Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I blame my birthday for forgetting to write this post. First I got some photographs again, and then some architecture and some estates for sale.

Last month I told about Vulture's monthly collection of Best Entertainment Pictures of the month. In case you forgot to seek them out, here is the April one, and here is the May. The latter one includes this amazing photo of Zooey Deschanel in Marie-Claire. The photo got the award title of "Most Cheshire"

Though not included in the list, I think the best photo of the month should be cover of Candy Magazine with Tilda Swinton. She is almost unrecognizable. Years ago, I thought she was kinda weird looking and not my favourite actress, but I've grown into her looks and she is really talented. See the rest of the photos at Vogue Italy.

Mondo released a new retro poster for Toy Story. Mondo has a lot of other great posters too, so I suggest you follow their blog to keep you up to date.

Some weeks ago in my usual post, I mentioned the MET Ball that took place in Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Well here is a gallery of the costumes they were celebrating this year, by Prada and Schiaparelli. Too bad it's in New York.

This next one is a bit closer, and a bit more personal. I've always loved the Disney's classic Little Mermaid, and the original story by H.C. Andersen. I've also admired the statue of Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark, I even have a little miniature version of it. The original statue is owned by the descendants of the sculptor Edvard Eriksen, and is located in their private property, the one in the Copenhagen harbor is a copy, thank god! It has been vandalized multiple times for various reasons. The statue gazes at the sea looking for his prince. Well now he is in her sights. The new statue representing the prince, sculpted by Michael Elmgreen and  Ingar Dragse, is situated in Helsingör, near Copenhagen. The new shiny chrome looking statue is called Han, which means "he" in Danish.

Then some architecture. The first house was renovated by architect Joel Barkely for ex-art collector Robert E. Abrams. It combines the old ranch look, with modern glass, and it has what I most look for in a house: big windows and lots of light. The house is filled with art, and the interiors were created to help the art pop.

The second house is designed by Gil Schafer and situated in New York's beautiful country side. It combines the looks of old stone house and a classic Federal-style with beautiful columns and a veranda. And what a view they have.

Then some dream houses for sale again. The first one is located in Porto Rafael, Italy. This beautiful villa is all about the garden, as it only has 4 bedrooms, fairly few for a villa of this status. There is no price available, but I can imagine what it will be, so many zeroes I'll lost count. This beautiful Mediterranean gem is all a person could ask for. It looks natural and modern at the same time and has a view to kill for. The interiors require some work though, so there is even something  to do around there.

The second one could be my townhouse, in nowhere else but Paris. Though the interiors are lavish and beautiful, they are bit too much for my taste, but that can easily be changed. And besides the floorplan of this apartment is great, anything with levels works for me, especially if the stairs are as beautiful as they are in this one. The view from this penthouse is pretty nice too. The royal looks of this flat guarantee that the price tag will be something to look away from, and it is once again not mentioned, only upon request.

Hope you enjoyed, weekly post coming next week again!

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