Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Before my regular post, I'd like to take a moment to remember Donna Summer, The Queen of Disco, who passed away last Thursday after a battle with lung cancer. Five time Grammy-winner is best remembered for her 70's disco hits, like Hot Stuff and Bad Girls. R.I.P.

Then my weekly quotes:

"-Why do I hang out with you?
-Because you are gay?
-What does that make you?
-Jake and Eldridge
Angus T. Jones and Graham Patrick Martin on Two and a Half Men

"My pillow and blanket fell into the pool, this is a disaster"
Heather Morris on Glee

"-Stop staring at my ass
- Stop pointing it at my eyeballs!"
-Jenna and Hazel
Jane Krakowski and Kristin Schaal on 30 Rock

"It was hardly porn, just a topless woman on a tractor. You know what they call that in Europe? A cereal commercial"
Ty Burrel on Modern Family

I'll start with movie news this time. Few weeks ago I posted about an upcoming Amy Poehler and Adam Scott rom-com, but Poehler is keeping herself busy with another rom-com (parody) with Paul Rudd called They Came Together. This movie is said to parody mostly You've Got Mail and New Girl's Max Greenfield joined the cast recently playing a couch surfing younger brother, total opposite to his character on TV.

Melissa McCarthy is also keeping busy with her funny TV show Mike & Molly, but she is also filming a buddy cop comedy with Sandra Bullock during the summer.The movie is directed by Paul Feig, who also directed McCarthy in Bridesmaids So it might come out early 2013, since her movie This is 40 is supposed to come out this December. 

Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated writer-producer Nancy Meyers is penning a new comedy about a royal wedding. The story focuses on an American girl who travels to England and meets a prince. Though this idea seems like a total flop, I'm still excited to see what she comes up with, since I loved her other films. After finishing this script, she goes back to focusing on The Intern, her upcoming Tina Fey movie which I have also mentioned earlier. Talking about Tina Fey, check out this timeline about Liz Lemon's hair on 30 Rock via Pleated Jeans!

Well expected 23rd James Bond film Skyfall released a teaser trailer and poster during the past blog week. You can find the poster here and the teaser beneath. Daniel Craig reprises his role as the titular character, while Naomi Harris and Javier Bardem play supportive characters. Dame Judy Dench also appears once more as M. Looks like it's going to be action packed extravaganza.

During all this, Cannes is happening and is all over the Internet too. Though Sean Penn did blame the world for abandoning Haiti and little storm caused some roof to collapse, the focus is on the movies. Due to the shear amount of movies, there isn't time to introduce all, so here is a link to EW's list of the most anticipated movies. Vulture also made similar list, so these should get you well educated on Cannes. So far most of the mentioned movies have gotten a positive reception, like Django Unchained, Lawless and The Sapphires.

Cannes Film Festival has also inspired lot of sites to come up with lists of Greates Cannes stuff, like moments, breaktroughs and flops. I think this one of the Greatest Cannes Moments was pretty good and there were lot of moments I didn't know about, like a live vulture on the red carpet or the stormtrooper takeover.

I'm favoring a transition via short movies to TV news this time. An CalArts student Toniko Pantoja is getting some early buzz over his work. Both of his short animations were pretty adorable and heartfelt. Here is his animation Crayon Dragon, and you can find his first short Serenade to Miette here!

I'll start my TV part with The Simpsons 23rd season finale which featured Lady Gaga. The episode focused on Lisa's personal issues as Gaga came to town to inspire her. Not only was it a pretty spectacular ending for the season, the episode also featured a commercial for Maggie's new short film that will air in cinemas just before Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. You can find the trailer for that here! And here is the promo for the Gaga episode in case you havn't yet seen it:

And don't forget to look for the season finale of Glee either, which airs tonight. The epidsode is supposed to be a real tear fest, and no wonder, since last episode with the Nationals seemed like a very good ending for the season, but apparently they got enough stuff for one more. The episode also marks the first appearance Santana's mom, played by Gloria Estefan!

Another tear fest was the season finale of Saturday Night Live, which also marked the last appearance of Kristen Wiig as a cast member (hopefully she'll return to host really soon!). Wiig ended her 7-year job at SNL to pursue her movie career. There were rumours that Andy Samberg and Jason Sudekis were leaving too, but showrunner and creator Lorne Michales denied these rumours. The episode was hosted by Mick Jagger. Too bad all the videos of the episode were country coded, so I can't post them here, but I suggest you find another way to see it *wink wink*.

That was my post for the week. In the end I'd like to post the video for Florence and the Machine's new song Breath of Life which is the lead single for the soundtrack of Snow White and The Huntsman. Guaranteed Florence and The Machine quality!

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