Thursday, August 30, 2012


Even though this week certainly hasn't started out the way I planned, I'm still going to do my weekly post, after all I got some free time at my hands now. I found an old stash of quotes so now I can finally use them:

"Maybe if its a boy I'll name it after you: fuckweisel"
Anna Chlumsky on Veep

"Kim Kardashian pregnant? She is going to be one bump in every direction"
Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

"-Can you wire a doorbell?
-Yes, if you can resuscitate an electrocuted person"
-Nancy and Jack
Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock

"-Bart, everything has rules!
-Not me when I hit the dance floor"
-Lisa and Bart
Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright on The Simpsons

 Few months ago I mentioned the upcoming Lego film Lego: The Piece Of Resistance, and now they have added some pretty impressive actors to lend their voices. Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman will both be part of the movie, but it has been kept as a secret what characters they will play, but the whole plot is kinda hazy as it involves both Superman and Batman too. Speaking of Legos, I came across this pretty nice animated video of the history behind Lego company. You can see it here, and I suggest you watch it if you were a fan of Legos as a little kid.

Looks like Angelina Jolie is really building an acting dynasty as now her daughter Vivienne has gotten her first acting job. She will play young version of  Aurora (Elle Fanning) at her mother's Maleficent movie. After all Angelina did start acting alongside her father Jon Voight so this might be the first step to Vivienne towards her own acting career, but somehow Angelina seems like an overprotective mother who wont allow her daughter to get in to the spotlight, but lets see. Angelina got some bad news too as the director of her Cleopatra project called it quits. David Fincher was attached to direct the adaption of the book Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff, but he has reportedly dropped out. Producer Scott Rudin bought the movie rights for the book and set Angelina to star in the leading role, but the director keeps changing. I really want this project to happen since it seems like role she was born to act.

Another movie I'm really looking forward to see happening is the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie adaption. Now it looks like the movie is finally moving forward as Marianne and Cormac Wibberley have been attached to write it. They duo has previously written National Treasure movies, so I assume they will give this movie a playful adventure-action feel, which is good, since it seems like more movies are going darker and darker with their tone. After the rewrite is complete, Sony will start looking for a director for the project.

Wes Ball is on fire! First his short film Ruin which I have mentioned numerous times got picked up for a full feature and he got the directing job, but now he also got another director job in a project I've mentioned before too in my Books For Summer post (though when I wrote that Catherine Hardwicke was in talks to direct). The book/movie is called The Maze Runner and you can read more about the plot at my book post. Ball certainly is a rising star to watch out for!

Michael Fassbender has also been busy and looks like he is keeping up the pace. He is in talks to star in Jane Got a Gun, which will be directed by Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin) and star Natalie Portman as Jane. This western movie focuses on Jane who is forced to ask help from her ex (Fassbender) after her current husband returns home half-dead chased by a gang of thugs. The movie might be a surprise as westerns  usually require a bigger budget but this movie will be financed by Portman's own production group as an indie film. So lets see, the film is set to shoot by 2013 by earliest.

 Then some exciting musical news. We only get about one musical movie per year (Les Mis would be this year's musical) so I'm always happy to read about a new musical film.  Minnie Driver has been attached to star in a new horror musical, Stage Fright, which tells the story of a snobby music camp which gets interrupted my a masked killer, supposedly Scream meets Glee type of thing. This could be kinda fun, like Rocky Horror Picture Show, especially as Meat Loaf will appear in Stage Fright too.

Then on to TV. This picture of Sofia Vergara dressed as the comedy legend Lucille Ball is both hilarious and makes no-sense at the same time. I've seen few sites like THR speculate that the new season could involve some kind of dream sequence where she would play Lucille Ball or she might as well have done it just for the fun of it. Either way the result is pretty funny:

Glee has been promoting their new season pretty heavily. They released another promo (where Kate Hudson covers J-Lo's Dance Again) and a new cast promo picture with all the new characters (While Diana Agron's Quinn is missing from the picture,  but the star already tweeted that her character is still very much involved in the show though she is missing from the pic). The other new poster features Lea Michele and Kate Hudson in a New York- inspired fashion.

The Simpsons also teased us with some new info about their new season, the classic Halloween episode, Treehouse of Horror, to be more exact. The episode will include segments with themes like time travelling, Paranormal Activity, black holes and Mayan prophecies. Usually I like the Halloween episodes a lot, and it seems like I will enjoy myself once again. The episode airs October 7th so look out for that. Meanwhile another Matt Groening is preparing to air its season finale, thats right: Futurama! The last episode is called Naturama and will feature the regular cast as different animals, like we see in the preview clips. I couldn't embed them to my blog but you can watch them here! Look out for weird turtle penises.

Then quick casting news. Now that Abby Elliot has part ways with SNL she is coming to TV in another series. Her first part will be on How I Met Your Mother, where she plays love interest to one of the guys, though it was not mentioned will it be Barney or Ted, or both? Well, we have time to figure that out as her multi-episode arc isn't set to start until the latter half of the season. But I'm glad to see she is doing fine after SNL.

Maulik Pancholy is returning to 30 Rock, but to be honest I really didn't even notice he was gone. Pancholy plays of course Jonathan, Jacks (Alec Baldwin) assistant. Pancholy left 30 Rock to star in another comedy Whitney, but he was let go after its first season leaving Pancholy with a lot of free time. Jonathan is a funny (and somehow disturbing) character so it's good to see him back. I haven't been watching Whitney at all, but I kinda dismissed it since I don't particularly like Whitney Cummings, maybe I should give it a chance.

This week's trailers are pretty weird bunch of videos. First one is for a new comedy about... *drumroll* ... butter carving. Butter cast includes Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrel, Olivia Wilde and many more, this actually seems like a really funny movie!

The second one is also a comedy, though it might not be so family friendly. It's called The To Do List and it stars Aubrey Plaza in the lead role. This isn't exactly a trailer, just a teaser. But the movie isn't coming out till  next February so they still got time to release a full trailer.

The last one is for HBO's TV movie The Girl. The movie is about the obsessive relationship of Alfred Hitchcock towards his star Tippi Hedren while making his films The Birds and Marnie. The teaser seems like very dark and knowing that it's HBO I know it will be great. It stars Toby Jones as Hitchcock and Sienna Miller as Hedren. You can watch the older teaser here!

That's all folks! New post coming next week

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