Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been thinking about starting a blog now for a while, and now I finally decided to do it. Next step was to decide what kind of blog I want to write, and I figured I'd make a blog I would read. And the answer is entertainment, and I know its very broad field of interest, so let me clarify; mostly this will be about films and television, but I'd like to take chance at music and design too. 

And what annoys me about most websites, is the constant flow of pointless news, so I'm going to make weekly blog (or try to keep it), so people wont have to check in all the time for random posts, but they can expect a post at a certain time of the week, like a magazine. Thats what the title is reference to, week number.

This week I haven't got much time to write, since I need to catch up on my Golden Globe nominees, some movies still left to check out. Here is good link to see the nominees, it also has nice piece on the films/actors/actresses that their staff think got snubbed. But we have to remember that it is the HFPA that chooses the winners, and they dont always (or ever) choose the blockbuster. I love Golden Globes because they honor TV too. Especially looking forward to the TV Comedy categories, so many good nominees and I dont think they'd like my idea to award them all... :)

And in the end I'd like to share a nice picture I found from Googly Gooeys. This blog will be bit of all those categories, but mostly film and tv :)

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