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This week's post is going to be pretty much all about TV. Mainly because film news seem to have stopped flowing during Thanksgiving, but thank god TV never quits. The film industry did manage to attract viewers though, since the record for biggest Thanksgiving week box office revenue in US was broken, mainly because of Skyfall, Breaking Dawn part 2 and Lincoln.

From top left: How I Met Your Mother, Go On, The Simpsons, Arrested Development


With the catch line: "Every revolution begins with the spark", Hunger Games: Catching Fire has released a new interactive logo, much like they did with the first film. This is to get everybody excited and wait for the first trailer for the sequel for the smash hit. It won't be out until next November, but no reason not to get super duper excited! You'll find the logo here but beware of the sound effects that start as auto-play.

The movie This is 40 might not be a very strong candidate at the Oscars, but with this new Fiona Apple song, they are one of the hopefuls who try to get the coveted spot in the newly revised Best Original Song nomination list. This year there will be five nominations guaranteed, unlike last year where only two songs got enough votes to even get nominated. And as this years Oscar producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan having a very strong background in musicals, we might even see full performances of all the songs on stage. You can listen to the Fiona Apple's song Dull Tool at Huffington Post.

Gotta love these idiots. The minions of Despicable Me are back with another teaser. Thanksgiving themed this time, it's short but worth watching! See it here.

I was glued to the screen watching these total of 22 minutes of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey -related video footage. First there is the 9th Production video which focuses on the post-production. I love these kind of featurettes where we get to see how the film actually gets its polished look. We get to see what happens at animation, editing, sound mixing etc. At the end of the video where we see Howard Shore recording the score, I got goosebumps when they started playing. The other video I'm talking about is a fan-made 8min video where he has edited most of the trailers together to create a mega-trailer. This is something you should not miss!!

I'll categorize this one as films, since my TV bit is going to be full. But here is the November patch of best entertainment photography from Vulture. Among them are such beauties as these. That's Laura Carmichael from Downton Abbey on the left and Alan Arkin with John Goodman on the right.


I would be ashamed not to start with this. I feel like I'm responsible of about half of the 90k views of this video. The new promo video of Smash Season 2. We see a lot of old characters as well as newcomers. And of course the music, ah the music. So many good brand new songs! Check it out:

SNL might be losing another great player as Kenan Thompson is developing a new comedy (with Lorne Michaels producing). He plays a guy who moves back in with his parents at the suburbs. Of course this one is just in development, so NBC might not pick it up, though almost everything that has Lorne involved gets aired. But we'll see, I will surely miss Thompsons impressions of Whoopie Goldberg and Reba.

Though The Mindy Project is only on its first season, it is already going through some pretty big changes. Amanda Setton who plays Shauna is leaving the show due to creative differences. I think her character was funny for a while, but then they tried to make it too deep. Anna Camp, who plays Gwen has been bumped down to recurring character by her own demand so that she has more time to different projects. And not everyone are going, but Ellie Kamper is coming in for a guest appearance. She and Mindy co-starred of course in The Office for many years. Speaking of The Office. They released  this deleted Thanksgiving-themed scene, featuring a lot of funny moments, see it at EW.

I'm a bit torn, I have a lot of great videos to share, but I can't decide which ones to put here. This is such a "first world problem". I'll start with the I can most connect. Conan O'Brien visiting the Guinness Brewery at Dublin. It's fun to see places I've been to, and having Conan make fun of them makes it even better.

I haven't watched a full episode of The Dancing With The Stars US in my life, but I found this Paula Abdul performance to be pretty entertaining. I certainly I didn't know she could still move like that. Her performance used similar technology Beyonce used before, blurring the line what is the real performer and what is just video. If you don't focus on her lip-syncing, its very good.

Johnny Depp is making his Family Guy voice-over debut as he plays his old character Edward Scissorhands in an upcoming episode. The part is very small, but it continues the trend of big stars appearing in animated series. You can see the clip at EW. Another animated show is getting some star power, but in a totally different way. Some twenty years ago young Judd Apatow wrote a script for a very successful show called ... The Simpsons! The script is about Homer getting hypnotised and starts to think he is Bart's age. Sounds entertaining and hopefully it gets made during this season, because I don't know how long I can wait for this!

Though Cougar Town isn't back until January, they've released a brand new (wine-infused) promo. Featuring the whole gang throwing around some wine basically, but it sums up all the fun that makes Cougar Town. I tried to embed the video, but it didn't really work, so go to Deadline to watch it.

And let's not forget that this happened at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:


I don't want to fill this blog to much with videos (since it makes it a lot slower, not because they aren't great), so I'll just post two trailers this time. First one is for a fantasy epic Jack The Giant Slayer, which has had a bit rough road to production, but it is finally coming out. It won't be a huge success, I can tell it already, but I assume it will get even with its budget with the revenues.

The second one is for a british comedy I Give It a Year. With a great cast (Rose Byrne, Simon Baker, Anna Faris, Minnie Driver among others) it certainly seems funny. Judge for yourselves:

That's all folk! New post coming next week!

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