Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The past week has been all about TV, since the big networks like NBC, ABC and FOX announced their fall line-ups. There were some moderate surprises, but more on those later. First quotes and then quick movie news.

"Bernadette, I wanna thank you for allowing me to be your maid of honor, I also want you to know I will be happy to do it again  if this marriage craps out."
- Amy
Mayim Bialik on The Big Bang Theory

"Clear alchols are for white woman on diets"
-Ron Swanson
Nick Offerman on Parks & Recreation

"-I would like to present my client's internet search history for that night.
- I would rather just confess to the murder."
Jason Sudekis and Eli Manning during a courtroom sketch on Satudray Night Live

"The shoes at off-brandheelz.com: Christy Labuttons, Johnny Choon,
Dolce-Banana, Merolo Blornig, Prader, Gukki, DKNI, Alexandorp McKing,
 Diana von Fistenbug, and Jessica Simpson"
- Jenna for the off-brandheelz.com commercial
Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock

After the record breaking success of The Avengers, I think it's no surprise that Warner Bros. announced that there will be a sequel for the smash hit. Though Marvel will focus first on a bunch of their other sequels, such as Thor 2, Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3 (which has reportedly attached Rebecca Hall as the female lead). There is no word on who will direct the mega sequel, nor what will the major plotline be like.

Another upcoming sequel shared some casting news. Do you remember the movie RED from few years back, starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren? Well that movie is getting a sequel, RED 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones joins the cast and the movie scheduled for summer 2013 release. The first film was surprisingly good, packed with action and a comedic undertone.

Then the TV news and oh how many of those I've got.  Lets start with the minor (in my mind) ones. After Simon Cowell's X Factor didn't manage to reel in the viewers last season, he decided it was time for judge change-up. There was much speculation for who will join the panel, and now its official. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will attempt to attract young viewers, though Cowell had to pay big bucks for these judges. Spears is rumored have a paycheck of $15 million.

Glee's third season is soon coming to an end, but the show is already focusing on their fourth season. As some of the students graduate, they move on with their lives, few moving to New York and some staying in Ohio.  Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker were announced to guest star in the upcoming season. Hudson was reported to have an eight episode arc, which means she will be quite an character. And SJP will have relatively large arc too, and I assume she will be part of the New York storyline.

Last weekend during Will Farrell hosted SNL, the 100th SNL Digital Short aired. This star-studded music video included all our favs Jon Hamm, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. I hope NBC doesn't remove this video too:

Then some great Cougar Town news! Last week I told that the show might move to TBS, well now it's official. Bill Lawrence (creator of the show) told TVline that this move shouldn't change anything on the show. All I really care about is that the show is on air, hopefully this change will bring in the viewers as the show has been struglling after its prolonged break between 2nd and 3rd seasons.

And then some sad news, next season of 30 Rock will be its last one, and it wont even be a full 24-episode season, but just a 13-episode one. Parks & Recreation was also first reported to have a shortened season, but NBC told it will be a full season, thank god! NBC's Up All Night was also confirmed for second season.

Though these were happy news from NBC, they also made some cuts. I was unhappy see that Bent got cut, as it never really got a good chance to shine. This romantic comedy series could have gone far, but it had a very poor timing, in every sense. Another shortlived comedies like BFF and Chelsea got cut too.

ABC renewed Happy Endings for third season too. It might be one of my favourite comedies, though it has been often compared to Friends, but I don't see anything bad about that, both are great shows and I'm happy to see Happy Endings coming back.

I didn't want to list all the shows that got renewed, because there were so many. All the regulars, like Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men were renewed, so don't worry if I didnt mention them.

Then few words about the new shows for the fall season. Here is a quick preview of the season and all the shows. There are many shows on the list that I will want to see, and here are few clips of the ones I look forward to seeing. I don't want to bother with writing too much about them, since trailers really show what the series are about.

I did my best not to let this post run long, so follow the links for full stories, especially for the fall preview, it would take ages to write about all the shows worth watching. Weekly post coming next week!

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