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It's been 45 weeks now since my first post, and THIS is my most watched piece here. Don't know what that says about me and my blog, but carry on! Here are some more screencaps for your enjoyment. Well actually they are GIFs, so click to open them if you don't see them properly on the normal view.

From top left: The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants, The Office (that dog gets me every time)


 Let's start with Glee. Last year the students of McKinley High School did West Side Story but this year they are doing Grease (or Glease some have dubbed it). You can listen to most of the songs here, or you can go to Glee's official YouTube channel to find more (just found out it is not working, the notification says it has been deleted, but I assume FOX will have it up in some time, most of the videos from the previous link work though). One of the new students who joined the school this year, was Jake (Jacob Artist) who is the half-brother of Puck (Mark Salling). They share the some father, but different mother and it looks like Jake's mom is about to debut. She'll be played by Aisha Tyler, one of the hosts of The Talk. I can now see where he got the looks.

Few quick casting notes. Gillian Vigman (Suburgatory) will join the fourth season of Cougar Town as the new love interest for Bobby. Looks like it's going to be just a quickie since its just an one episode guest spot (for now). Cougar Town is back Jan 8th. Jane Seymour (you might know her best as Solitaire in the Bond movie Live and Let Die, or as the cougar in that one episode of How I Met Your Mother) joins one of my favourite new comedies, Ben And Kate, as the mother of BJ (Lucy Punch). So both characters are British and have a big appetite for men, this has got to be good! The third cougar coming to TV shows I follow, is Carla Gugino. She'll play Schmidt's flirty boss on New Girl. Gugino was last seen on TV as the reporter in a great show, Political Animals. And great news for all my Finnish readers, the show will start on AVA in few weeks after the first season of Smash ends, on Wednesdays 9 PM.

Rebel Wilson has found a co-star for her ABC comedy Super Fun Night. Liza Lapira (from ABC's Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23) will play the intelligent roomie of Wilson's character. Wilson also made it to the Hollywood Reporter's list of Hollywood's Fastest-Rising Stars. This is a list you should all check out, since we'll be hearing a lot from these guys.

Joe Biden, the vice president of USA, is making a cameo on Parks and Recreation in the coming weeks. We already saw John McCain on the season premiere, so with Ben living in Washington D.C., the show has gotten a lot more political. Biden apparently shot the scenes in early July, but this information was to be kept as a secret until the election (Horray for Obama btw!) so that it wouldn't affect it in anyways. I also found these funny Newsletters that the characters of the show write monthly. You can subscribe for them here!

Two new shows that are in development caught my eye. One is a lifestyle sitcom produced and inspired by Martha Stewart. The idea is pretty funny, a twenty-something party girl wants to quit her bad habits, so she starts to follow the teachings Martha Stewart. I love Stewart, but I really don't think her sense of humour is anything I'll like, so I hope she'll just but out and leave the writers alone so she wont ruin the show. The second one is an upcoming comedy written, produced and starred by Fortune Feimster, a regular face from my favourite late night talk show, Chelsea Lately. And talking about the bitch herself, Chelsea Handler is producing. It will be a multi camera workplace comedy focused on Feimster's character and her sister, who struggle to maintain a successful furniture store. Remember though that both of these are just in pre-production and might never get a full season pickups, hopefully we'll get to see even pilots.


It's been so long since I last heard about this project, so I kinda forgot it even existed, but now we got the first pictures from the set of Saving Mr. Banks, the story of how Walt Disney convinced the creator of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers, to sell him the rights for a movie, which turned out to be a huge success though Travers never really enjoyed it. Disney is played by Tom Hanks while Travers is portrayed by Emma Thompson. You can find more pictures here!

Here are some quick casting notes. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been cast as Hercules in an upcoming adventure film based on the popular mythical character. There seems to be some sort of plot, but it seems to be just a typical hack-n-slash pic. Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) will direct. David Yates, fresh from directing four of the latest Harry Potter movies, will direct yet another adaption of Tarzan. If you read my post from few weeks ago, you know how I feel about Tarzan. This will be a life-action version, so its success will really come down to the fact who will play the main role. Michael Bay is already planning a new Transformers movie, fourth in series, and he has locked Mark Wahlberg to star in it. It seems like he'll play the lead role, but even though he is a tough action star, this will age the movie series considerably since the previous lead character was played by Shia LeBouf. Then the last bit, McG (Charlie's Angels) will direct a movie revolving around the Magic Castle, the privete magic club in L.A. There is no official synopsis yet, but I imagine it would be about a newcomer magician who works his/hers way to the top.

This adorable movie filled with old geezers is bound to receive good reviews. It's called Last Vegas and it stars Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas as old friends who go to have a bachelor party at Las Vegas (sound familiar? Pretty close to the first Hangover movie). The movie is now in production and is expected to come out in December 2013.

SNL co-stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader will star with Luke Wilson in an upcoming indie comedy called The Skeleton Twins. Wiig and Hader play two ex-lovers who have a near-death experience at the same time and this makes them reunite and wonder what went wrong. I seems to love everything Kristen Wiig does and Hader is hilarious too, so I think I'm going to enjoy this one.

Since Disney announced its purchase of Lucasfilm last week, the Internet has been all a buzz trying to figure out what the next Star Wars film will be about. Well we might not know that yet, but we do know who will know. And that is Michael Arndt, who will write the script for Star Wars: Episode VII. He won Oscar for writing Little Miss Sunshine, which makes me wonder how he will translate into Sci-Fi genre, especially as he co-wrote Toy Story 3 too. Before Star Wars, he is co-writing Hunger Games: Catching Fire, so that will give him some practice before stepping into some very big wookie-furred shoes.


I just can't resist sharing the new international trailer for Les Miserables. It will come out in December and this will ease the wait for those of us who can barely sit down. This trailer is also the first where we see Russel Crowe singing. We also get some clips from the Anne Hathaway (Who hosted SNL this weekend) version of I Dreamed A Dream.

The second one is for a horror movie, a genre I don't usually endorse. But this one has Frodo aka. Elijah Wood. The film is called Maniac, and I don't recommend this one for the weak minded.

The last one is for a film we've been waiting for a long time. World War Z has be rescheduled, rescripted and reworked for multiple times, but it's now coming out next summer, we'll have to wait and see if that will happen. The movie is apocalyptic zombie movie starring Brad Pitt, and the trailer looks surprisingly good compared to what I braced myself for.

That's all folks! New post coming next week (hopefully a bit sooner than this)

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