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Since sometimes I feel like smaller news get lost in my post, I want to put this in first. It's actually already a bit older, but still amazing. I keep an eye on the official blog for The Hobbit movies all the time, and they recently posted part 2 of their location journey on the beautiful New Zealand, I suggest you watch the first part too. Find them here!
Now some quotes again:
 "She's like a ninja mom: She sneaks in, destroys your will to live, then disappears without a trace."
- Alan
(Jon Cryer) on Two and a Half Men

"Everybody else has accepted my friend requests: your father, Uncle Mitchell, Adele." 
(Julie Bowen) on Modern family
“Well I’m sorry we can’t all belong to ethnic groups as beloved as the Germans.” 
(Alec Baldwin) on 30 Rock

"What?! There is something going on here . . . I smell liqueur on my breath, YOU'RE DRUNK"
(Megan Mullally) on Will&Grace

There were so many great trailers released last week, so my TV section will be a lot smaller this time. CBS was one of the first US networks to reveal which shows it renewed for new seasons. And because I'm more comedy man, I was happy to see that newcomer 2 Broke Girls is getting second season. And CBS's bigger hits How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory are moving on too. Melissa McCarthy's Mike&Molly was the fourth comedy to get picked up. And though Two and a Half Man used to provide top nights to CBS, it hasn't been chosen yet, but I doubt they are just going to hack the series suddenly, when it still provides solid ratings.

AMPAS announced the date for the 85th Academy Awards. It will air Sunday 24th February, while the nominations will be revealed on January 15th.  Academy did play with the idea of moving the date earlier. The nomination date is already earlier then last year's. I think the electric voting system might speed things up, so they could hold the Awards earlier, but I really see no point on this. If they change the date of Oscars, that changes pretty much the dates of all the other award shows too, since it is generally considered to be the last show of award season, and no one wants to air against the Oscars, so other shows would have to move up too.

Then the movies. First some casting news again. The cast of the new Percy Jackson movie (which I wrote about few weeks ago), is really coming together. The main cast has already been revealed to stay the same from the first movie. Now the cast has gotten some new additions. Nathan Fillion, mainly known for his work on TV, has been cast as the Greek god Hermes, while Missi Pyle, Mary Birdsong and Yvette Nicole Brown star as the Fates. 

Gerard Butler will save the world, or at least the president of US, in his upcoming movie Olympus Has Fallen, which has been described as "Die Hard in the White House".

 Maybe fellow action star Kiefer Sutherland can share his expertise on how to foil terrorist plans, after all, he did save the president inside the white house at least once. I lost count of his world-savings after few seasons. He did unfortunately get some bad news, as did all 24 fans. Fox has been reluctant to grant bigger budget to the upcoming 24 film. But to be more precise, it seems that is mostly because Mr Sutherland wants more money for himself, though he avoided the question pretty well on Jimmy Kimmel few weeks ago, when he told "they had problem with his schedule".  I don't quite know which side I'm on, since Fox could spare some money for the production, after all the millions 24 has brought in during the years, but then again, Sutherland could settle for his current $2 Million salary. Current budget of the movie is said to be around $30 Millions (In comparison Bridesmaids budget was $32 Millions, and that is comedy, not big action movie).

On to some lighter news then. Madagascar 3 will premiere this May on Cannes. DreamWorks has usually been very much present at Cannes with past releases. Kung Fu Panda 2 premiered there, and last year Puss In Boots did some heavy promoting there. It also provides more mass appeal to the event. In the movie the gang is slowly making its way towards NY from Madagascar. Last time they stopped in Africa and now they've made it to Monte Carlo. UPDATE: Madagascar got new trailer too, see it here!

Now to the new trailers. This year looks to be pretty awesome if you are Charlize Theron, if not, enjoy her movies. She stars in two of the big summer blockbusters this year, both coming out in June, just one week apart. First of the two is Snow White and The Huntsman, telling the classic Snow White fairytale, but with bit more action and darkness. She seems to make a superb job as the icy cold queen, and manages to look stunning at the same time. See the trailer below, and if you are interested, you can find some behind the scenes footage here!

Her other movie, Prometheus, released just a week after Snow White, was said to be the prequel for sci-fi classic Aliens, but some prefer to call it original story, so it doesn't step on the foot of Aliens lore. I don't really care for Aliens that much, but the movie looks visually amazing! This is definitely good year for Charlize, and on top of this all she adopted a baby boy! That lucky bastard...

 It's good year for Tim Burton too. He is producing a movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which explores this fictional side of the great American president. It might be a cool movie, the story is certainly absurd enough, and vampire trend is still very strong. See for yourself: 

The other Tim Burton movie I'm talking about is more my style. Once again he teams up with his star Johnny Depp. This remake of '60's supernatural soap opera has amazing cast, that includes Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Chloe Moretz and Michelle Pfeiffer among others. The plot is bit hard to explain, so see the trailer to get a glimpse on this surprisingly upbeat film. Any trailer with Barry White can't be bad.

 Then few clips from genres I'm not so familiar with. Frozen Planet, seven part documentary series for Discovery Channel about the nature on the arctic areas starts this month. And we know how harsh nature can be, so I suggest if you like seals, don't watch this clip. After this I'm definitely over Free Willy. The show is narrated by Alec Baldwin and at least the pictures released from the series look stunning, it would almost require big screen to watch them.  And how the hell did they get so close to get all this footage?
Other genre I hardly watch is horror. But Chernobyl has always kind of intrigued me.  Chernobyl Diaries is a movie about a group of friends who decided to take an extreme vacation and visit Chernobyl. Well things don't turn out quite as expected...

Okay that was the last video I'll post. Just few more things. If you like computer animated films and action, you need to see this short film by Wes Ball. It's called Ruin, and it takes place in green post-apocalyptical Earth, and is just beautiful. You can find his previous Junior Oscar winning short on the site too. Check them out!

And although this poster is fake, made by French graphic artist Pascal Witaszek, it got very much buzz online, and this would definitely be a film I'd go see. I biopic about Walt Disney starring Ryan Gosling as Walt. And notice the Mickey Mouse cloud outside. Witaszek did more posters too, some better than others, Olivia Wilde as Elizabeth Taylor was pretty convincing too, find them here!

That's all for this week! I hope the my blog doesn't get too slow with all the videos.

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