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One day early this time, woop woop! But I had too much to write about already, so let's get started. First some quotes:

"I would like to be president someday, so, no, I haven't smoked marijuana. I ate a brownie once, at a party in college. It was intense, kinda indescribable actually. I felt like I was floating. Turns out there was no pot in the brownie, it was just an insanely good brownie."
- Leslie
Amy Phoeler on Parks and Recreation

"-Ohh, your hand is monstrous
- Well what did you expect? You've seen my penis."
-Barney and Marshall
Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother

"-Hey can I take you out for a dinner tonight? Maybe we can hit that barbeque place where you puked at.
- You are going to have to be more specific"
Liz and Floyd
Tina Fey and Jason Sudekis on 30 Rock

"-Laverne, what would you give me if I get this jellybean in your cleavage?
- A concussion!"
J.D. and Laverne
Zach Braff and Aloma Wright on Scrubs

   Once again the production team of The Hobbit has delighted us with a video from the set, this time from the Stone Street Studios where director Peter Jackson also filmed the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy and King Kong too. You'll find a bit different kind of Legolas at the end of the video alongside the original one, Orlando Bloom.

I'm having trouble on deciding what story to write about next. Well my go-to movie these days is The Maleficent, so I'll start with that. Last week I posted the first official photo of Angelina Jolie in costume. That picture only showed her head, but now some papparazis have invaded the movie set, and we've now got pictures of the full costume. You can find more photos from the set here!

Another one of my favourite movies, Catching Fire (or officially The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as Lionsgate decided people wouldn't know it by its original name), popped back to my radar this week with some almost-casting-news. There were lot of rumours about who will play Finnick, but now some news about his partner, Joanna Mason, have emerged. There are two very different "actresses" up for the role, I put the word actresses in quotes as the other one of them is really a model. Well know for her role as Alice, in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, Mia Wasikowsa has been linked to the role alongside the model Zoe Aggeliki (who will at least appear in the Percy Jackson sequel if she doesn't get the Hunger Games job). Zoe would be a good match as the character is extremely beautiful and playful, but Mia certainly knows more about acting. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

Talking about Tim Burton, his next film, stop-motion film Frankenweenie, has gotten some brand new character portraits. You can see them all here, as they would take too much space if I put them all up here. But what is most curious about this news, is that neither Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter are nowhere to be seen. Both of whom have been Burton's go-to actors so far.

Then one of the most bizarre news I found this week. When we think about most actors who played the President of USA, we think of nice, decent,  respected actors (mostly), but director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Once Upon a Time In Mexico) is going on a totally different road with his casting. He has chosen Charlie Sheen to play the Potus in his sequel to Machete, an action exploitation movie from few years back (remember Lindsey Lohan as a nun with a gun?). Though I most likely wont watch this movie as I didn't watch the original film, it does seem like a fun twist to cast Sheen. What is more interesting is that the character Machete was originally a character in Spy Kids (directed by Rodriguez), a kids movie, and now he is chopping people in an X-rated bloodbath movie.

Though in her new project she doesn't play a gun-wielding nun, Lindsey Lohan is in trouble again. Well actually she isn't in trouble, the movie she is making is in trouble, as I've told she is starring as Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. After she was found unconscious in her room, LiLo was rushed to hospital for exhaustion, as have two other crew members. After this spree of over-exhaustion among the crew, Crew Union has decided to start monitoring the set of Liz & Dick for violations in working hours and environment. Though everything seems normal on the set according to the producer Larry Thompson and the Union, they will be keeping an eye on the production. Also I found this nice picture from THR alongside with the news:

George Clooney has revealed what his next working project will be, behind the camera this time, which seems to be his trend these days. His newest project is a film adaption of the Tony- and Pulitzer-award winning play August: Osage County. The cast includes Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in leading roles as a mother and daughter in this dark comedy. Weinstein Company is behind the production, and with these kind of names attached to the film, it will no doubt be a success and most likely sweep in the Oscar nominations.

Then some very exciting TV news, combining two of my favourite things: Jennifer Hudson and Smash. With those two keywords in mind its not hard to figure out what I'm getting at. The Oscar-winner will join the cast of Smash for multi-episode arc as a "Broadway star who will impact the lives of Karen and Ivy". The show is getting a pretty good make-over for the second season, and Hudson is definitely more appropriate guest star than Uma Thurman  in the first season (I mean, seriously??).

Then some award news again. This I just had to mention, I mean its pretty awesome, because the THR's Emmy Roundtable put the Hollywood's funniest small screen actresses in the same room, comedy ensues.  And they also make fart jokes. You'll find the interview here, and a video too!

Remember that those are just for the Primetime Emmy awards, which to me are way more interesting. But the Daytime exists too. I tried to be positive, but I didn't find a single familiar name from the acting categories. Only when we got to food programmes and Ellen, did I start to find it interesting, but then they go on with the game shows. But here is the full list of the winners, see if you'll find any names from the acting part you'll recognize.

Then for the list with a lot of familiar faces. Before getting an Emmy nomination (talking Primetime now), you'll need to submit your name for consideration. There were very few requirements to get there. I lost that page, but it seemed like a very easy job, which explains the size of the list. The show has to be longer than six episodes, that's all I remember. You can find the PDF of the full list here. There were few surprises there, especially on how the actors chose weather they will submit for the leading or supporting category. The nominees will be announced July 19th by Kerry Washington and Nick Offerman.

I decided to leave these brand new trailers to the end, to keep up the tension. First one is for the (Judge) Dredd movie, starring Karl Urban as Dredd and Lena Headey (know as the ice cold bitch Cersei from Game of Thrones)  will play a drug lord and the antagonist of the film. Looks dark and packed with action, me likey!

The second one is totally different genre. This one kinda sneaked up on me. I knew Pixar was working on prequel for the Monsters Inc., but I didn't know they were so far in on the project. The film is coming out in the summer of 2013 and the name pretty much explains the basic synopsis: Monsters University

The third one is for the last part of the Twilight Saga. The Breaking Dawn part 2 is coming out November 16th, and this might be the first Twilight movie I actually want to see, mostly because of the action sequences and the Volturi. The book had a lot of new characters too and it looks like the movie will show most of them.

The lat one is the one that really surprised me, in a good way. The film adaption for Anna Karenina, starring Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson, looks just amazing. With the stage-like look and beautiful costumes and sets, this movie is something I will definitely go see in the cinemas, I mean look at it!

To end the post in a lighter note, I found this fun post about Emma Stone. We all know she is hilarous, just watch any interview with her. Like this one! They also bring up the trend of GIFs, and Emma certainly has inspired a lot of them. Upprox has gathered them all together, you can see them here. This one was my favourite:

 She is one of my favourite actresses at the moment and will be the reason I want to see the Amazing Spider-Man. And I'm totally hooked on GIF's, and if you are too, follow this Tumblr. I know this isn't my normal area of expertise on this blog, but:

See ya next week!

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