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-TV Finales-

As I told, I wanted to write a post about past TV season's finale episodes. Few of them were full of surprises and some were just boooooring. These series are in no specific order, and I've left out some series I follow. Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM season 7 finale was a bit restless with too much going on. Marshall and Lily had their baby Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen (the coolest name ever) after Marshall got back from his drunken escapade in Atlantic City with Barney. Ted reconciles with Robin, who tells him to go back to Victoria, his ex-girlfriend. And eventually the two drive off to the sunset... no really, that happened. Meanwhile Barney proposed to Quinn, but the flash forward at the end of the episode reveals that Barney is going to marry Robin eventually! That part was set in "future" so it might not happen until next season finale. The upcoming season will have a lot of explaining to do, especially as we know that Victoria isn't the "mother".

2 Broke Girls
 As a newcomer comedy, it was expected that the season wouldn't end in a cliffhanger. The last episode was quite good, combining the strenght of all characters and adding Martha Stewart to the mix. The duo decided that getting Martha's approval on their cupcakes would give a boost to their business so that they would get the money to open their own shop. And of course they choose to stalk her at the MET ball and it can be quite hard to get in. The show has been renewed for second season, so lets hope the girls won't be quite so broke then.

Mike & Molly
Like many of this TV season's show, Mike & Molly ended in a marriage too. Though the episode before the finale, suggested that it would all go down the pooper, the two did eventually get married. Even though Mike's dad made a surprise appearance in town and Vince revealed to Joyce he was still married, all that was sorted out and the wedding  happened. The show was renewed for third season, and maybe now that the two are married they can get a place of their own.

Two and a Half Man
This was maybe one of the most surprising finales, as Jake and Eldridge took jobs in the army. As the boys figured out they had no special skills they decided to become army recruits, to the dismay of their parents. There was some reminiscing of how Jake has grown up on the episode too, so it wasn't all original script. Though the show has been renewed for 10th season, even this one seemed bit too different for me after Charlie Sheen left, he was  such a crucial part of the show. It's still a funny show, but it's not the Two and a Half Man I know, let's see if the upcoming season takes a turn for the better, but I wouldn't be surprised if that become the show's last.

One of my favourite new shows Smash struggled with low ratings and poor reviews, but still managed to stay on. As expected, the show's finale was about the premiere of Bombshell, the Marilyn Monroe musical that has been the main plot of the show. Karen did eventually get the big part after Rebbecca left, and got a pretty good reaction from the audience. I mentioned on my last post that Dev and Ellis are gone for the next season, thank god. There was too much going on anyways, now we can focus on Ivy's pill popping habit and Karen's newfound fame. I just hope the second season will be a bit longer than 13 episodes.
I kinda lost interest on the Glee finale as the Nationals episode felt like a perfect ending. But no, they had to stretch out the story to really go over what every character will be doing next season. So far Rachel is the only one that seems to be going to New York, but I doubt she'll make it on her own, so Finn and possibly Kurt will go after her. It's bit hard to say yet what will happen next season since  Ryan Murphy sure knows how to surprise us. There has been a lot of speculation on the next season, but if it's anything like this past season, I might be changing to Team Smash permanently.
New Girl
Another great newcomer and another not-so-surprising ending. The episode was funny as hell, but not really surprising. Nick was going to move in with his girlfriend, who dumped him at the start of the show. After panicking and driving to the desert and then throwing the keys away, the group had to discuss all their problems while they were stuck in the wilderness. Winston's fear of the dark was maybe the funniest part. Obviously the show was renewed for second season.

Raising Hope
I had to cheat a bit and look up what happened on this show's finale, as it was aired almost two months ago, since the show started a bit early. Chance family was shocked as they found out that Lucy, Hope's mom, was still alive and wanted the custody of Hope. As the court gave custody for Lucy, Jimmy was forced to go with her if she wanted still to see Hope, much to Sabrina's dismay. Eventually Lucy came to her senses and Jimmy got Hope back, but before that she went a little crazy trying to kill Sabrina, clearly what a loving mother would do, way to go justice system. The show was renewed for third season, maybe Jimmy and Sabrina will become a bit more serious and get hitched or something.
Cougar Town
Another show, another marriage. Grayson and Jules got married in the finale after a slow start, who picks Groundhog-Day movie as the bachelorette party theme, really? Well what ever makes you happy. The guys struggled to find the fun in Penny-Can again, but a happy ending was guaranteed as the group gathered on the beach to witness the marriage. David Arquette even got a guest spot on the episode. Like the opening title of the episode "Hopefully this will only be the season finale", the future of the show was on the edge for a while, but as I reported the show transferred to TBS and will air a 15-episode season, hopefully that won't be the last

