Saturday, February 11, 2012

-Pre-Grammy and BAFTA-

Just a quick post before Sunday, when both British Academy Film Award and the Grammy's will be held. BAFTA's take place in Royal Opera House in London honoring British and foreign film, and Grammy's in L.A awarding the top of the music industry. Now I can't say I'm expert on either of the awards, since I don't follow British film's that much, and the Grammy's with over 50 categories are just too much for one guy to cover, so  here is a bit of an overall package.

 See the BAFTA trailer below:

Even though Oscar nomination leader Hugo didn't fare so well in BAFTA's, director Martin Scorsese will not be leaving empty handed for he is to receive the Academy Fellowship award for his contributions to cinema. John Hurt will be honored with a special award too for his acting contributions, he recently starred in the second most nominated film of the evening: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. He is also well know for his role from Harry Potter-series and V for Vendetta .

BAFTAs can be hard to predict due to the differences in categories. Will Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which alongside with The Artist are the major combatants in the awards, take home the trophy for Best Film or British Film, or both? BAFTAs also tend to have a little different opinions in acting categories, such as Berenice Bejo who is nominated for Leading Actress as her role has so far been nominated as supporting in most other awards. That is one reason I like BAFTAs, since sometimes they represent the audiences opinions better, the Oscars can be bit snobbish sometimes though I still love them.

This will also be sad occasion, since it is probably the last big happening for the cast of Harry Potter which includes so many British acting legends, they tend to get invited anyways. Another sad thing was that no woman got nominated for Rising Star Award, wich is just wrong with keep last year in mind. I mean does the name Jessica Chastain ring a bell? They nominated Chris "Thor" Hemsworth for god's sake. No wonder British drive on the wrong side of the road.

I know you might think that video has nothing to do with the Grammys, but it's the best part of it! The amazing Sophia Grace with her hype-girl Rosie will be covering the red carpet of the event for Ellen Degeneres.  They were hilarious at AMA's. So I can't wait to see the results. They are living every little girl's dream.

Well anyway, the second thing I'm looking forward to, is the long waited return of Adele!! She will be making her return to stages after going through throat surgery. Thank god it went well and we get the hear her again. She even gave little preview to Anderson Cooper, sounding good! And with 6 nominations, she might have the greatest night ever. She is expected to take home at least the awards for Best Album and Best Song (Rolling in the Deep). 
Kanye West leads the nomination with seven and Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars and Adele all have six. I'm really waiting to see who wins the award for Best New Artist after last year the audiences felt snubbed when Justin Bieber didn't win. Bon Iver has been mentioned as the pick in lots of sites, but I don't see why Nicki Minaj or Skrillex couldn't win after they both took over the world during last year. Amy Winehouse will most likely receive a post-humous award shared with Tony Bennet for their beautiful duet Body And Soul, which I think deserves to win even without the sorry votes. 

As for Rock category, Foo Fighter is a pretty sure bet for the winner after fighting their way back to the top. Bon Iver rules at the alternative categories. Jason Aldean can easily take the award for Best Country Album, so Taylor Swift might not take home an award, shocking! She can do her trademark surprised face either way. Best Rap Album is really between Jay-Z&Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. The voters might prefer Nicki if they overlook her in New Artist category, but it will most likely go to the super-duo.

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Next weeks post will be pretty full if I write about Grammy and BAFTA winners and other topics, so I might have to break them down a bit, but let's see :)


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