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Well I was wishing I'd get this one written fast, but looking at the list of topics, I can wave that wish goodbye. RIP Nora Ephron and the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I got some good news this week too (though I'm not sure the latter one of those previous ones is really sad). 

 But still the biggest shocker for me this week was Newsroom, the new HBO Aaron Sorkin series. I read countless headlines and a 6 page story from Vanity Fair about the show, and only after watching 5 minutes of the first episode do I realise that it is in fact a drama and not a comedy. So due to my own stupidity, I just ruined the whole show for me since I created quite big expectations. Unlike Anger Management with Charlie Sheen, which I didn't expect to be any good and it exceeded my expectations. But even with all the confusion, I found some funny quotes again:

"I'm actually jealous of you. You've got stability, a great marriage, devoted kids. You know what I have? A Sims family that keeps getting murdered."
Tina Fey on 30 Rock

"-And don't forget the new black-man phrase I taught you.
- Pippety poppety, give me the zoppety."
-Darryl and Michael
 Craig Robinson and Steve Carrell on The Office

"- April, you are like an angel without the wings.
- So, like a human?"
-Andy and April
Chriss Pratt and Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation

" -I'm afraid I prematrely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, so now I'm afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.
-There are so many poorly chosen words on that sentance "
-Tobias and Michael
David Cross and Jason Bateman on Arrested Development

 Now lets get to business. First I'd like to correct some news I wrote about last week. Proves that the Hollywood casting news are never to be trusted unless they come straight from the studio. Last week I reported that Mia Wasikowska was up for the role of Joannna in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, but she is not according to her management.  Model Zoe Aggeleki might still in the running but she's got new competition. Jena Malone (Sucker Punch) has also been metioned as the potential candidate for the role, according to EW.I know I shouldn't propably even write this, since it will most likely change again just after I post this one.

Then some kid friendly news. Spinach eating superdude Popeye is coming to cinemas 3D. This movie has been under works for quite some time, but now they've found a director. Genndy Tartakovsky, who is know for directing Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, was chosen to direct, but there is no official plotline yet.

Lego figurines are also invading the big screen. It is called Lego: The Piece of Resistance, and this is the storyline that the writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have shared: "It involves many worlds. Basically, the least qualified Lego characters in the universe having to keep the world from being frozen together." To me, that quote made no sense, especially as now they have cast Chris Pratt as the main charater Emmett and Will Arnett was cast as Lego Batman. So there is Batman and Chaning Tatum is voicing Lego Superman. Well at least it sounds entertaining!

Due to demand, I must mention this too. There is a moving coming up about Carmen Sandiego, a fictional  super-agent/inspector, and though I didn't previously have the slightest idea who the hell she was, I'm kinda getting interested in this movie now. First of all it is produced by Jennifer Lopez, and there have been some rumours that she might start in it too. Now they have hired a writer on the project too: Darren Lemke. He's a newcomer on the business, and so far his biggest project is the upcoming fantasy film Jack the Giant Killer, but atleast his roots are in fantasy. There is no word on when the film will start shooting, or who will direct it. The last Carmen Sandiego film that was supposed to star Sandra Bullock never got made.

Disney has some news too. Happy news actually. Disney is trying to get back to its roots of traditional  animation with a new short film Paperman, that will premiere before their new (computer)-animated film Wreck-It Ralph. The short film combines both 2D and 3D styles using new techologies. This mini love story looks amazing (see more photos here) and it is almost entirely black and white with the exception of the female leads lips. One more reason to go see Wreck-It Ralph.

Disney is also working on another animated full feature film. After Disney bought Marvel about a year ago, this is the news we've been expecting, what heros will advance to the big screen. But their choice was a bit unexpected. I've never heard of the Big Hero 6, a japanese superhero group, (Avengers of Japan) but I think Disney will make it work. Especially as this is a bit more kid friendly that the Avengers movie.

Big Hero 6 isn't the only new Marvel superhero franchise heading for the big screen. Director Edgar Wright has shot test reel for Ant-Man movie, to present to Disney/Marvel before they can approve the project. I really hope though that they will focus on some other character, because seriously, its Ant-Man. Marvel seems to be on a winning streak, so why spoil it.

From heros to anti-heros. The new Riddick film is under post-production now, and the star Vin Diesel tweeted this new picture from the film. Previous Riddick films are known for their dark tone, and this one seems to continue that theme.

Then some sneak peeks of a movie that is still filming. Months ago I wrote about the upcoming Princess Diana movie starring Naomi Watts. Well now I've found the first pics from the set, and she looks amazing. Let's just hope she can act the part. The film focuses on the last years of Princess Di before her car accident.

Then some well anticipated Academy Award news. Last week the Academy released the changes they've made on the rules and also the list of new members invited to the Academy. The rules didn't see any major changes, propably to compensate last year's big Best Picture change (that there could be anything from 5 to 10 nominees). The biggest change was that there can now be 4 songwriters mentioned for one Best Song nominee (not the change I was expecting for this category) and the Best Makeup is now Best Makeup and Hairstyling (though I kinda assumed that it was already included). About the new members, you can see the full list here. There were a lot of familiar names there.

Then on to TV news, and I'll start once again with Smash. They've cast now one more of the new roles I've mentioned before, with another Broadway star. Andy Mientus, from Spring Awakening, has joined the cast, but not as one of the singers who want to make it big, but a writer. This will make a nice change, as the show has previously revolved heavily around the singers. The Smash behind-the-camera crew is changing also, as Joseph Aulisi has been chosen as the new costume designer.

I've also mentioned the Office spin-off for Dwight, called the Farm, which focuses on Dwigts beet farm. Now the show has released bio for all the main characters, but no roles have been cast yet. You can see them here!

Also I'd like to mention Episodes, the comedy with Matt LeBlanc playing himself. The scond season is now starting in US, but is almost finished in UK. Good thing I follow both medias, so I didn't have to wait this long to see season two. And let me tell you, it is just as funny as the first season. It combines US comedy with the parts of UK comedies I like, which is mainly the accent. Check out the new episodes of Episodes where ever you can find them.

Then some trailers again. The first one is for the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie, which I've mentioned multiple times. But now I've finally got moving pictures! Guaranteed Burton style.

The second one is for one of the most well kept secret of Hollywood, the Super 8 of 2012, the Looper. For a long time the plotline of this new action film was kept in total secrecy, but recently it has been pretty much fully explained, and it really isn't that new. Typical sci-fi time travelling film by the looks of it:

The third is for the new animated film Epic, starring the voices of Josh Hutcherson and Amanda Seyfried. The plotline focuses on the war between good and evil within the magical forest. Looks like it can be a hit, if 20th Century Fox doesn't screw up the marketing.

That's all folks! Cya next week!

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