Thursday, March 29, 2012

-Singin' in the Rain-

Can't believe I almost forgot all about this. I bookmarked Singin' in the Rain months ago and marked it "March", because March 27th marked the 60th Anniversary of the movie's premiere. Now this isn't a film review per se, but just a reminder for you all the see the movie. To me, it is truly amazing that a 60 year old film still makes me smile, cry and laugh.

The movie tells the story of Don Lockwood, a popular silent film star and Kathy Selden, a chorus girl wanting to become an actress. These two come together after twists and turns, as Kathy is chosen to do the voice-over work for Lockwood's on-screen romance, Lina Lamont, who doesn't really have the voice to star in the new "talkies".

The talented Gene Kelly is the male lead of the movie, while radiant Debbie Reynolds dazzles as Kathy.  Donald O'Conner stars as Cosmo Brown, Lockwood's faithful friend. Gene Kelly was of course the beloved star of 40's and 50's musical films, like An American in Paris and Anchors Aweigh. He also directed the movie adaption of Hello Dolly! starring Barbra Streisand. Debbie Reynolds is still as vibrant as she was 60 years ago,touring most of the year. Her more recent works include playing Grace Adler's mother on Will&Grace. She is also known for her movie memorabilia, which she has recently auctioned a lot. Her collections included the famous white dress of Marilyn Monroe from Seven Year Itch.

The film is best known for its signature song, sharing the title of the movie, Singin' in the Rain. During this famous scene Gene Kelly sings about his happiness and dances with an umbrella on the street in the pouring rain. You should watch the film for this scene alone.

The movie is packed with songs, that became very popular, and stayed so, even after 60 years of its release. Both Singin' in the Rain and Make 'Em Laugh have been covered in Glee, and All I Do Is Dream of You was covered by Michael Bublé on his last album. Mint Royale also released their remix of Singin' in the Rain. My favourite song of the film still is Good Morning, I've had it as my alarm sound in the morning for years.

This is truly one of my favourite films, and I intend to watch it this week-end again. I really hope this inspires even one to see the movie, because it should not be forgotten. Though The Artist certainly reminded us of the Old Hollywood glamour.

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