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This past weekend was all about Marilyn Monroe (and Dark Knight Rises still dominating the box office) and the 50th anniversary of her death. Even after fifty years she still remains as one of the best known actresses of all time. Though she died young she certainly left her mark with movies like Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and Seven Year Itch. In her honour many sites have posted a compilation of her works or how she has inspired certain movies, like one of my favourites of last year My Week With Marilyn or my favourite new comer TV series of the past year: SmashJoe Satran of the Huffington Post even speculated what Mrs Monroe would be doing if she was still alive; working in theater or retired actress).  Celebuzz posted this nice video in her memory. She is certainly a dame to remember.

Let's lighten up the mood a bit after that with quotes:

"I hope you aren't allergic to nuts, 'cus I'm gonna kick yours up into your throat"
Kenan Thompson on SNL

"Ah, I love gay events. I got my eyes waxed in the men's room. Meanwhile in the ladies room I learned how to rewire a lamp."
Debra Messing on Will & Grace

"-Niles, this steak is a little tough
-So is life, then you die."
-Brighton and Niles
Benjamin Salisbury and Daniel Davis on The Nanny

"You can just stay hang around outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around or you can sit at your computer  and do something that matters."
Trey Parker (voice actor) on South Park

The fall season is coming faster than I thought and so are the casting news for the new seasons. I already told about the few new male actors joining the Glee cast, but now the show is adding some girls to the McKinley High.  Melissa Benoist and Becca Tobin are joining the fourth season on the hit show. I know neither of them, though Benoist has appeared in Homeland. Both roles are recurring. Creator Ryan Murphy also shared some deleted scenes, one of them you can see here!

The Queen of Indies, Parker Posey is heading to New Girl. The role was originally cast with Leslie Mann, but after she dropped out Posey was cast. She is playing a shot girl at Schimidt's penis cast removal, and no, that's not a joke. The premiere of New Girl will be worth checking out when it airs September 25th. (btw ever noticed how much Parker Posey looks like Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks, they should play triplets in a movie)

Though there have been dozens of Three Musketeers film adaptions, TV adaptions are far fewer, especially the good ones. Now BBC is planning a ten episode series with Adrian Hodges writing. Hodges has previously written My Week With Marilyn and created TV shows Survivors (not the reality show) and Primeval. I kinda like the idea, but then again, the story is so over used in pop culture that I don't know how they will keep it fresh.

Before moving on to movies; some Disney news. I have loved all the previous pictures Annie Leibovitz has shot for the Disneyland campaigns and now she has added two more to the collection. The new ones depict Russel Brand as Captain Hook and Will Farrel, Jack Black and Jasen Segal as the Hitchhiking Ghosts from Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland. You can find some of the old ones here, and behind the scenes pics here, and the new ones here:

Lately Marvel has been on fire with the Avengers and Amazing Spider Man, so its no wonder they try to speed things up with their upcoming movies. The much anticipated sequel to X-Men: First Class has gotten a plotline. It follows the storyline of Days of Future Past comic book, so it will revolve around time travelling, more about that here. Marvel's newest film franchise Guardians of Galaxy is also moving forward as they got a new writer Chris McCoy. Though none of his previous scripts have been adapted to film yet, all three of them have landed on the coveted Black List. And that's quite an accomplishment. Thor is also part of the Marvel family and the new Thor 2 just got its villain. Christopher Eccelston plays Malekith the Cursed and is supposed to form an alliance of Tim Hiddleston's Loki.

In other, non-Marvel related casting news, months and months ago I wrote about Nicole Kidman playing Grace Kelly in an upcoming biographic film, and now the film has cast another beauty, Paz Vega, as opera singer Maria Callas, who became friends with Kelly. Paz Vega is not so well known outside Spain, but will certainly make her mark with this movie at least.

And my favourite upcoming film announced some new cast too, Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally cast Mags, the 84-yo tribute. The part went to Lynn Cohen, who has a lot of big movies under her name, but who are we kidding, every one knows her as Magda, Miranda's housekeeper in Sex And The City. Melissa Leo was first rumoured for the part, but I think she was too young for the role anyways.

Scary Movie 5 just got a little bit scarier. Both Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen have been attached to the fifth installment of the horror parody film series. I  predict this film production will run into some troubles, if they don't it will be a miracle. Sheen also starred in the previous Scary Movie 4.

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts, AMPAS, has elected a new president, Hawk Koch, the son of past Academy president Howard W. Koch. Hawk Koch has been a member of the AMPAS board for eight years and was also a president at the Producers Guild. He has already been in the headlines during his presidency as he denied rumours that Lorne Michaels was attached to produce the Academy Awards and Jimmy Fallon would be hosting. Previous presided Tom Sherak had been in talks with the two, but Koch denies all rumours, especially as the Awards air on ABC and Fallon hosts a show in NBC, so there is that rivalry. I would have loved to see Fallon host, but Koch pretty much put an end to that daydream. He has also said that finding a producer and host are on the top of his to-do list, so hopefully we'll find out soon.

And finally, some trailers. This week I found a lot of them, so I won't post them all here since that would slow down the page a lot. Skyfall got a new full trailer that features the new baddie, but I assume you've seen that already, but if you haven't, you'll find it here! Another trailer you might have already seen is the new one for Hobbit, though it just got out today, so maybe you haven't but here it is too!

So the trailers I'm actually going to post here, are of films that you might not see other wise. First one is for The Paperboy that premiered in Cannes this year, but is now getting a wider release. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Matthew McConaghey. The trailer fortunately did not feature the scene where Kidman urinates on Efron (calm down, nothing pervy, just to ease the pain after a jellyfish sting, a lesson we  all learned from Friends).

The second one is for a drama Nobody Walks co-written by Lena Dunham (star and creator of HBO's comedy Girls). It stars John Krasinsky, Rosemarie DeWitt and Olivia Thrilby. Krasinski and Thrilby play LA-based family who accommodate NY-born artist (DeWitt) and drama ensues:

The last one is for the new Brad Pitt film Killing Them Softly. The film also stars Richard Jenkins and Ray Liotta. There is not a lot of info about the exact plot, but see the trailer to get some idea. I couldn't help but laughing at the two idiots blowing up the car in the mid-part of the trailer.

And as a last not, I've been watching Political Animals now, and it is an amazing show! With a superb cast that includes Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, Ellen Burstyn and Ciaran Hinds. I urge you to find few episodes of this brand new political drama.

Thats all folks! New post coming next week.

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