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This week just flew by! I'm so much behind on my Late Night Shows, I still haven't watched even my Chelsea-Lately's which I normally watch as soon as I can, since they are the bomb. This week my screencaps are a dedication to Amy Poehler and her huge throbbing funny bone that never ceases to make me laugh my ass off.

Top two: Parks and Recreation, bottom two: SNL


Last week I got pretty excited again with Sam Raimi's The Oz: The Great and Powerful, since it released a brand new set of photos, and later a trailer to accompany them. It still hasn't been revealed which witch is the bad or "wicked" one. Michelle Williams is obviously the good one. I'm thinking Rachel Weitz is the baddie and Mila Kunis is something in between (though she says she is a good one). You can find the pictures here, and trailer below (I found too many good ones this week so I have to spread them around a bit). It still looks pretty spectacular.

I rarely mention music in this blog, but since this song is very likely to get nominated for The Best Original Song Oscar, I had to mention it. Neil Finn created Song Of The Lonely Mountain to be played over the end credits of Peter Jackson's first part of The Hobbit trilogy. Jackson's previous Tolkien trilogy did pretty well in that category, with two nominations and one win.  I tried to attach the song to my blog, but with little success, so you need to go here to hear it.

If you've read my blog intensely, you might remember the upcoming Lego movie The Piece of Resistance. Well now they have added some big stars to the voice cast, like Will Ferrel, Allison Brie, Liam Neeson and Nick Offerman. With that and the old cast (Will Arnett, Chris Pratt), this might be one of the most epic sounding movie yet.

Bunch of casting news caught my eye again. James McAvoy is joining the Julian Assange/Wikileaks movie, directed by Bill Condon. He'll be playing the right-hand man of Assange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) might be one of the lead characters of Paul W.S Anderson (Resident Evil- movies) Pompeii movie. The film, obviously, focuses on the devastating day the eponymous volcano erupted. Anne Hathaway has joined the Steven Spielberg adaptation of Robocalypse. Now I don't have any idea what the book is about, but apparently it's a big deal. Ben Whishaw and Chris Hemsworth might be in it too.

It seems like game-to-film adaptations are becoming increasingly popular. One of them is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, which has now attached Tom Hardy to play the lead character Sam Fisher. Fisher is a government agent sent out on some very sneaky missions. As the game series went along, he became betrayed by his own organisation and outlawed. Then I stopped playing them so I don't know the rest, maybe this gives me a reason to star them again.

And to finish off this section with a more artistic note: here are the portraits of Les Miserables characters Annie Leibovitz shot for Vogue. As you can expect from her, they are amazing. I'll post just few here, but you can find all of them at /Film.


As a not-so-surprising turn, CBS has decided to cancel Partners, the new comedy from the creators of Will & Grace, Matt Mutchnick and David Kohan. If you read my review of the show, you'll find out why I'm not surprised by this. Though I'm very disappointed at the two of them, since Will & Grace was pure comedic genius.

I honestly didn't think Smash could get any better, but look what happened! Now they have added Liza Minnelli to the cast and though it's just a guest spot, she will be singing at least one totally new song written for the show. Cougar Town has also steadily been adding strong guest stars, like Shirley Jones, which was announced this past week. She hasn't appeared in many shows lately, but even so, she remains a very familiar face from her long career. More about her role in Cougar Town at TVline. Modern Family also added some "star" power to their ranks. Billy Dee Williams who played Lando Calrissian in Star Wars (see my star-pun now?) will play a fellow gambler Jay (Ed O'Neill) meets when their families spend New Year's Eve at Palm Springs.

By now you all should be watching the last season of 30 Rock, since it is epic! And it's about to get a lot more epic-er (?)... Well super epic. Liz Lemon (played by talented Tina Fey) is getting married! I know that by looking at Lemon's past love life, it could have been assumed that she'd get few cats and become a spinster. But then along came Chris Chross (James Marsden), who was just as stupid as Liz, a match made in heaven. NBC released this hilarious wedding invitation to their nuptials. I think every one who is getting married over 30 should have a similar printed out.

I love especially the last line, "bring your own snacks".


Okay, so as I mentioned, I found a lot of good ones this week. If I'd post them all here, my blog would get soooo slow. So I'll just link you few and the post the rest.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, which is trying to take over the spot that Twilight leaves. With half angels, Lily Collens and Jamie Cambell Bower, it might just do that. It is the first of six books.

Another one trying to get Twihards on their side is Stephenie Mayer, who pretty much has them all anyways since she created Twilight. But now her next big franchise is hitting the big screens. The Host is a love story (shocker) between two humans who are one of the few remaining in futuristic Earth. Until one of them becomes "the host" of a alien form.

Before we get to see Lindsey Lohan in Liz and Dick as Elizabet Taylor, we were treated to the new trailer of The Canyons. I don't know if it's exactly a treat, but it certainly is something. With very 50's vibe the trailer really doesn't reveal much about the plot, just that there is a lot of drama.

I knew that I wasn't totally wrong when I mixed up Melissa MacCarthy's co-stars few weeks ago. She is starring in a comedy with Jason Bateman, but also one with Sandra Bullock, and that one has gotten a trailer now. As you might expect, The Heat seems hilarious:

There is only one word to describe the trailer for Now You See Me: magical. With a great cast and fine plot, I think this movie will actually be pretty entertaining:

The last one is for a comedy with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd called Admission. I think that says enough about the movie, but here is the trailer:

That's all folks! New post coming next week!

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