Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is my first design update, wich I will post monthly (hopefully), in which I will feature great architecture, design, fashion and photography. Click the photos to see larger pictures.

Firstly, I love to dream, so most of the items will be way out of my price range. And thats why I'd like to start with this bautiful house by Rodney Walker, on sale at Crosby Doe Associates, with a price tag marked just under whopping $4 Millions. This beautiful house in wine-county Ojai, CA is a real eye-cathcer with the roof design you can see on the pic below. Better start saving then. 

Another house that caught my attention was featured in Vanity Fair few months back. A cross between jungle and concrete jungle. This genius work of art by  architect firm Herzog & de Meuron has so much details and great spaces. Photographs by Todd Eberle.

I also found nice article about a certain great comedy, and the architecture and interior design featured in it. Guess the show from the picture? Full article at Arcihtectural Digest.

Then a bit about interior design. I don't particulary like this room at the top of Four Seasons NY hotel, by Peter Marino, but the photo is stunning, and I can't stop thinking about the view. The whole New York midtown at your feet. The coffee table and the lamp have cool designs too, but I'm not sure they really match the atmosphere of the room.

Mark Handforth's beatuiful piece of contemporary art, Electric Tree, should serve as inspiration to park design. Instead of cutting down the tree, make it a piece of art with simple lighting. The tree is piece of exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art at North Miami.

Here are some nice items I found this month. Including a chandelier from Roll&Hill, a wooden chair by Hugo Franca (which can weight up to one ton, so you wont be moving it around too much).

And here are some items with a very retro feeling. The bike from Brooklyn Cruiser and the Alarm Clock from Areaware.

With this beautiful phone, I'm starting to miss land line. And I know I grew up little after the arcade craze, but I wouldn't mind a table like this. Phone: DP 01 by Punkt, Table: Stealth by Arcadetables.

At the end I'd like to mention a great artist, with genius pieces. Olly Moss, who also provides Empire Magazine a redesigned poster for a current movie once a month. Here is one example, which I chose because it's Star Wars, no explains needed.. You can find more at his own site:  ollymoss.com

More coming at the end of Feb.

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