Sunday, January 15, 2012

-Golden Globes-

It's time for my second favourite award ceremony (after the Oscars), the 69th Golden Globes, wich are to be held in LA today. Hosting, once again, will be Ricky Gervais. In the ceremony The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) will honor people working in the field of TV and Film.

Here is a small sneakpeek of the venue! This year there has been even more issues with the seating, because of all the ensamble movies nominated. But even still, star-power is guaranteed.

And now about the nominees:

First up: the drama film categories. Best Film nominees were all pretty much guaranteed, though I'm sad not to see my favourite Melancholia on the list. Of the nominees, the Descendants seems like the most likely winner, though sadly I havent seen it, premieres 29th in Ireland. The Help would be my favourite win, mainly because of its superb cast, it really brings the movie to life. Not something I can say about Hugo. I really dont see the hype around that film, I know its Scorsese, but nothing in it brings it above average. Sure it isn't one of those 3D where you just wanna couge your eyes out, but it still wasn't enough, I know he can do better. But all in all, pretty solid nominees.

The acting category can provide surprises. George Clooney has recieved much buzz about his perfomance, but I'd like to think Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio have chances, but usually its the Oscars that award biopics. In the actress category Viola Davis is the frontrunner, after her emotional take as the help in the Help. Tilda Swinton was the star of We Need to Talk About Kevin, she gave truly daunting performance as the mother of Kevin who massacres his fellow students, father and sister. And again I must go on about Melancholia, Kirsten Dunst deserves recognition for her acting, I had no idea she could act like that! Hopefully she'll land an Oscar nomination, she did win Palm D'Or though.

In the comedy category the Artist is a pretty sure bet. With the awards it has gained already, it seems it will go on to win the Oscar for Best Picture too. It is a bit sad though, since the other nominees are beautiful films too. The Bridesmaids has defined all odds by getting such a great response from audiences and critics alike, but I doubt the HFPA will award a film wich features Maya Rudolph taking a dump in the middle of the street. In the actor category Jean Dujardin is my bet, though Ryan Gosling deserves some trophies (I would have wanted to see him them for his role in Drive). For me one of the hardest categories to pick winner from, was the comedy leading actress, since I havent seen all the performances there, but I'd like to see Kristen Wiig win, though Kate Winslet seems to pull all awards towards her.

And then we are on to the TV section: In the drama category, new-comer Homeland might prove to have what it takes to win. I'd like to see every single show to win Comedy/Musical category, but Modern Family proved at the Emmy's, that it is on a winning streak.  And I'd love to see Modern Family actors to take home the supporting actor/actress trophies, mainly to see Sofia Vergara give an acceptance speech while getting emotional. As for the leading acting categories: Matt LeBlanc and Laura Dern have gotten some buzz for their work. Alec Baldwin would be also a great choice. Actress category is full of my favourites, I was suprised to see Zooey Deschanel get nominated, she deserves it, but might be a little bit too soon.  Former SNL-members Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are both hilarious in their roles, but as the comedies blossom, so do the actresses, so I dont really care who wins, they all deserve to win.

I dont have time to go through all categories, but quick word about the Best Original Song. I was shocked not to see my favourite So Long by She&Him (Zooey Deschanel's band) from the Winnie The Pooh movie, unlike the Elton John song nominated, it has some heart too.  

I'll post some update tomorrow about the winners, lets see if I had any guesses right.
and here to Deschanel-brainwash a small interview with her, and the song playing in the background:

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