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Oh my gosh, so much to write about again! So lets get right to the good stuff then. This week I'll do my usual quotes instead of screencaps, maybe I'll do them every other week.

"Last time we let a straight man work in fashion industry, we ended up with fanny pack"
Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

"-Any mysteries need that need solving, Liz?
-Actually yes!
-What happened? Who attacked you and gave you hat haircut?"
-Jenna, Liz and Tracy
Jane Krakowski, Tina Fey and Tracey Morgan on 30 Rock

"-Can you do this for me?
- Like the doctor told me after my hepatitis test: You've got it honey!"
-Liz and Hazel 
Tina Fey and Kristen Schaal on 30 Rock

"Spare the mumbo-jumbo, I'm a rational thinking woman and I'm here to talk to a ghost!"
Megan Mulally on Will & Grace

I'll start with the biggest news from the past week, the horrible shooting that took place at The Dark Knight Rises screening at Colorado. There is nothing I can for the victims and their families from here, but wish for a brighter future. And thank god that the justice system in America recognizes death penalty. 

And then to some lighter news.  Hunger Games cast is coming together with two of the most coveted roles now cast. Jenna Malone was confirmed to play Johanna and there have been very strong rumours that Sam Claflin would play Finnick. Claflin was last seen in Snow White and The Huntsman so he is familiar with the attention.  Although he has also been cast in a new movie with Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Karl Urban so I just hope that his schedules don't ruin his opportunity to play Finnick.  Amanda Plummer was also cast, to play the role of Wiress, an older tribute who is a little nuts. And yes, she is the daughter of Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer. Thats all the news I got for Hunger Games, except Melissa Leo and Tony Shaloub have also been rumoured to get cast, but there is nothing official on that yet.

Then some quick minor casting news. Though Daniel Radcliffe was just cast to play lead in Horns, like I told last week, he has also been attached to play lead in a romantic comedy with Zoe Kazan (It's Complicated) called The F Word (F stands for Friendships, if you thought something else then you might be a bit two-minded). Abigail Breslin also got a new role, playing the daughter of Julia Roberts, and granddaughter of Meryl Streep (not bad!) in the film adaption of August: Osage County, a movie I briefly mentioned some time ago. Anthony Mackie might be heading for Captain America next to play Falcon. It's actually quite honorable role, since Falcon was the first african-american superhero introduced in the Marvel universe. Thor-star Chris Hemsworth is doing stellar, as now director Steven Spielberg supposedly wants him to star in his next big movie, Robopocalypse (yes, it's about robot apocalypse). Looks like Hemsworth is really becoming one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. Then the last casting bit, or uncasting actually. Jessica Biel exits the Wolverine movie, mysterious "sources" say that she got cold feet, but it might be just scheduling problem, or maybe she is pregnant (I want the credits for starting this rumour). Anyways she is out and filming is starting soon. They've already built some of the sets of which you can find pictures here!

Then some director news. Gary Ross (last directed Hunger Games) might be directing a Peter Pan movie, called Peter and The Starcatchers which is a prequel to the original concept, you can see more about the plot in the link above. I kinda hope this really happens, since this might be one of those big franchises again. Another movie that got its director is the newly announced sequel to Finding Nemo (at the moment called Finding Nemo 2). Andrew Stanton is returning to direct the sequel after he also directed the original. This Pixar-veteran really knows how to tell a story, and this ability will come in handy, since there is no word on the plot of the movie. I doubt they'll go looking for Nemo again this time, if they did I would be be very concerned about his fathers parenting skill, how do you lose your son twice?

The biggest shock today came for me after I read that The Hobbit might be split into three parts instead of "just" two. I don't know how to feel about this, since I love of course that there is new material coming, but then again I hate the wait.  It's not official yet, but Peter Jackson seems to want it, so I'm pretty sure that it will happen. More news on that next week, meanwhile, here is the 8th production video from the set of The Hobbit, might be the best one yet, almost brought a tear to my eye:

I'll share some trailers in the end again, but first some TV news. I'll start with casting bits again.  Glee cast two new guys for the fourth season, Jacob Artist and Dean Geyer, neither whom I know previously. Family Guy also got some more guest stars, Ryan Reynolds is voicing Jesus and Sofia Vergara is guest starring as herself.  Parks and Rec is going political: As Ben moves to Washington D.C. Leslie gets a chance to meet some real political influencers, like John McCain, who tweeted that he "smells an emmy".I doubt that, but it still might be a fun plotline. American Horror Story also found a new castmember, Clea DuVall. I don't know her yet, but with this appearance I most definitely will. Zooey Deschanel's character also got a new love interest in New Girl, played by David Walton (last seen in the too-soon-cancelled Bent). With all this going on, the biggest casting new still was that Mariah Carey signed the deal to become a new judge in American Idol, just two spots left on the panel now.

There is a bit of a storm brewing at the Modern Family set. The first table reading of the season was cancelled after the actors in the show are still in debate about their salaries (the adult actors mind you, not the kids).  They have already sued the company to get their contracts void to try and get a better contracts. More details on the specific salary requests here, and some minor scoops about the season (if they ever manage to shoot it) here!

I'm not going to post all three videos here, but here is the link to see all three promos for Ellen Degeneres' new season with Jennifer Aniston. I'm going through some Ellen phase now, since I found these videos hilarous and I'm laughing so hard reading her book Seriously...I'm Kidding. Try to buy it if you can.

Then some movie trailers! First some drama. The upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Phoenix plays a man returning from the army and struggling with  his new life when Hoffman's character appears and gives him purpose again.

Next movie intends to ride on the success of Bridesmaids, this one called Bachelorette. It stars  Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan who play bridesmaids for their friend (Rebel Wilson). 

The last one is for a comedy too, starring Will Farrel and Zach Galifianakis (I accidentally spelled his name right on the first try!). They play too opponents running for the same spot in the government, the film is called The Campaign and here is the trailer:

I still do have  one teaser trailer, actually two different versions of the same trailer, but I didn't want to overload my post, so here is a link so you can see the new teaser trailers for the upcoming Man Of Steel. There was nothing really major revealed on the trailer, but at least it means we can expect a full trailer any day soon.

New post next week again, that's all folks!

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