Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've kinda fallen behind on my TV shows this week, so I'm going to skip quotes this time. I had one Chelsea Lately quote, but I forgot to write down who she was talking to, maybe that describes my enthusiasm this week. That didn't stop me from finding some online news though.

First some awards again. The 2012 Tony Awards nominations were released today. Like I said few weeks ago when I wrote that NPH will be hosting again, I said I don't really have any reason to review the awards as I haven't had chance to see any of them. But I will say this, unlike last years awards that were criticised for nominating too many "Hollywood-actors", this time there are very few actors from that genre. And most of them have a lot of experience on the stage too, like James Earl Jones and Cynthia Nixon. Full list of nominees here!

MTV Award nominations were revealed too.  They are usually much more mainstream, but it gives a chance for those actors/actresses/films, that the AMPAS and others overlook, to get an award. Best example is Ryan Gosling on Drive. MTV Awards also have some funny categories, like Best On Screen Dirt-Bag. Check out all the nominations here!

Though it's not a real award, it might be considered the greatest recognition for a show to get renewed for a second season. HBO renewed both Girls and Veep for 10-episode second season. I've finally watched few episodes from both shows, and I'm really impressed. I kinda thought that Julia Louis-Dreyfus had lost it, since New Adventures of Old Christie was just so boring, but she is really great in Veep. Maybe now she's got the writing team she deserves. And Girls is funny on a totally different level, it's kinda mix of embarrassment and just so spot on acting.

Last week's episode of  The Big Bang Theory focused on Howard's (Simon Helberg) bachelor party before his marriage with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), so we know what's coming. Now TVline got its hands on some pics from the nuptials which will end this season of BBT. Spoiler alert! Don't watch these pictures if you don't want to see her wedding dress yet.

Will Farrell will host this season's finale of SNL airing May 12nd with musical guest Usher. This is his 3rd time hosting. He was part of the cast until he left in 2002.

My last piece of TV news ends this part on a lighter note. Sophia Grace and Rosie were back on Ellen. This time they sang Nicki Minaj' Starships and shared their comments again. I just had to share this video: 

I don't have any movie news this time per se. But I did find some brand new trailers. First one is for Meryl Streep's new comedy with Tommy Lee Jones. They play an old couple who try to spice things up a bit. This one has to be funny, I mean Steve Carrel as sex counselor and Streep practicing oral sex, come on!

The second one I found is a comedy too, by Judd Apatow. This one is a bout a couple (Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (Apatow's wife)) who gets freaked out by the idea of turning 40, hence the name This Is 40

The last one is for Dark Knight Rises, the epic finale for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The new trailer has a lot of new stuff, like a flying batmobile (?!?!?!?!) and new scenes with Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). I think this movie will be spectacular:

That's my post for the week, see ya next week!

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