Modern Family
Third season finale of one of my favourite comedies was full of action, especially as the plotline was submerged with a telenovela theme for a while when Cameron and Mitch were at the hospital welcoming their new baby boy, which the mother ended up keeping and left the two sad and empty handed but made them realise they still had Lily. While they didn't get a baby, Gloria was revealed to be pregnant, can't wait to see that! Another "shocker" was that Hailey will be moving in with Dylan which made Claire especially happy... But the real showstopper of the episode was Alex's prom date. The show was of course renewed for fourth season.
Happy Endings
I'm starting to think I'm following too many shows at this point. Too many good comedies! Happy Endings featured another marriage, but not one of any the main cast. Penny's gay BFF Derrick got married with Eric, and the whole gang attended. Max was struggling with his past, he was unsure of how his old band mates in Mandonna, a Madonna tribute band, would see him after all those years. Brad tries to find a way to let Jane know that he has lost his job, and Penny is saddened by the fact that he has no date in the wedding. Introduce Skype and ta-daa she's got a man. In the last moments we see Alex and Dave holding hands, hinting that the couple would be back together again, maybe we will get another wedding in the third season.
Parks and Recreation
The fourth season finale meant the end of Leslie's campaign to run for City Council, the event that the whole season has been aiming for. Amy Phoeler told in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, that they shot both situations, Leslie winning and Leslie losing the campaign. Leslie did end up winning, so the season ended happily. Ben was offered a job in D.C. that would require for him to move there part-time. Leslie struggles with this but eventually tells Ben to take the job. Ann got back together with Tom, as he had dreamed. And Andy might join the police force, the streets of Pawnee have never been more safe... Parks and Rec was renewed for fifth season.
Big Bang Theory
Ahh.. Another wedding. Howard was faced with option to postpone the marriage with Bernadette because of his trip to space, but decided to hold them before the launch. After facing a big line at city hall, his friends offer to get themselves ordained as ministers so they could marry them at their rooftop. Overall the episode had a very positive vibe, it was a bit surprising that there was a season finale with a wedding and nothing went wrong. Good thing the show was renewed for 6th season, so that we will find out if Howard made it back alive. Would be bit harsh to kill of that little guy with the tightest pants ever and the most ridiculous haircut, hopefully Bernadette will change that now that they are married.
Up All Night
Well at least this show didn't have a wedding, though it did have a proposal. After Reagan lost her engagement ring, she has to come up with a similar ring that Chris's mother luckily has. All this prompts the to recreate their original proposal that was a bit messy, never a good idea to do that drunken in bar. Meanwhile Kevin tries to win Ava back with success. The show was also renewed for second season, though a shortened one sadly.
30 Rock
Guess what happened in the episode? Nope, not a wedding, but a renewal of vows. After Avery's return, she and Jack have struggled with their relationship, as they both know that they have cheated on each another.  Chris tries to show Liz that he can be a responsible and reliable partner, and Kenneth and Hazel hook-up. Meanwhile Tracy tries to find an African American inspiration, as he has so far been embarrassing them, and ends up with Tyler Perry. The show was renewed for a shortened final season, I don't want this show to end, but it has had a good run.

Saturday Night Live
Though SNL doesn't really have a linear plotline, the last episode of 37th was very important when looking forward to the next season. Two of my favourite cast members confirmed that they will leave the show, Kristen Wiig got a send-off from the crew at the last episode, but just few weeks after wrapping up the season Andy Samberg confirmed also that he would be leaving too. Both have been cast members since 2005. Kate McKinnon, a new castmember, joined the show few months ago and I would like to see a new male actor to replace Samberg too.

Maybe that's all now. If there are shows on the list that you haven't seen, I suggest you seek them out. And if I have forgotten some show you like, let me know and maybe I'll get hooked on that too, I'm very easily addicted.

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