Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Past weeks biggest story must have been the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I still managed to find some actual news. And here are some quotes again. Next week I'm going to post screencaps instead of quotes, since some funny situations are just better when you see the expression on the actors faces, and that gives me a chance to post some gif's too. But this week I'll still do it the usual way:

"-So you just finished the whole bottle?
- I had to. It's vodka. It goes bad once it's opened."
-Michael and Lindsey
Jason Bateman and Portia De Rossi on Arrested Development

"-Every time you say "Luke" it sounds like "look"
- I don't hear the difference
- It's not hard, one is my name
- Juan is not your name"
- Luke and Gloria
Nolan Gould and Sofia Vergara on Modern Family

"I won't do that, because I'm a lady, you assface"
Megan Mulally on Will & Grace

"One time I drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine."
Amy Phoeler on Parks and Recreation

I'll start with TV this time, since there aren't that much going on there now. And as usual, I got some news about Smash. But this will probably be the last one for a while. As I've mentioned, the second season introduces three new series regulars, and now the last part has been cast. Krysta Rodriguez got the role of Karen's (Kathrine McPhee) new roommate, who is described as spunky and fun. This is the first major role for the Broadway star, though she did guest star on Gossip Girl.  

Finally something new about Up All Night too. Lorne Michael's produced comedy is introducing a new character on their second season. Newcomer Luka Jones has bagged the role of Reagan's (Christina Applegate) laid-back younger brother who comes to town with his 5-yo daughter after a rough divorce. This new series regular has so far acted in a guest role on How I Met Your Mother and starred in Best Friends Forever that was canceled after just few episodes (which it really deserved, it was so poorly written comedy). Hopefully this will launch better the young star's career.

My favourite TV chef Nigella Lawson is returning to TV with a totally new show, The Taste. This new cooking competition pairs a professional chef  with few amateurs that will the compete in groups. Nigella is set to host the show with Anthony Bourdain, another well-known TV chef. It hasn't been told yet if the two will also judge, but I guess so, since they have the proficiency. The show hasn't yet started filming and is still looking for contestants. I just hope that it won't get lost among all the other cooking competition shows.

From cooking to singing. New rumours have risen that Adam Lambert might be returning to American Idol, this time as a judge. Though nothing is confirmed yet (none of the previous judges has signed anything yet) this would seem like a perfectly reasonable next move. I find it kinda funny that the news still wonder which judge he will replace, when Jennifer Lopez has unofficially announced that she would not return to the show due to her busy schedule. But nothing is sure yet, I doubt they would go for an all male judge panel, so there might be two new judges or J-Lo might not be the one leaving after all, some sources said that the rumours of her leaving were just a stint to get her a better paycheck.

All smart shows with even a hint of a fan base are heading to San Diego this month for the Comic-Con. So expect a lot of news about superhero movies and sci-fi tv shows next week. Family Guy is also present at the con, and they have released a new poster to tease about the eleventh season that premieres in September. The season premiere focuses on a plot line where Peter gets into competition with Lois's ex to climb the Mt. Everest. I can just imagine the final result.

Another movie that will be highly prominent at the Comic-Con is The Hobbit. This week Peter Jackson share a new poster for the film. On the poster we see Gandalf (Ian McKellen) walking in Hobitton, presumably at the start of the film. But that's not the only new thing released from the film. Instead of releasing a bunch of new pictures of the movie, they have made it in to one big scroll that introduces few of the major scenes of the movie, like when Bilbo (Martin Freeman) finds the ring or when he floats the dwarfs out the Elf King's halls in wine barrels. If this didn't make any sense you, read the book! It's great. Click on the photo to see all the details.

One other movie that I'm really looking forward to seeing is Oz: The Great and Powerful. Sam Raimi is directing and the star-studded cast includes such stars as James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weitz and Michelle Williams. With that cast, it can't be bad. Disney released a new poster and is planning to show a lot more at Comic-Con, so I'll be following up on that when more info is released.

Probably the most anticipated movie of this summer The Dark Knight Rises has released some new material too to promote their movie. This time a 13-minute long behind-the-camera video. Though it doesn't introduce a lot of new aspects, it still covers the plot pretty well and we see some new footage. Enjoy!

Another video that I found, is the new trailer for the animated film Rise Of The Guardians, which I mentioned few months ago. The movie tells the story of classic fairytale creatures, like Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, battle against the evil. Looks entertaining and it continues the more recent trend of animated adventure films instead of basic toddler friendly themes.

This next news is super exciting for me, since I'm a huge fan of the games. I'm talking of course about the Assassins Creed series. Michael Fassbender has signed the contract to star and produce the adaption. If you aren't familiar with the games, the basic plot line revolves around the ancient and ongoing battle between Assassins and Templars. The main lead Desmond Miles (played by Fassbender) is a descendant of the great Assassins and new technology allows the scientists to access his ancestors memories via his DNA. In the first game, he took on the memories of Altair, an Assassin of the Crusader Era. This is all very exciting, though it might sound very technical, but if they manage to keep the story together, I predict great things.

Last but not least (or maybe a bit). The movie rights for the adult book 50 Shades of Gray were purchased some time ago by Universal Pictures and its daughter company Focus Features. Apparently they are really speeding up the process to get the film done, since they have already chosen producers. Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti have recently worked together on Social Network and now again on this one. This erotic juggernaut novel has already sold 20 million copies and have made the author E.L James a very rich woman. She has already earned over $50 Million with her book and as it is a trilogy, I think she'll be doing just fine for few years from now on.

That's all this week and more coming next week, and I'll try to write my monthly design post this weekend. That's all folks!

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