make for a good post on Sunday, but no promises


  1. Hola! Sun blogia kannattaa seurata, poimin aina parhaat uutiset ja sit tsekkailen niit lisää: Glee, Himym, jotain leffoja jne. I like, et blogimaailmasta (ja omasta ex-lukiosta) löytyy joku joka seuraa asioita jenkkitahtiin ja raportoi asiasta! Keep going. -Kaisa

  2. Kiitt :) Pitää se jonkun tehä :D