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-Golden Globes aftermath-

The Golden Globes are over and its time for review, here are the winners:

I was watching the E! News Red Carpet show so the pre-show preview is pretty much based on that. I think E! has the best interviewers, Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest, who are total pro's and have been doing that so long, they really know their stars. Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthews were in charge of the fashion commentary. Here are some moments from the red-carpet:

Among the first to arrive was host Ricky Gervais, it was speculated that he wanted to avoid awkward moments with another stars, though he might just have wanted to get the carpet over with, and focus on his hosting.
I know the powercouple Brangelina got a lot of attention, but I think nominee-Diane Lane and hubby-Josh Brolin acted most like a couple, opening about their regular life, doing dishes and laundry, altough Brangelina had "real people" moment as Bru said, when Pitt rushed to open the door fo his wife. After Pitt left E! stand, Ryan Seacrest could be heard saying that he feels guilty for makin Pitt walk the stairs up to the stand, since he was still walking with a cane after his accident, a cane wich George Clooney later used on the show as a prop when he introduced Moneyball.
Sarah Michelle Gellar also revealed that her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. was once Mr Golden Globe at the ceremony, altough admitting not remembering wich year. Michelle Williams arrived with her loyal friend Busy Phillips (Cougar Town) to the red-carpet.  Sofia Vergara just made it to the #1 at my funniest actresses after her interview talking about her working out and dieting, when Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen joined her. Sofia told she would "slide" down the stairs. Another of her co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed that Sofia calls stewardesses "plane-waitresses", after which Seacrest told he couldn't understand if she was talking about fitting or feeding when talking about her dress.
Glee's Mark Salling donned the mohawk as usual, can't wait to see what he does with it post-Glee. He also told Rancic that he thinks George Clooney seems "like a reasonable chap". Which he really seems like, and he also looked very happy with Stacy Kiebler. Another Glee-star Matthew Morrison seemed very happy about his characters upcoming proposal on Glee.
Nominee-Zooey Deschanel looked like he was still on her character for New Girl 60's promo photshoot from earlier this week. She even had little tuxedoes painted on her fingertips. Alongside hee was sister and actress Emily Deschanel (Bones). One of the most beautiful women of the evening was Charlize Theron, who unfortunately was suffering from laryngitis, and joked that she changed her voice to match the dress.
 And there was one moment when E! acted like a true gossip show, when Modern Family-star Sarah Hyland had a little wardrobe malfunction after her zipper popped open, and E! sent cameras right after her to get the photos. She remained calm though and joked about it wih Giuliana.
One of the most expected guests on the red carpet was Natalie Portman, since this was her first proper appearance after having a baby, and she looked gorgeous. Another expected person was Madonna, who seemed litlle irritated at the press, she seemed to push her W.E. star Andrea Riseborough star in the front, to promote the movie and to avoid interviews. While Madonna was waiting to be interviewed (they made her wait!!), Ryan Seacrest asked Emma Stone, who was at spotlight at that moment, how she felt about Madonna standing behind her, she answered with deadpan face "It's pretty exciting".  Maya Rudolph also joked about Madonna, saying that the photographers have funny way of yelling Maya's name, making it sound almost like Madonna.

And a quick word about the fashion, though I'm definetly not an expert. So judge your self, HuffingtonPost has great overview of the dresses.  Here is a pick of blue dresses by
Kelly brought up saphire blue as the most popular colour, and told that fishtail dresses were popular too. As I listened to the interviews, most popular designers seemed to be Zac Posen, Reem Acra and Naeem Khan along side with the fashion powerhouses. And Bvlgari seemed to be in charge of the jewellery of the evening. E! had some great ideas to bring the fashion forward, like StilettoCam, to show of the shoes, although I only saw it once in action with Octavia Spencer's Louboutins. And the GlamCam360 was a great idea, giving a full 360-degree unobstructed view of the dresses, some stars didnt make it to the cam though.

The ceremony it self, wich most stars decribed as the most fun award show, was great. Ricky Gervais was funny, but not outrageous. Although he managed to stun the audience, especially during the opening monologue there were some awkward faces. And I loved the look on Salma Hayek's and Jessica Biel's faces when Gervais made some comments about one particular scene in Bridesmaids, while introducing Melissa McCartney. But I must say the cameras shuttled around the room so the camera captured some funny moments there too, so Hayek and Biel might have just been casually talking. It is said that at Globes, the bigger the star the quieter the room is during their speeches.
Like I mentioned in my last post, the room was crowded. When people came up to accpet their awards, some had to rise off their chairs to let the winners through. There were some oopsies during the show too, like mic not working for a while, or the tele-prompter. We even saw one fall, when Downton Abbey star Elizabeth McGover took tumble on the step to the stage when the crew accepted their award for mini-series. The show saw a great comeback too, when Madonna snapped back at Ricky while introducing her "like a virgin", she responded: "If I'm still like a virgin, we have to do something about it, it has been while since I kissed a girl.. on TV"

There were no real suprises that evening, since the categories in film are divided among drama and comedy, it really proves nothing that Scorcese won for direction while not for the film Hugo. Directors Guild of America is the most likely to show the real winner of the year, wich most likely will be the Artist. You can find the winners at the top of this post, but I think every win was deserved, it was great year for film and tv.

One of the stars yesteday was Uggie, the dog from the Artist, who got to play with the award too: 

And here is the winner for Best Original Song, Masterpiece by Madonna, form movie W.E.:

New post coming up this week now that the Golden Globes are over....

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