Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I figured I'd add some new features to this blog. Since the award season is over I've got a little black hole on my writing, so I might finally start adding some film reviews. I'll mostly start with older movies and not the ones running in cinemas, since I like to see the films few times before making up my mind. And besides, there are so many great movies to write about already.

Second thing I'll start adding to the blog, are quotes from  TV series I've watched during the week. Some are from brand new episodes, and some are from old classics. So here are few:

"You are so epically grounded"
- Julia  
(Debra Messing) on Smash  

"-Earlier today I was trying to give my underbrows a little color, and got some spray tan on my eye. Now I admit that was a little dumb...
- You are not using the word dumb right"
 - Laurie and Ellie
(Busy Phillips and Christa Miller) on Cougar Town

"Oh god, don't adopt, that child is better off in Somalia, he could be a pirate or a warlord's concubine"
- Liz Lemon
(Tina Fey) on 30 Rock

"- I don't snore!
-Oh please! I had to turn you away from the window so you wouldn't inhale the drapes"
-Dorothy and Sophia
(Bea Arthur and  Estelle Getty) on The Golden Girls 

Then to the business, first some casting news again. Few weeks ago I told you that Angelina Jolie was cast as the Maleficent in the upcoming movie based on Sleeping Beauty fairytale, but now the film has gotten its princess. 14 years old Elle Fanning is the rumored star of the film, but these are still just talks. She might actually do a great job on the role, she certainly has the Disney looks already. She is best know for her role in last years critical hit Super 8. 

Elle is also the younger sister of Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, and she has a new movie coming out too. On Now Is Good she plays a young girl with terminal cancer and a very strong British accent, which is a good effort, but knowing her previous work makes it sound little too much, and yet I kinda want to see the movie. Her co-star on the movie Jeremy Irvine rose to fame last year on Steven Spielbergs' War Horse, which was his fist movie role.

Last bit of casting news, Tom Cruise might star in Clint Eastwood's remake of A Star Is Born, making this the fourth version of the movie. Beyonce will take on the leading role previously acted by Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Janet Gaynor. The filming was previously postponed by Beyonces pregnancy, but the project still seems to be doing strong. Cruise is next starring on Rock Of Ages, a film adaption of Broadway musical.

Then some TV news. Last Saturdays SNL with Jonah Hill was a bit boring actually, except for the Weekend Update section, with recurring guest Stefon visiting and Andy Samberg as Sarah Palin. But what I was most excited about, was that Sofia Vergara will be hosting April 7th. This hilarious and beautiful star of Modern Family will be hosting for the first time. I love her, but she might have difficulties hosting since her accent is so strong and I just hope they don't typecast her in every sketch.

During SXSW's (South By Southwest) Film event in Texas, Family Guy-creator Seth MacFarlane shed some light on his upcoming and highly anticipated project, reboot of the classic animated series Flintstones. He told they would stay pretty much true to the original visual concept, and make the most difference on writing. And thank god he also told the show wouldn't be as edgy as Family Guy, since that would really mess up the vibe of Flintstones, which is so much more innocent. The reboot is set to air sometime in 2013

Then for movie news. First story is pretty bizarre: In 2000 group of nerds broke into the house of actor Nicholas Cage and stole a comic book, but not just any comic book. It was the Action Comics No. 1, from 1938 which introduced Superman to the world. The same issue was sold in 2011 for $2,1 million after its recovery. Now this story is being adapted to the big screen. In my mind its Ocean's Eleven with real nerds, so it might be fun. And don't get your hopes up, Nic is very unlikely to star in the movie, but has not yet objected it in anyways.

TRON 3 is also in the making, though in very early stages. The third installation will be a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy. The movie is still under some threat, since Disney didn't think the previous film was successful enough with $400 million from the box-office. It is in talks to start filming in 2014. I truly hope this sequel will happen, since Legacy was visually superb and the soundtrack was great too. To me it is a lot like Avatar, it is so beautiful film, that it doesn't matter that the acting isn't quite Oscar-winning level.

A new comedy coming out this May, What To Expect When You're Expecting, with ensemble cast including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison and Elizabeth Banks, has released its second trailer. To me it seems like it will be a critical failure, but make up for it at the box office. with the cast dragging in the viewers. See what you think, "She's like a magical pregnancy unicorn": 

Another movie starring Elizabeth Banks, which I've featured heavily on this blog, is Hunger Games, which recently released another peek of the movie. This time it's a behind the scenes video with glimpses of Peeta's (Josh Hutcherson) combat training and other scenes. There is pretty much no audio on the video, but enjoy it still.

New Update coming next week and maybe something during weekend if I feel like it.

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