Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In the past few posts I mentioned upcoming new shows, and the kind people at Hollywood Reporter have made us a great guide to all new series, so check it out! The list includes among others the adaption of novel "Scuples", the new series tells the story of a women who starts her own store after losing a lot of wight and becoming successful. The show will be EP'd by one miss Natalie Portman!! The guide also includes the newest additions like the comedy about a cosmopolitan woman adapting to the suburbs, with Judy Greer cast as lead.

And Judy Greer's old cast mates on Arrested Development (one of the most brilliant TV comedies) had some great news to share too. The too-early-cancelled series will be getting a whole new season and a film according to the writer Dean Lorey. Revival has been talked about ever since the shows cancellation and the new seasons is set to premiere in 2013 on Netflix.

One of my new favourite comedies Raising Hope  also announced that actress Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill) will be guest starring in the hilarious comedy as a enthusiastic church goer who clashes with Burt (played by Garret Dillahunt). The show focuses on Chance family who struggles with low income especially after the son's one stand leaves them raising a little baby Hope. Show is currently on its second season. My favourite person on the show is Maw Maw, played by Cloris Leachman, here is a small video about the character, only way to describe her is to watch this:

Then some movie news:

One of the movies of 2012 I'm most looking forward to see is Les Miserables. And the ensemble cast got new additions last week when Samantha Barks was confirmed to play Eponine by Universal. Barks played Eponine in one of the London productions of the beloved musical which celebrated 25th anniversary back in 2010. The rest of the cast includes Russel Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and recent breakout star Eddie Redmayne. Film is premiering in December.

And the new sequel to the movie X-Men Origins: Wolwerine finally got a release date according to Entertainment Weekly. Named The Wolverine, the sequel is coming out July 23th 2013. Hopefully the film wont be overshadowed by the sequel to X-Men First Class, but then again, that sequel hasn't even been fully scripted yet.

Also the upcoming comedy, starring Bridesmaids-alumni Kristen Wiig, John Hamm among other well known comedians, called  Friends With Kids, released its new poster. You can find the trailed here.

And I'd be fool not to mention the Super Bowl held last week (New York Giants won), but since I don't follow American Football, I'll just focus on the entertainment. The much anticipated halftime show by Madonna lived up to the expectations, but not everyone thought so, judge yourself: 

I thought the video projected on the ground was a great idea, since it is a huge stadium, and the people over there need entertainment too and they might not see all the little things on screen. And there wouldn't be Madonna without a little controversy, but hold on, this time it wasn't Madonna, the spark was  caused by M.I.A when she flipped the audiences during the performance of her collaboration with Madonna. Madonna also revealed the album covers of MDNA scheduled for release on March 26th. Judging by the looks of it, she is going to defy laws of aging once more. In my opinion the new single was a little bit too young for her.

And it wouldn't be Super Bowl without the movie trailers. Among others was this amazing trailer for the Marvel Comics epic collaboration the Avengers. Looking good guys!

And NBC spot made me realise how many great series they have, with the likes of 30 Rock, SNL, Parks And Rec, Community, The Office, Up All Night, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Chelsea and the list goes on and on. See all your favourites in this great spot by NBC:

At the end I want to share a very disturbing first look at the new Lord Of The Rings Lego toy line. I wouldn't have wanted that Gollum on my night stand as a kid. And for those of us who have already started losing sleep thinking about the upcoming Hobbit movie, here is the trailer, just to tease us all, have a great week!

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