Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Time for weekly update! Since this is my first proper post, I'd like to clarify some points.
I watch a lot, and I mean a lot, of comedy, including 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family etc. so there will be lot of updates of them.
I'm always interested in new series too, or older ones I'm not familiar with, since Finnish and Irish TV don't show all the best series. On the movie front, I love award shows, especially now that it is the season. I also follow new releases and upcoming movies.

Some of the most interesting events in film industry are happening this week, first there is the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, US. This festival focuses on the  independent films. There are few films that have alreay popped out, but more from them after the festival is over.

 And another big event, this years Oscar nominees will be revieled tomorrow! Exciting! I'm really looking forward to see wich movies got a Best Picture nod, and how many are there. After the change on AMPAS balloting, there can be anything between 5 to 10 nominees, wich means not all directors will get nominated in their respective category. I'm also waiting eagerly to see wich songs get nominated, since it provides sometimes a lot of surprises, espcially when compared to the Golden Globes. Last years  Globe winner didn't even get an Oscar nomination, so we'll see what happens to Madonna, I'm guessing Elton John gets to rejoice, since her song doesn't really sound like Oscar winner to me. 

I'm also excited to see how Harry Potter will do, there has been some buzz over the latest and final Potter movie in the internet, for example theWrap.com, wondering "Why can't Potter get some academy love?". As a total Potter fan, I hope they will get some recongition in the awards, since after the few nominations the series has garnered, it has never won an actual award. And to compare with The Return Of The King, I really think both are quality films and beautiful, and I wonder what the Lord of The Rings series has that Potter doesn't, my guess is that the academy is being bit snob and thinking that Potter is not mature enough. Though the Return of the King, didn't garner any actor nominations, there are some great performances in the Potter film, wich will get overshadowed by other films, not even at the BAFTA's did they get too much love, wich is their native country after all. And lets not forget that the film has gotten nothing but praise from critics too, it even won the Golden Tomato, given to a movie with the highest overall critical approval of the year, and that's something!

-Last week in my TV-

Last week few of my favourite series returned from their winter break, including Glee and New Girl. On Glee we finally saw Will propose to Emma, after all the speculation on how the photos of the cast singing at a swimming pool would connect to the plot line. Will popped the question, with the glee club singing Rihanna while attempting some synchronized swimming, nice effort, but good thing there were some professional swimmers too. After all, they can't let the water mess their make-up and hair.

New Girl was funny as usual, with the gang celebrating Scmidt's (Max Greenfield) birthday with some mid-life crisis included. This season at New Girl will also see Zooey pair up with actors such as Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Delmot Mulroney (to me he'll always be to cocky dude who tried to take Rachel's job at Friends after her return form maternity leave).

I also finally watched the pilot episode of Smash, wich will air February 6th on NBC. The pilot was made available to watch in iTunes and Amazon etc after all the buzz around the show. The musical-drama focuses on group of people working on new musical of Marilyn Monroe. And the cast includes my favourite Debra Messing (Will&Grace), she just has something that keeps me hooked. On the show the cast will preform original songs composed for the series, and few covers; like Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, wich was also available for free download on the show's Facebook site. It's definetly a show to keep an eye out for.

Also news for the Sex and The City fans, according to Hollywood Reporter, the SATC prequel Carrie Diaries is officially in production now. The series follows Carrie during her senior High School year. There has been a lot of buzz who will play her on the series, and I'm sure who ever they pick, will face a lot of critisism over the choice, but then again Sarah Jessica Parker obviously cant reprise her role as Carrie on the show, or atleast it wouldn't be very believable :). Also on the same post: Beauty and the Beast will be getting a revival, and I'm talking about the Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton verison now, making it a modern version of the classic fairytale. Comic-book hero Green Arrow will be getting himself a show too. Can't wait to see if it will be a succes like Smallville, or another adaption flop like the last year's attempt at Wonder Woman.

And happy news!! Cougar Town got its premiere date of February  14th, cant wait to see the cul-de-sac crew in action again!

One of my favourite series 30 Rock adressed on last weeks episode the controversy that actor Tracy Morgan caused with his innaproproate comments about homosexuals. Nevertheless the episode was hilarious with camos from Kelsey Grammer and Denise Richards (as the leader of idiots), and James Marsden appeard as the new boyfriend of Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon. Here is picture from NBC.com from last years episode, showing Tracey Jordan (Tracey Morgan) leading the protest of the idiots:

I'll be writing more updates later this week about the Academy Award nominations. And I also decided, that I will be writing a monthly post about design, art and fashion at the end of each month, so that it wont mess up my plans with the TV and film parts :)

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