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Since last week was bit more movie orientated, this week I have more about TV. But first some quotes. I've really gotten into all late night talk shows, Chelsea Lately is my favourite at the moment, so few are from it. Vulture posts daily a compilation of funny late night moments, defo worth bookmarking, like yesterday's Conan with Kristen Chenoweth. But here are the quotes:

"-When men have conversation with women, half of their brain is thinking about the conversation and the other half: "Is she going to sleep with me?"
-So should we just write "NO" on our foreheads?"
 Josh Wolf and Natasha Leggero on Chelsea Lately roundtable

"-What do you do with fans on mall tour?
- Generally, I just wait for them to stop screaming"
Jennifer Lawrence talking about promoting Hunger Games on Chelsea Lately

"Of course no one should fire a lover, I mean think of how frought it was for Governor Schwarzenegger to fire that handsome maid" - Ava
Maya Rudolph on Up All Night
"So Dave is really going to fight? Our Dave? The same Dave who wept during Jeremy Renner's Oscar speech?" -Penny
Casey Wilson on Happy Endings

And while we are at Happy Endings, one of the six main stars of the show, Adam Pally, has joined Adam Scott and Amy Phoeler (both currently starring in Parks and Recreation) in their upcoming comedy. The comedy is about a grown man (Scott) who finds himself still caught in between of his parents divorce (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara). Phoeler is said to play Scott's new step-mother. Jenkins is probably most know for his role on Six Feet Under while I remember O'Hara best as the mother in the first two Home Alone movies.

I'll finish the movie part with some more Hunger Games news. I posted my review during the weekend, but the movie is still pretty much headlining any site with movie news. As said, it was the biggest box office opening for non-sequel, and went on to make over $152 mill during the weekend, making it the 3rd biggest opening weekend ever, just behind Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part 2 and Dark Knight. And EW is even talking about early buzz for Jennifer Lawrence to get an Oscar nod, which I'm super excited about! It would be about time that AMPAS starts recognizing acting in bigger budget movies too, and the Academy has proven to like Lawrence even before Hunger Games, she did get nomination on Winter's Bone, and she announced past year's nominees too. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Then back to TV. As you might have noticed I really enjoyed American Horror Story's season 1, and I'm really looking forward to the second. Now it has been rumoured that Adam Levine is in talks of joining AHS. The Maroon 5 lead singer is already enjoying his success on TV, being a judge on Voice. No confirmation from Levine's side or the show has been released yet.

Though I still enjoy watching The Office, it is true that the show lost a lot when Steven Carrel left. And it looks like the series is slowly wrapping up. Star, showrunner and EP of the show Paul Lieberstein has stepped down from his post to start working on a potential spin-off for the show, centered around Rainn Wilson's character Dwight. Co-star and writer of the show Mindy Kaling is also pulling away to start her own show and one of The Office's core stars, Ed Helms has signed on to star on her new comedy. James Spader has already said he is leaving the show, so what does that leave us with? Especially when rest of the stars are still negotiating their deals. Looks like The Office might be coming to an end, it has been quite a run with 8th season airing at the moment, but lets see.

Some time ago I mentioned prequel series for Sex and The City was in the works, and that Anna Sophia Robb had been cast as Carrie. Now first pictures of Anna Sophia on role have been revealed. Though Patricia Field basically created the Carrie look, she will not be returning as the costume designer for this show. Eric Daman will be taking over her job. He currently works on Gossip Girl costume dept. too, and was also working for SATC original run. 

I also told you, Matt Bomer (White Collar) joins the Glee cast as the brother of Darren Criss' character Blaine. I found a picture from that too. He will star at least in the April 10th episode, when Glee returns form its painfully long spring break. Though some might not know,  Bomer is actually quite talented singer making his mark on Broadway before moving on to TV. He will be performing Duran Duran smash-up on Glee with Criss.

TVline (where the last pic is from) also reported that Cheyenne Jackson will return to 30 Rock on its second live episode. He has a recurring role as one of the stars of the fictional TGS on 30 Rock.  This season of 30 Rock has really been great for the audiences, with live episode coming up and past weeks double episodes. The live episode comes out April 26th, and if its anything like the last live episode, it will be hilarious. I wish more shows did this kind of things, to really challenge the actors. I mean Will&Grace aired 2 live episodes years ago, and they were amazing too.

While Glee has been on break, I've really enjoyed watching Smash. Yesterday Katherin McPhee really showed her range, on the otherwise overly dramatic episode, belting out this original song co-written among others by Ryan Tedder form OneRepbulic. This is a totally different side to the original songs for the show, since past songs have really represented more conventional Broadway songs, as you can see from this smash-up (no pun intended) of the previous originals. This video ought to attract more male viewers too, but in case it gets removed, since NBC is pretty strict, you can still hear the vocals here.

This is my last proper TV news. Jimmy Kimmel has been chosen to host this year's Emmy Awards. He is one of those hosts that really has done nothing to offend anyone during his 10 seasons of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has seems like a truly nice guy. Kimmel has already hosted few bigger award shows earlier and I believe he will do an amazing job on this one too. 64th Emmy Awards will air 23th September and really start the big awards of the season. 

Then some vanity news. As you all may have noticed, Madonna is back with a bang. As the only live press she made for her new album MDNA, she did an interview with Jimmy Fallon via Facebook and LiveStream, you can still see it here for while. She can be kinda bitchy, which she occasionally was, but Fallon managed to keep it light and funny. She even taught him some new moves, which really didn't work that well with Fallon. She also said that Gang Bang from MDNA is her favourite song, while he preferred Love Spent and said that he could learn to play the banjo part if she included him on her upcoming tour.

And lastly, some great 8-bit design movie posters made by Eric Palmer. My favourite was this Titanic one (plus it matches my sites colour scheme), but you can find the rest here, with Matrix, 300, Kill Bill and Iron Man among others.

 Weekly post again next week and something on weekend if I feel inspired!

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