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Okay, I'm going to shake things up a bit. As you might notice, I've removed the word "Design" from the header, since I want to keep this blog about TV and films, maybe I'll start a totally new blog for architecture. I'll add some features that I've had in my monthly posts to my weekly posts, like movie posters and entertainment photography.

But since I've already gathered up enough stuff for one last monthly design post I'll finish this with dignity. I'll still keep up the weekly posts of course, don't worry!

I'll start with movie posters. I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't know The Dark Knight Rises, especially after the tragic shooting at Aurora (more on that in my next weekly post). Well the movie and Batman himself are an everlasting inspiration to different artists. My old favourite Olly Moss has created one of his genius posters again, here is the result:

I also found these cool posters from Needle Design. Though this one isn't especially made for The Dark Knight Rises, this Batman poster is pretty fun too. And the second one is for one of my favourite movies: Inception. You can find plenty more from the link above.

Then some entertainment photography again. And by that I usually mean Film/TV stars photographed for magazines. But I have some special photos too. The first one is the cover of the latest W Magazine. This magazine constantly amazes me with their photos and their website has lot of interesting stuff too. This time the cover features Prometheus co-stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, you can see more photos of them here! The second one is from June edition of Vanity Fair with Kristen Stewart. These stunning photos have been taken in Paris, this one in the Versailles Castle. Vanity Fair did a similar photoshoot in Paris with Katy Perry last year.

If these photos aren't enough for you, here is a link to the Vulture's choices of the best Entertainment Photography of the month. Among them is this very same picture of K-Stew and many more!

And here are the very special photos I promised. 30 great behind-the-scenes photos of famous old movies, like these from Conan The Barbarian, Star Wars, Shining , Jaws and many more, you can find them all here! In case you still don't feel like these are enough, go here, to find some great photos from L.A.'s Western Costume Company archives. They include some great photos from costumes form movies like Hello Dolly!, Sound of Music and Gone With the Wind, enjoy!

 Then some architecture! I'll start with this amazing creation called the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, designed by the famous architect duo Herzog & De Meuron (who have one of the most complicated websites I've ever seen). This contemporary piece of design reminds me of a huge mirror, but there is a lot of space beneath it. This space is supposed to be a place to hold events and gatherings during the London Summer Olympics. More pictures here!

The next one is designed by Michael Leher and is situated in Los Angeles. This house intrigues me because it is very light and open. It's also in harmony with its surroundings and with those big windows, it's like you are living outdoors.

Then my favourite part: Homes for Sale! This time I've found three great estates on the market. I'll start with the most classic one, called Ch√Ęteau El Masr, which is in Switzerland. Though I don't really care for the interior design of the house (since it's pretty much original, I need something modern), this property has an amazing view and I love how house isn't symmetrical, it makes it much more dramatic.

The second one in the market is situated in Spain. Once again I like it because of the view and the huge windows. I know they aren't very practical in the long haul, but they just make every house look amazing. And I like how the pool follows the side of the house as seen in the latter picture.

The last one from California is very modern too. I don't think this would be necessarily the kind of home I would want to live in, but this is the kind of style all offices should go for: modern, open, elegant and welcoming.

That's all this time, and last time. But I'll see what I can come up in the future, maybe I'll start that new blog for architecture. 

Weekly TV and Film post coming on Monday or Tuesday

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