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Plenty of news from last week, I'll try to be brief this time, see how that works. Now that the award season is over, it's time to start planning this year's awards. Early this week Cannes Film Festival released its new poster for the 65th Awards. Poster features Marilyn Monroe in honor of 50th anniversary of her death. The famous sex icon has received lot of media coverage lately with biopic My Week With Marilyn and in TV series Smash, which adapts Marilyn's story to Broadway.

Talking about Smash, stars Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee revealed some future plans for the show. With season one almost wrapped, it's no wonder they feel like talking. In addition to this weeks guest star Nick Jonas, Uma Thruman will be appearing in five episode arc starting from 10th episode, playing difficult Hollywood star joining the musical. It was also revealed that Florence and the Machine's song Shake It Out will be covered on the show. With just under 7 million viewers this week, Smash is far from the expectations of NBC, but still running strong.

I never really liked The Office after Steve Carell left the show and was "replaced" by James Spader, so I was actually a bit excited to hear that he is leaving the show. When Carell left the show it already gave more room to other great characters, but this will open up the game even more.

Next weeks Raising Hope is really something I'm looking forward to since Katy Perry will be appearing in it. And not as usual girly persona. Katy also covered Interview Magazine this month looking amazing, it's hard to even recognize her. Which one do you prefer? (The actress Katy's holding is Shannon Woodward, one of the stars of Raising Hope)

HBO's Game Of Thrones, the epic fantasy drama, also got a new trailer for its season two, which starts in April. Season one left a lot of open plot lines, and I don't want to ruin them for myself by reading the book yet, but by the looks of the trailer it will be even greater than the previous season where all character's were new. Now that we already know them, the characters may gain some more depth. Winter is coming:

TheWrap reported that Charlie Sheen's new comedy Anger Management, an adaption of the 2003 film of the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Sheen will play a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management. The show will air on FX and feature stars like Selma Blair

Lucy Liu is making a strong return to TV. The Ally McBeal star recently had an arc on Southland, and now she has scored a role on the new series Elementary. The show is a modern-day reboot of Sherlock Holmes. Liu was cast as Watson, while Holmes will be played  Jonny Lee Miller, who will also appear in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows later this year.

I also mentioned few weeks ago the new prequel TV-series for Sex And The City called  The Carry Diaries. Now the show has revealed its main star. AnnaSophia Robb scored the coveted role of young Carrie Bradshaw. She has starred in plenty of movies, but I still remember her mostly as Violet Beuregarde in 2005 movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Will be fun to see how audiences response to the new show.

My favourite TV stars Sophia Grace and Rosie were back on Ellen again last week. The shared their video of their visit to Disneyland and also performed their first original song, a rap called Princess Swagger. Pretty impressive for 8 years old. Here is the video of their trip, and you can find the song on Ellen's Youtube channel.

Then some movie news.  An upcoming movie from Glee-creator Ryan Murphy really caught my eye, mainly because of its superior ensemble cast. The musical comedy One Hit Wonders stars among others Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, Adam Samberg,  and Cameron Diaz. Can't wait to see the results! But before that Myrphy will tackle the movie adaption of a popular Broadway show The Normal Heart. The show won Tony Award for Best Revival of Play among others. The movie version will star Alec Baldwin and Julia Roberts. The movie focuses on 80's HIV/AIDS "crisis".

Then some more kid friendly subjects. Disney's Pixar released new video of their newest animation Brave. The 2-minute clip is directly from the movie. Kelly McDonald voices princess Merida (first Pixar's female lead) who refuses to adapt to her role as a princess, as featured in the clip. You can see the scene here and it is really worth looking for. The film will open in June and as a little trivia, this year's Oscar nominated animated short La Luna will air in theaters before the film.

Speaking of Oscar nominated shorts, I found this year's winner The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore thanks to /Film from YouTube. Now it is in high risk of being removed since I doubt the producers like people to see it without paying, it is also available at iTunes. I don't wonder why it won, with references to hurricane Katrina and classic Hollywood movies like Wizard of Oz. It is also very beautifully made with 2D animation, miniatures and CGI.

DreamWorks is also coming up with new animated feature film Turbo, about a snail with a real need for speed. This makes him an outcast in his society and  embarrassment to his brother. The plot sounds like a mix between Rataouille  and Cars. Voice cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson and Maya Rudolph among others.

Marvel's Avengers got a new poster, and a new title for UK release Avenger's Assemble. Now I don't know what caused this weird change to Marvel's biggest flagship movie, but I seems weird for me to change title, since everyone will call it Avengers anyways. The poster looks cool though. Not the first time UK does something stupid to set them apart from the rest of the world. 

I'm really looking forward to the premiere of Wanderlust opening March 3rd in Ireland, check your local cinemas for dates. The new comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a couple who is forced to move out of Manhattan due to money shortage. On their way to her sister's, they stop at B&B, which turns out to be a hippie commune. With this plot line and supportive cast of Alan Alda, Ken Marino, Justin Theroux and Malin Ã…kermancomedy is assured. So far the movie has received mixed reviews in US, but I'm sure I'll like it.

At the end I'd like to feature Movie: The Movie, a short spoof by Jimmy Kimmel which aired at his After Oscar's Special at Sunday. The "trailer" features a slew of Hollywood's A-list stars and is about a movie which features every aspect of movies imaginable. See the hilarious result below:


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