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As it is the last day of March, here is my design post for this month. Like before, I have few inspiring items from Etsy again, some architecture and I found some great pieces on art directions and movie posters. For next month I'll try look up some more interior decoration again. And as always, click the photo to see it in larger size.

If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, its a place for everyone to sell their creations, and of course that means most of them are pure crap, but there are some amazing items and some, like these, that really inspire me. Unfortunately I really don't have place here at the moment to create stuff, but maybe when I get back to Finland.

First piece is a fun and bright painting, created with palette knife and impesto paint. The second is something that could easily be made at home, if you are at least a little bit crafty. It is a simple letter, made possibly from some heavier wood, but I'd say it can easily be made from plywood aka wood veneer. After cutting the wood to appropriate shape add some color, basically any type of paint will do, since it is not made to use, but to look at.

These next two items are just so fun pieces, though not something that I could ever make. First of the two, is a fun bookshelf made from industrial pipe. It might not be the best way to store the books, but it certainly makes a statement. And the same designer makes it in several sizes and shapes. The second item is a coffee table. And though it might be a pain in the ass to keep clean, it certainly catches your eye. And again the designer has a lot of different items, different tables in sizes and colors. Some of his work is more rustique, but this one is fairly modern.

I do like classic architecture, but I've always had fondness for modern works. It might not always be something that stands the test of time, or the engineering proves to be faulty creating just bad homes. These (to me) seem like those cases. They both have so creative and wonderful details, but when thinking practically, they might not be the ideal houses to live in.

First house is designed by Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada. It is very hard to grasp the whole concept of the house if you look just few picture, so look at these to get some idea of how it really is. I love how light the whole house is, not just because the whole thing is standing on legs, but because you get a view to all sides at almost all times. You all can see how this might not be so practical way to live, but it certainly is creative way to have the space to live and to still have room for garden and playground in a small area.

The second house is certainly not so conventional looking either. The color scheme might be extremely dull on this house in Texas by Steven Holl Architects but it definitely has lots of interesting points. If you look at the floor plan, the whole thing might look like a bit of a mess, which it kinda is. But I like the irregular shape of the windows and in contrast to the straight lines, the curvy shapes of the roofs, and how it kinda spreads to areas outside the walls. Now of course these pictures are without any furniture, which would take the place to the next level. And speaking of levels, I've always liked houses with multiple levels, even if they are just few steps above the others. This house certainly has them as it really adapts to the shape of the ground.

I mentioned some art direction and prints earlier. First I'd like to share this nice timeline of the "Great Moments in Creative Direction" from Details Magazine. It includes some nice pieces, like this De Beers ad, with the first commercial use of the phrase: "A diamond is forever". And on the newest great moment on the timeline, is the funny Old Spice commercial which has spawned hundreds of spoofs on YouTube.

If you are in possession of an original poster for the 1927 sci-fi movie Metropolis, take really good care of it. And I mean really good, because it is extremely valuable. One copy sold for $690,000 back in 2005. Due to recent findings, Vanity Fair put together a piece about the most expensive posters, you can see it here!

I found this from /Film, titled "Cool Stuff", and it truly is! French graphic designer Maxime Pecourt created some amazing posters for all three original Indiana Jones movies, depicting the major artifact of the film created by using small items seen on the movies. See how many you'll find!

And like in previous posts, I've once again found a house on market I'd very much like to own, because its fun to dream. This one represents to more classical architecture I like. It has of course way too much space for any normal family, since it has 7 bedrooms and the property includes 70 acers of land too. It was designed by George B. Post, who also created the New York Stock Exchange building. I didn't like interior design that much, but I think with the pedigree the house has, there might be some restrictions on that. For more pictures go here! With that kind of architecture, the price matches it of course. This beautiful house has the asking price of $9,85 million, ouch! But never stop dreaming.

Weekly post coming Tuesday!

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