Monday, September 24, 2012

-Emmy Awards-

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards were held yesterday in Los Angeles honoring achievement in television. This was Jimmy Kimmel's first time hosting, and that was really visible. I watched the ABC coverage of the whole show, red carpet and all. I was disappointed by their red carpet show, I really think that they should have hired a real fashion expert instead of Chris Hansen asking "Who are you wearing?" when he clearly had no interest in knowing the answer. And though I'm no expert either, there were a lot of beautiful people on the carpet. Here are my favourites, pictures are from Vulture:

From top left: Hugh Dancy and Clare Danes, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange, Julia Bowen
Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, Shannon Woodward, Kat Dennings and Nick Zano

Now on to the real show:

Here is the full list of WINNERS

I really don't know why Jimmy Kimmel has gotten so much criticism for hosting, I think he did a pretty good job though he did wander on to risky ground with his political jokes. Good thing a compilation of this year's comedy shows lightened the mood after his opening monologue.

Modern Family started their comedy domination right from the start with Eric Stonestreet taking home the award for Best Supporting Actor in Comedy for his work as Cameron. This wasn't really a surprise, after all this category was just a competition between Modern Family actors. I noticed that after Stonestreet moved to backstage, first photographers were right there and the whole Nokia Theater was on the background. It looked great and was a nice idea instead of just white background.

Though Louie C.K didn't win the leading actor Emmy, he did win two for writing. Jon Cryer took home the Lead Actor Emmy for Comedy in which was maybe the biggest surprise of the night, beating other stars like Don Cheadle and Alec Baldwin. This was the first year Jon Cryer was nominated as lead actor for his work in Two and a Half Men, as opposed to supporting actor like back in the days when Charlie Sheen was around. But at least Melissa McCarthys comments about the nominees were hilarious.

Modern Family took home its second award after Julie Bowen won the Emmy for Supporting Actress for her role as Claire. Her acceptance speech (about nipple covers) was maybe the second funniest after Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia pretended that her speech got mixed with Amy Poehler and started thanking the people behind Parks and Recreation. Julia of course won for her role as Selena Meyers, the vice president in Veep. Though she was amazing, every single woman in this category should have won in my opinion.

After Steven Levitan won the award for Directing in Comedy Series, it was really not a surprise that Modern Family would win the coveted award of Best Comedy Series. Levitan's speech was funny too thanking himself for hiring him when no one else would.
After comedy categories came the reality shows, which I don't really care about, so I'll slide past them pretty quickly. Amazing Race took home the award for Reality Show once again. I really don't get how they keep winning each year, the show just keeps repeating itself. The same thing goes for Best Variety show, where the Daily Show with Jon Stewart took home its tenth consecutive award, which is just sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for their crew, but wouldn't it be someone elses turn by now, really? Both Jimmies, Kimmel and Fallon, were nominated in this category and totally deserved to win.

Drama is not really my area of expertise either, but most of these categories had clear frontrunners, but some minor surprises occurred in these Homeland dominated categories. Aaron Paul won his second Supporting Emmy for his role in Breaking Bad, while his co-star Bryan Cranston's winning streak was broken by Damian Lewis who won for Homeland

Homeland also won the awards for writing, best drama and leading actress for Claire Danes, but interestingly enough lost the directing award for Broadwalk Empire. Maybe I should start watching Homeland now.

Though Anna  Gunn was the frontrunner for Supporting Actress Emmy, Maggie Smith swooped in for the win after Downton Abbey had to change from miniseries category to drama since this was their second season. To me, it was no surprise that Smith won, since she's got the starpower to pull in the voters.

The miniseries and movie categories were dominated by political drama movie Game Change about the John McCain/ Sarah Palin presidential campaign. The movie won Emmys for best miniseries or movie, directing, writing and actress (Julianne Moore as Palin). After last night Moore has now both Primetime and Daytime Emmy. 

And it came as no surprise that Jessica Lange won Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Horror Story.  Though the show was one of the most nominated, this remained as the only major award for the show. Some critics say that this is due to their decision to run as miniseries, and not as drama, since they are shooting a new season now. But the Academy decided that this would be acceptable since the new season will start from level table, with new characters and story.

Overall, the night was pretty surprise free, yet very entertaining. I'm really not the kind of writer to critique every single bit of the show, I really don't think that's the point of Emmys. It's the celebration of achievement in TV so why not celebrate the event itself too.

To the end, I'd like to post few videos. The first one is from the genius actors of Modern Family which we saw during the broadcast. The second one is for something I found few days ago. Parker Posey made a funny video about accepting an Emmy, check these out.

Weekly post and other stuff coming later this week! Take care!

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