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I finally got the time to sit down and write this long overdue post, but it's still the week 44, so it counts. A lot has happened during this week in the world of TV and film. I mentioned last time that I might write a review of the new James Bond flick Skyfall, but I wouldn't be able to write it without spoiling the whole thing for those who haven't seen it, since there are are a lot of changes that really affect the future of the whole the brand. But go see it, the film was amazing! It strutted proudly into my Top 5 Bond Movies.

From top left: Will&Grace, Arrested Development, Modern Family, The Simpsons


How can I not start with one of the biggest news of the week (besides Sandy the Hurricane). George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 Billion. And the best part is that we can expect a new Star Wars movie in 2015 and a new movie every two to three years after that, up to Episode IX. I know some die hard fans hate this decision sine they think even the three prequel episodes were total blasphemy, but I really can't see the bad side in this. If the movie doesn't seem good, then don't go see it. Lucas won't be directing or producing himself, but he will serve as a creative consultant. This news of course inspired a lot of things in Internet, like these cool mashup Disney/Star Wars posters. And this awesome video: 

Compared to this, every other news seem so minor. But the fact that Arnold Scwartzenegger will step into the boots of Conan the Barbarian once more, is pretty major too. The new film, Legend Of Conan, will be a sort of reboot, since it ignores the latest reboot from 2011 with Jason Momoa and it will also ignore the second of Arnold's two Conan films.In this the new film Conan will be obviously pretty old and starting to realise that his life won't last forever and decides to go out with a good battle. I'm pretty sure they won't kill the character in the movie, but anything could happen.

George Clooney's next directorial effort, Monuments Men, is starting to look pretty amazing. First of all, the story sounds interesting: A group of Allied historians and curators try to save priceless pieces of art from the hands of Hitler who deems some works degenerate. And secondly, look at the cast! First Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett were announced to have roles in the movie. Then John Goodman, Daniel Craig and Jean Dujurdin joined the cast. How can this not be good ? (And Oscar-worthy?) The filming will start next spring, so the movie might come out just at the end of 2013 to qualify for 2014 Oscars. Or that's what I hope, can't wait to see the film!

John Logan will write the next two James Bond movies. At first they were reported to have an arc which would combine the two, but Daniel Craig denied that rumour. Logan has previously written such masterpieces as Hugo, The Aviator and Gladiator. These two would be most likely the last two films with Daniel Craig, since they played "the old scruffy agent"-card now on Skyfall. Naomi Harris suggested that Idris Elba should play the next Bond, making him the first African-American Bond, but that is just a rumour and everything can (and will) change once we reach Bond film number 26. (Skyfall is 23th)

Unlike the first Captain American movie, the sequel will be set in modern times. This will allow the film to be more tied up with the Avengers universe. Especially now that Colbie Smoulders and Samuel L. Jackson have signed on to reprise their roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents they played in the Avengers. Though this is good promotion also for the upcoming  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, it will make it hard for these two to appear in the show, since in the movie universe Agent Coulson died, but in TV he lives on. Would be hard for them to explain how the agents would react around each other when they've seen one of them die. Well, strange things can happen in the world of comics, so who knows.

And to the end of this segment, I present you with the first look of Wicked Witch in the new poster for Oz: The Great and Powerful. Under that layer of make-up hides either Mila Kunis or Rachel Weisz, it is not clear which one, since they both will play Wicked Witches, Theodora and Evanora. Either way, the picture looks good!


A lot has happened in TV too. Most shocking news for me was the fact that Up All Night would be changed in to multi-camera format with live audience. This is very unusual for a TV show and honestly I can't yet see how it will work, or if it will destroy the show. Single-camera shows are a lot more popular format at the moment, but then again Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men are one of the most watched TV shows and they are both multi-camera comedies. These new episodes of Up All Night will start airing next spring after their winter hiatus, but we still get six more episodes of the good old single-camera format. One of the stars of the show, Maya Rudpolh is also expanding to another form of performing. Her Prince cover band, Princess, has book a gig head lining at the Largo, in L.A. They also performed at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon few weeks ago and were pretty good! I couldn't find very good quality video of the show, but you can get the gist from this.

All news can't be good though. Unfortunately NBC has decided to pass on The Office spin-off The Farm. Rainn Wilson would have reprised his role as Dwight Schrute but now instead they will just air the already filmed pilot for the nixed show as an gift to commemorate the final season of The Office. Second bad news is that Political Animals won't have any extra episodes. Though the show was initially planned as a mini-series, there were a lot of rumours that it would come back for the second season, but now those dreams have been crushed. At least we got the first season.

Kim Cattrall will star in and produce an U.S adaptation of the Sensitive Skin (U.K). She has some big shoes to step into, since Joanna Lumley played the original character. The show is about a woman struggling with mid-life crisis. To describe the original show as a comedy, is pretty misleading, since it's very dark comedy, with a lot of drama aspects. It reminds me of Nurse Jackie, since its funny, but not in a comedy kind of way. Though this adaptation was first set to air on HBO, they have passed on the deal and now Cattrall is working with Canadian partners, but it is expected to get aired on U.S networks too.


I didn't really know which segment to put these under, so I created a new one, though don't expect these every month. Firstly the October edition of Vulutre's Best Entertainment Photography was pretty spectacular. Here are some of them (Angela Lansbury on the left, and Jennifer Lawrence next to her), but you can find the all at Vulture.

I also found this amazing new poster for Iron Man 3. Matt Ferguson, creator of this beauty, also created artwork for the  Avengers DVD-box. Scroll down this page to see some other examples for his work.


This first trailer isn't brand new, but I just wanted to remind you about it since the movie Flight just came out and it looks like a pretty strong platform for Denzel Washington to get Oscar nominated. He plays a pilot who manages to save most of his passengers when he performs a near-impossible emergency landing (while a bit drunk). The rest of the cast includes such stars as John Goodman (he's everywhere at the moment) and Melissa Leo.

The second is for the movie that I honestly never thought I'd see: Die Hard 5. The fact that they even made fourth Die Hard was just beyond me, it was really bad. And honestly it looks like this won't be any better. Though it is packed with awesome action segments, it can't save this parachuteless freefall that is Die Hard 5. The full name is A Good Day To Die Hard and it will star Bruce Willis. Cole Hauser and Sebastian Koch.

I love Despicable Me's minions and thankfully that is all the new trailer is filled with. In Despicable Me 2, the minions get kidnapped and Gru has to find them. If you don't know about the minions, just go to YouTube and search "despicable me minions". You'd be surprised how much fun they are.

 Just look at how cute he is in a french maid's dress!!!

That's all folks! New post coming next week!

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