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I have to start by thanking that one guy who found my blog by google search: "zipper popped open", I guess you didn't find what you were looking for here, but thanks for the visit. This week its time for screencaps again:

From top left: Futurama, Spongebob Squarepants, New Girl, American Horror Story

I'll start with the film news again. Though the past week hasn't been really that good for Kristen Stewart, you know, with all the cheating and stuff, but she still managed to land a movie role romancing Alex Pettyfer on the upcoming action film Cali. Another young Hollywood actress got a movie role too: Emma Stone signed the deal to star in Cameron Crowe's (Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo) new movie. There is no word yet on what the storyline will be and who else is starring. Scott Rudin is set to produce. Some sites played with the idea that Crowe still wants to film Deep Tiki, and idea which he has previously dismissed, that movie was supposed to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, but I'd rather not see Emma Stone nor Witherspeen star in the same movie with Stiller, since he is not good, at all.

Almost everyone has seen Stanley Kubric's The Shining and though Stephen King, author of the original book, never liked the movie, he might still get his way. Now there have been rumours that a prequel to the classic horror film is in the works. The film would explore what happened in the notorious hotel before the family arrives there. Warner Bros. rep has stated that if such film is in the works, it is in very early stages. So it might not happen at all, but if it does, how cool would that be?

Like I told last week, Peter Jackson was thinking of making The Hobbit into a trilogy, and now he has confirmed it. The third is set for summer 2013 release.  /Film even speculated on what the third would be called. I don't mind a third one at all, more films for me.

Another juggernaut-director James Cameron has big plans too. Though Avatar became the highest grossing film, he certainly takes his time with the sequels. Avatar 2 was first planned for 2014, but now it looks like its not coming out until 2015, and who knows when the third one will come out. I just hope they are worth the wait, I reeeeally do, since he is going to have some pissed off fans knocking on his door if the sequels don't come out good.

Then some aspiring news of how a small short film might make it into the big screen. I mentioned this short film waaay back in March, so I don't suppose many of you will remember it. It is called Ruin, and its directed by Wes Ball. Fox is now closing in on the rights for the movie, with Ball directing the full feature too and McG producing. I can't wait to see how this project develops. In case you missed the short film, here it is:

Then some TV news. And I'll start with my usual: American Horror Story. I'm starting to to wonder how many characters this season will have, since now they have attached Jenna Dewan (who most know best as the wife of Chaning Tatum) and Franka Potente (female lead of the first two Bourne-films). Potente will play a patient at the asylum where the season takes place and Dewan plays the lover of Adam Levine's character.

Though the cast of Modern Family was feuding about their salaries, the group has now settled and production is now on its way. But now there is another thing coming as the child actors plan to get some raises too, though their negotiations will probably go easier. And to the bad news at Modern Family set continue as the role of Stella, the french-bulldog, is being recast. Hopefully the new doggie wont go on strike for better salary too.

Last week was big for TV because of the TCA, Television Critics Association. They gather up every year for weeks, and this is the place to share all your scoops about TV, since Comic-Con excludes lot of the drama shows. TCA concludes with TCA Awards where Game Of Thrones, Homeland and Louie were the big winners, see all of them here.

And a treat for all the fans of How I Met Your Mother. TVline sat down with the shows co-creator Craig Thomas and director/producer Pamela Fryman and got not one, but sixteen spoilers.  It's much easier for you to read all them here, since there are so many, but the best one is that Robin Sparkles might be back!

CBS reveled its posters for the new series of their fall season. You'll find them all here, but here are the two  I'm most looking forward to: Elementary, the modern day Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as female Watson. And Partners: the new comedy from the creators of Will & Grace.

And to incorporate my monthly posts in my weekly posts, here are some pictures that would have normally ended up on there. First are the Superhero Alphabets by Rane Mambembe. See what starts with the same letter as yours. Mine were only Ryu and Rhino, so not so fun. Second one is a real treat for all us Disney fans. These cool paintings, by Thomas Kinkade of all the classic films with a lot of great details, you can see them all here, but here are few of my favourites.

And as usual, some trailers at the end. First one is for Ang Lee's Life Of Pi, which I previously mentioned on my post about Summer Reading. The trailer looks so beautiful, but the plot still remains a mystery to me. Well not so much a mystery, but just a confusion.

The second one is for the newest Wachowski-brothers (or siblings since Larry is now Lana) movie, Cloud Atlas. It tells the story of different people on different eras, I think, its pretty confusing too, or I'm just stupid. And this trailer is surprisingly long!

The last one is not a full trailer, but just a TV spot for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. This teaser aired during the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so it got a lot of views, but you'll see it here if you haven't seen it yet:

New post coming next week. That's all folks!

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